Harley Davidson Motorcycle, Bucket Truck, Mowers, Danish Mid Century Modern Furniture, Gold & Silver Coins

October 27, 2021
28620 Ocean Gateway Salisbury, MD. 21801

ON LINE ONLY AUCTION***ON LINE ONLY AUCTION***ON LINE ONLY AUCTION*** INTERNET ONLY AUCTION: Monday, September 27, 2021 through October 27, 2021. Bidding ends on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 starting at 5 PM. PREVIEW DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 from 4 to 6 PM. CHECKOUT DATE AND TIME: Saturday, October 30, 2021 from 9 AM to 12 Noon. No exceptions. LOCATION: 28620 Ocean Gateway Salisbury, MD. 21801 Eastern Shore Auctions, Inc. will be conducting a quality auction which includes a 1984 Chevrolet Diesel 70 bucket truck With 94,275 miles, 1985 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster motorcycle 51,683 miles, John Deere Mower, Danish Mid Century Modern teak and rosewood furniture, gold and silver coins, Pyrex, Pennsylvania Railroad items, glassware, large assortment of rare Pepsi collectibles and much more. 1 Antique Alabaster/Marble Mantle Clock Possibly Marked Ronald on Face and CJ CC on Inside 2 Carvel Hall Chas. D. Briddell, Inc Carving Set With 6 Steak Knives (has original receipt) 3 Vintage Bust/Statue Dante With Alabaster Style Base 4 1/2" Base 4 American Flyer Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey The Greatest Show on Earth Billboard Whistle 5 Cast Iron Sea Captain Figurine 6 3/4" Tall 6 Charlie Brown - Giant Musical Baltimore Orioles PEZ Dispenser (worked when tested) 7 Hubley? Pirate Double Barrel Metal Toy Cap Gun 8 Antique Mantle Clock Possibly Black Belgian Slate In The Classical Palladian Style (loose on base some damage) 9 Vintage Achilles In a Chariot Pulled By 4 Horses Bronze/Metal Statue Sculpture Marble Base 23" Total Length 10 Wooden Welcome To This House Oval Sign With an Eagle 23" Diameter 11 Pair of Neoclassical Alabaster/Marble Table Lamps 12 DAV ART NY Gold Metal Cherub-Angels Base Candle Holder 13 7/8" Tall 13 Antique 8 Panel Purple Slag Glass Lamp 14 Simplex Time Recorder Co Time Clock (time did not advance when tested but stamped date when pushed) 15 Antique Rose Colored Alabaster/Marble Mantle Clock With Key and Pendulum (top corner damaged) 16 Antique 6 Panel Tan/Cream/Brown Slag Glass Lamp (one panel is cracked) 17 Street Signs For Jami Ave and Matt St (each sign is 18") 18 Street Signs For Matt St and Traci Dr (each sign is 18") 19 Street Signs For Traci Dr and Beech St (each sign is 18") 20 Briggs and Stratton Tin/Aluminum Sign 35 1/2" X 23" 21 Handmade Wooden Carving of Two Heads of Running Horses (Mustangs) Signed on Back By Maker Sept 2004 46 1/2" X 25" 22 Metal Showell Growers Cookin' Good Thermometer and Metal Kerr-McGee Chemical Corportaion Thermometer 23 Metal Holly Farm Feed Service Thermometer and Metal Showell Growers Cookin' Good Thermometer (no mercury) 24 E.B. Brittingham Brown Farm Dairy Salisbury, MD. Pint Milk Bottle 25 Rare Peninsula Ice Cream Co Pure Pasteurized Milk & Cream Salisbury, MD. Pint Milk Bottle 26 City Dairy Salisbury, MD. We Invite Your Inspection Guarding Your Health Quart Milk Bottle 27 City Dairy Salisbury, MD. We Invite Your Inspection Guarding Your Health Pint Milk Bottle 28 City Dairy Salisbury, MD Half Pint Milk Bottle 29 Fairview Farm Dairy Salisbury, MD. Quart Milk Bottle Embossed with an F 30 Maple Leaf Dairy Salisbury, MD. Quart Milk Bottle 31 Maple Leaf Dairy R.L. Rounds Grade A Milk Salisbury, MD. Quart Milk Bottle 32 Homestead Dairy Prod. Co. Salisbury, MD. Deposit 5c Quart Milk Bottle 33 Pennsylvania Railroad 2 Gallon Stainless Steel Water Can Cooler Marked PRR 34 Pennsylvania Railroad Brass Hand Bell Marked PRR 35 Pennsylvania Railroad Slaymaker Lock With Key (worked when tested) 36 Pennsylvania Railroad Slaymaker Lock With Keys (worked when tested) 37 2 Locks Including a Penn Central Railroad Adlake Lock With Key and a Railroad Adlake Lock That Is Not Marked (same key opens both) 38 Pennsylvania Railroad Blue Globe Adlake Kero Lantern Marked PRR on Frame and Globe Marked Kero 2-47 on Bottom 39 Pennsylvania Railroad Red Globe Lantern The Adams & Westlake Co Adlake No. 200 Kero Lantern Marked PRR 40 Pennsylvania Railroad Clear Globe Lantern Dressel Arlington, N.J. Marked PRR 41 Pennsylvania Railroad Amber Globe Lantern The Adams & Westlake Co Adlake No. 250 Kero Lantern Marked PRR 42 Pennsylvania Railroad Light Blue Globe Lantern Handlan St. Louis USA Marked PRR 43 Pennsylvania Railroad Sugar Shaker Marked PRR 44 5 Pennsylvania Railroad 4902 Pennsylvania Roly Poly Glasses 45 Pennsylvania Railroad Brass Bell Marked PRR 6 1/2" Diameter 46 Japanese Dragonware Small Pitcher/Large Creamer and Lidded Sugar (crack and chip on lid) Marked Made in Japan 47 Japanese Dragonware Serving Bowl or Centerpiece Marked Hand Painted Japan (very small chip on one handle) 48 Japanese Dragonware Condiment Set Including Tray, Salt & Pepper and Oil & Vinegar (one cruet broken at top) S&P marked made in Japan Others Hand Painted Japan 49 Japanese Dragonware Cream and Sugar Marked Made in Japan with Mountain Logo 50 Japanese Dragonware Teapot With Dragon Spout 51 Japanese Dragonware Teapot Marked Made in Japan 52 6 Japanese Dragonware Plates 7 1/8" Diameter Marked Made in Japan (one missing an eye) 53 Japanese Dragonware Lot Including Saucers, Demitasse and Tea Cups, Candleholders, and Incense Burner (some pieces cracked and damaged) 54 Buff and Buff Manufacturing Company Railign No. 417 Transit In Original Wooden Box Buff Best In The World (level indicator cracked) 55 Roseville Pottery White Rose Blue Ewer Pitcher Marked 990-10" Possibly Circa 1940 (2 chips on bottom rim) 56 Roseville Pottery Zephyr Lily Pattern 2 Handled Bud Vases Marked 201-7" (chips on each) 57 Vintage Garnier Enghien French Pottery Decanter Laughing Man Figurine Blue (worn) 58 Vintage Garnier Enghien French Pottery Decanter Laughing Man Figurine Lite Green/Gray (chip on side) 59 Laura Cooper Elm Butte Colorado Brown Pottery Vase/Planter Marked LCE 183 on Bottom 60 Laura Cooper Elm Butte Colorado Brown Pottery Decorated Handle Vase Marked LCE 1991 on Bottom 61 Mid Century Modern Danish Table Lamp With Teak Wood Possibly by Neilson (worked) 62 Antique Portable Balancing Scale In Wooden Box With Some Christian Becker Inc New York Weights and Other Weights 63 Framed Picture The Calmady Children By Lawrence Reproduction 32 1/2" X 32 1/2" 64 Framed Painting of a French Street Scene Signed A? David 21 1/2" X 25 1/2" On Canvas 65 Framed Painting of a Beach Scene by L. Valentino 27" X 21 1/2" On Canvas 66 Framed Painting of Plants in a Doorway by L. Valentino 27" X 21" On Canvas 67 Framed Laura Cooper Elm Painting "Butterfly Dream 2" 1982 17" X 17" 68 Polished Peacock Ore and Geodes Including Amethyst 69 Paperweight Lot Including Green Owl, Clear Owl (signed looks like Kosta), Flower, Green Beetle and a Clear Round One 70 Blenko Handcrafted Paperweight 71 Spiral Paperweight Signed on Bottom 72 Paperweight Lot Including Orange/White Egg, Stone, Floral Design and a Brown Round One (damaged) 73 Wooden Box Containing a Large Assortment of Various Size Glass and Plastic Watch Crystals Including Red and Clear Colors 74 J. H. Wilson Furs Toronto Fur Coat With Stole Initials AKP Inside and a Womens Sleeved Wrap with Sequins 75 Black Fur Coat With Initials LML Inside and a Bolero With Pure Imported Cashmere 76 Cast Metal Frog Open Mouth Ashtray 2" Tall 77 Vintage World War I Poster Colored Man is No Slacker by E.G. Renesch 1918 Chicago 15.75" X 19.75" (little water damage to one side) 78 2 Watercolor Paintings of Flowers One is Signed Inga Lill 8 1/2" X 11" and a Lisa Kaser Print The Quiet Was Intoxicating 79 2 Circa World War II Pillow Covers One is U.S. Air Force To Sister and Other is U.S. Marines 80 2 Circa World War II Pillow Covers One is U.S. Army To Sweetheart and Other is Turner Field Georgia 81 2 Souvenir Pillow Covers One From Niagara Falls and Other From Hawaiian Islands and a Mother and Dad Hawaii Handkerchief 82 USS Odax Submarine SS 484 Bronze/Brass Plaque 83 USS Robert E Lee Submarine SSB (N) 601 Pax Deterrendo Brass/Bronze Plaque 84 USS AmberJack Submarine SS 522 Brass/Bronze Plaque 85 Sub Ron Sunshine Squadron Bronze/Brass Plaque 86 USS Pompon SSR 267 Radar Picket Bronze/Brass Plaque 87 Trumpet Fish 425 Bronze/Brass Plaque 88 USS Bergall Submarine SS 320 Bronze/Brass Plaque 89 USS Bat Fish Submarine SS 310 Bronze/Brass Plaque 90 USS Trutta Submarine SS 421 Bronze/Brass Plaque 91 USS Ray SSR 271 Submarine Plaque 92 USS Picuda Au Repaire Du Dragon Chacque Homme Un Tigre Brass/Bronze Plaque 93 USS Chivo SS 341 Submarine Bronze/Brass Plaque Ex Scientia Vis-E Profundo Fulmen 94 John Deere X300 Riding Mower 95 Country Clipper Jazee Pro Zero Turn Mower with Joy Stick 60" 96 Craftsman Eager One Push Mower 5.0 hp 22" Cut 97 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster Motorcycle 51,683 miles 98 Chevrolet Diesel 70 Bucket Truck With 94,275 Miles 99 Woods Mow'n Machine (Parts Only No Motor) 100 Mid Century Modern Teak 6 Drawer Dresser marked HJN Mobler Made in Denmark 71" X 17 3/4" 101 Danish Furniture Makers Control Poul Hundevad Mid Century Modern 4 Drawer Side By Side with 1 Sliding Door marked Made in Denmark 54 1/2" X 16 7/8" 102 Vinde Møbelfabrik Danish Furniture Makers Control Mid Century Modern Rosewood 10 Drawer Dresser 36" X 18" X 43 1/4" 103 Mid Century Modern Teak 6 Drawer Dresser marked HJN Mobler Made in Denmark 71" X 17 3/4" (no base) 104 Danish Furniture Makers Control Poul Hundevad Mid Century Modern Rosewood Sideboard with Internal Adjustable Shelves 54 1/2" X 17" 105 Mid Century Modern Teak 5 Drawer Cabinet marked Made in Denmark 25 7/8" X 17" 106 Mid Century Modern Teak 5 Drawer Cabinet marked Made in Denmark 17 3/4" X 12" 107 Mid Century Modern Rosewood Round Table 47" Diameter with 2 23 5/8 " Leaves 108 Sibast Furniture Made in Denmark Danish Furniture Makers Control Mid Century Modern Teak 5 Drawer Knee Hole Desk (1 handle has been replaced) 80 1/2" X 35 1/4" 109 5 Oddense Maskinsnedkeri Danish Furniture Makers Control Domus Danica (Possibly by Erik Buch) Mid Century Modern Teak Dining Chairs (back loose on one) 110 Glider Rocker with Blue Upholstered Cushions 111 Aksel Kjersgaard Teak Wall Mirror No. 166 Made in Denmark 41 1/4" X 23" 112 Danish Mid Century Modern Rosewood and Leather Sofa 87 3/8" Long 113 Microsun Floor Lamp (came on when tested) and a Vintage Monopoly Board Game 114 Mid Century Modern Blond Finish 7 Drawers and 1 Door Side By Side 47 1/4" X 17 1/2" 115 Danish Furniture Makers Control Poul Hundevad Mid Century Modern Rosewood China Cabinet/Server, 8 Drawers & 2 Sliding Glass Doors 54 1/2" X 16 3/4" X 52" 116 Highback Chair With Mahogany Has Cream and Burgundy Upholstery 117 The Bombay Company 4 Tier Corner Shelfing Cabinet 39" Tall 118 American Seating Co. Antique School Desk With Inkwell and Folding Bench 119 Hickory Chair Co Brown Leather Wingback Arm Chair or Office Chair 120 Hickory Chair Co Brown Leather Wingback Arm Chair or Office Chair 121 Cream Colored Two Cushion Sofa 54" (some staining) 122 Cherokee Country Squire Solid Northern Cherry Buffet and Hutch 48" X 18" X 73 3/4" 123 England, Inc. Tweed Pattern Sofa With Two Pillows 87" Long (cat scratch wear on ends) 124 Black End Table 24" X 22" With 2 Shaw Industries Area Rugs 27" X 39" and 39 1/2" X 56 1/2" 125 Pennsylvania House Cherry End Table With Drawer 126 Decorated Outdoor Planter With Stand 19 1/2" Diameter 127 Rainaud Slag Glass Lamp Marked 1118 With White Inserts Two Are Broken 128 Glass Top End Table With Drawer 22" X 22" 129 End Table With Duncan Phyfe Style Legs 22" X 27" and a Gold Colored Vase 22" Tall 130 Gilded Framed Wall Mirror 41" X 29" 131 Teak Wood Foot Stool 132 Antique Singer Treadle Sewing Machine Cabinet With Sewing Machine 133 Wooden Oak Finish Entryway Shoe Shelf 27" X 15" X 21" 134 Magazine Rack and a Lap Desk With Light 135 Kitchen Utility Stand or Microwave Cart 136 Corner Cabinet Made Into an Entertainment Cabinet 42 1/2" X 92" 137 Tan/Green Tweed Two Cushion Sofa 76" With Two Pillows (some wear) 138 Schneider Surf Board Shaped By Mark Schneider Signed on Bottom 5' X 17" X 1 7/8" 139 Body Board Marked With a Z 45" Long 140 Beveled Glass Top Dining Table 72" X 42" With 6 Lenoir Chair Company Chairs (one is armchair) 141 Berkey and Gay Furniture Co China Cabinet Marked 2865 40" X 16" X 60" 142 Antique Marble Top Washstand 29 1/2" X 17" 143 Vanguard Studios Decorated Beveled Glass Wall Mirror 28" X 40" 144 Charles Webb Designed Oak Bed 20th Century Headboard and Footboard Have Turned Spindles Mid Century Modern 61 1/2" Wide 145 Antique Oak T-Back Chair With a Brass Table Lamp With Beaded Shade 146 Gray Arm Chair With Two Pillows (some staining) 147 Fender KXR Sixty Amp (came on when tested) 148 Floor Lamp With Brown Colored Finish 149 Tan/Green Tweed Two Cushion Sofa 76" With Two Pillows 150 England, Inc Blue Tweed Pattern Arm Chair With Two Pillows (cat scratches rear of one arm) 151 Kling Manufacturing Company Solid Hard Maple Three Piece Bedroom Suite Including Bedframe (double), Chest and Night Stand 152 Invacare Hospital Bed with Easy Adjust Bedrail (worked when tested) 153 Pair of Pier 1 Rattan High Back Chairs 154 Columbia Grafonola Type E5 Phonograph Record Player 155 Pyrex Butterprint 3 Bowl Nesting Set, 4 qt, 2 1/2 qt and 1 1/2 pt Turquoise 156 Pyrex Butterprint Set of 3 Cinderella Casserole Dishes with Lids, 1 Turquoise with White, 2 White with Turquoise 2 1/2 qt , 1 1/2 qt and 1 qt 157 Pyrex Sandalwood Ivy Set of 4 Cinderella Nesting Bowls Tan with Leaves 4 qt, 2 1/2 qt, 1 1/2 qt and 1 1/2 pt 158 Pyrex Green Fruit 4 qt Cinderella Bowl and a 4 qt Serving Bowl and 1 1/2 pt Serving Bowl 159 Coca Cola Wrought Iron and Metal Child/Doll Table and Parlor Style Chairs 160 Stoneware Pottery with Cobalt Blue Water Cooler marked USA on Bottom 16" tall (age crack near top) 161 Grain Bucket 162 Large Aqua Color Glass Fishnet Float 13" diameter 163 Antique Pewter Handled Presentation/Serving Bowl 10" diameter 164 1 Gal Metal Gas Can with Firewagon Scene 165 Pair of Metal Lion Bookends 166 2 Brown Glazeware Mixing Bowls 8 1/2" diameter and 8 1/4" diameter (cracked) 167 Stoneware Pottery Brown & Cream Whiskey Jug, Small Stoneware Pottery Jug (cracked) and a Brown Glazeware Bitty Waterer Top 168 Canvasback Drake Mold by Taki and a Canvasback Hen by D Doty Mold 1/3 Size 169 Brass Duck Doorstop 10 1/2" long X 4 1/2" tall 170 Porcelain Roman Style Perfume Bottle with Crown Stopper 3 1/2" tall 171 Z Y India World Gift Aftaba Ewer Pitcher 5 1/2" tall marked 1 on Handle 172 Brass Aftaba Ewer Pitcher with Enameled Decoration marked M106 India (Lid not attached) 12 3/4" tall 173 Plaster Statue of Virgin Mary 17 1/2" tall 174 Mid Century Modern Statue of Kneeling Woman (possibly Alabaster) 4 1/2" tall 175 Barsottini Monk Smashing Grapes Decanter 1969 176 4 Syrup Jars- 1 is Green Depression and a Glass Coffee Canister with Lid 177 McCoy Green Barrel Style Pitcher with 4 Mugs- 2 marked 4 in a Shield and 2 marked 16 178 2 Ice Picks- Feldman Bros Salisbury Md Metal Handle and an F E Gordy & Son Delmar DE Phone 46 Wooden Handle 179 2 Mid Century Modern Face Decorated Bookends, 1 is marked Made in Kenya 180 Powder Jar with Decorated Flowers marked Victoria Austria on Bottom 181 Hand Painted Nippon Marmalade Dish with Underplate 182 Hand Painted Nippon Floral Decorated Pitcher 6 1/2" tall 183 Czechoslavakia Handled Tray, Bavaria Tray, Hand Painted Nippon Hair Receiver (cracked) & Powder Jar, Floral Decorated Vase (Chipped) & 2 Welmar Germany Leaf Dishes 184 Musical Santa Claus Cookie Jar 185 Hogfors No. 1 Cast Iron Egg Skillet 186 Longaberger Pottery Holly Leaf Pie Plate Made in USA 187 Cast Iron Square Skillet marked 5 on Handle 7" X 7" 188 Cast Iron Cookie/Cornbread Baking Mold 189 Wrought Iron Table Lamp with a Viking Style Sailing Ship Shade marked 163 on bottom (came on when tested) 190 Pair of Bronze Bookends of Woman Knitting with a Parrot 191 Cowbell 192 Lot including Antique Ice Tongs, Sleigh Bell, Metal Parrot marked Germany (broken feet) and an Owl Door Knocker 193 Porcelain/Ceramic Goose Planter 20" long 194 R. Wallace 0140S Silver Soldered 18-07 Teapot Claridge Atlantic City marked 91 195 2 Bird Pictures by an Oriental Artist 14 3/4" X 18 3/4" 196 Playboy Playmate Calendars 1989, 94, 95, 96, 97, a Vanity Fair Magazine with Demi Moore on Cover and a Mermaid Picture 197 Petty Dynasty Autographed Collectible with Certicate of Authenticity, Dale Earnhardt Calendars 1999 & 2000 and Perdue Earnhardt Collectibles 198 Tan & Green Tiffany Style Lampshade 10" diameter 199 Pair of Gold Color Vases Decorated with Lion Heads 200 (4) 2012 American Silver Eagle 1 OZ One Dollar Silver Coins 201 (4) 2012 American Silver Eagle 1 OZ One Dollar Silver Coins 202 (4) 2015 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 1 OZ Silver $5 Coins 203 (10) Sunshine Minting .999 Fine Silver 1 OZ Ingots 204 (4) 2015 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 1 OZ Silver $5 Coins 205 (4) 2014 American Silver Eagle 1 OZ One Dollar Silver Coins 206 (4) 2012 American Silver Eagle 1 OZ One Dollar Silver Coins 207 (4) American Silver Eagle 1 OZ One Dollar Silver Coins 1987, (2) 1988 and 1989 208 (4) American Silver Eagle 1 OZ One Dollar Silver Coins 2000, 2002, 2005 and 2007 209 2015 American Gold Eagle 1/10 Oz Fine Gold 5 Dollar Coin 210 2015 American Gold Eagle 1/10 Oz Fine Gold 5 Dollar Coin 211 2015 American Gold Eagle 1/10 Oz Fine Gold 5 Dollar Coin 212 2015 American Gold Eagle 1/10 Oz Fine Gold 5 Dollar Coin 213 2016 American Gold Eagle 1/10 Oz Fine Gold 5 Dollar Coin 214 2016 American Gold Eagle 1/4 Oz Fine Gold 10 Dollar Coin 215 2016 American Gold Eagle 1/4 Oz Fine Gold 10 Dollar Coin 216 2016 American Gold Eagle 1/4 Oz Fine Gold 10 Dollar Coin 217 2016 American Gold Eagle 1/4 Oz Fine Gold 10 Dollar Coin 218 2016 American Gold Eagle 1/4 Oz Fine Gold 10 Dollar Coin 219 United States Gold Vault $5 Solid Gold American Eagle Coins 2013 220 (4) 2014 American Silver Eagle 1 OZ One Dollar Silver Coins 221 (4) 2012 American Silver Eagle 1 OZ One Dollar Silver Coins 222 (4) 2012 American Silver Eagle 1 OZ One Dollar Silver Coins 223 (4) American Silver Eagle 1 OZ One Dollar Silver Coins 1999, 2001 and (2) 2006 224 (4) American Silver Eagle 1 OZ One Dollar Silver Coins 2009, 2011, 2012, and a 2014 225 (4) 2015 Canadian Silver Red Tailed Hawk 1 OZ Silver $5 Coins 226 Rek-O-Kut Stereo Table NL33H Turntable (came on when tested) 227 2 Westinghouse 45 Record Holders and a Levo 45 Record Holder with Records including Dolly Parton, Lee Greenwood, Ronnie Milsap, Hawkshaw Hawkins and more 228 Portable Football Game Decanter Set in Leather Case 229 Albums-Beatles Abbey Road, Simon & Garfunkel, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Three Dog Night, Village People, Jackson 5 and more 230 Elvis Albums-His Hand In Mine, How Great Thou Art and Elvis' Golden Records 231 Linen Lot including Dollies, Scarves and Table Cloth (some staining) and Girl Scout Sash with Badges and Book 232 Gooseneck Eagle Flexible Arm Desk Lamp D96558 233 Winross North American Van Lines Toy Truck (missing 1 door on trailer) and a Cast Iron Toy Cannon 234 Ralstoy 16 Mayflower World Wide Moving Toy Truck 235 Pennsylvania 9506 Toy Train with HO Scale with Power Pack 236 Waterbury Clock Co Oak Encased Mantle Clock with Keys 237 Antique Denmark SilverPlate/Pewter Comb and Mirror Set 238 Art Deco Antique Cigarette Holder 239 Bird Lot including Hummingbirds, Eagle and a Parula Warbler (damaged) 240 Vintage Ribbed Glass 1 Gal Funnel made in USA (stem is damaged) 241 Lot Including a Wine Cooler and 4 Vases 242 2 Indian Keepsake Porcelain Dolls, Heritage Doll by Oglala Sioux, Totem Poles, Other Dolls and Stands 243 3 Ceramic Christmas Cottages and 1 Ceramic Christmas Church (with Light Cords) 244 Dept. 56 The Original Snow Village Pinewood Log Cabin, Woody Station Wagon and Chopping Firewood, Lighthouse, Santa Claus, Street Lights, Wagons & Old Angel Ornaments 245 Dept. 56 The Original Snow Village Calling All Cars, Pickup & Delivery, Kids Around The Tree, School Bus & Snow Plow, Christmas Trees & more 246 Dept. 56 The Original Snow Village Crack The Whip Skaters, A Heavy Snowfall, Through The Woods and Christmas Children 247 Dept. 56 The Original Snow Village Village Gazebo, Special Delivery, Home Delivery Village Milk (damaged), Round & Round We Go and Carolers 248 Dept. 56 Heritage Village Christmas Trees, Harmony Grove Collection Merchants & Farmers Bank & others, Dept. 56 Volkswagons & Vintage Ornaments 249 Collection of Pewter and Other Christmas Ornaments 250 Lot of Miniature Animals including Deer, Bear, Fox, Rabbit, Raccoon, Turtle and more (couple are chipped) 251 Jim Shore 'Winter's Friend' (ear damaged on cat) 252 Bradford Exchange Treasures of King Tut Mask of Tutankhamun, Egyptian Queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti Alabaster Figurine, and Marble Bookends 253 Antique Marx Metal Budget Bank 254 Bailey No. 5 Hand Plane 255 Antique Wood Plane with Moulson Bros. Blade and a Moulding Plane marked Bartlett Ohio Planer 94 256 Mantle Clock with Tin Floral Decorations on Side with Key 257 Heinz Apple Butter Crock w/Lid, Small Bitty Waterer Top and a Brown Pottery Crock (cracked) 258 2 Antique Spike Paper Receipt Holders 259 Spike Paper Receipt Holder marked Made in USA 260 Antique Spike Paper Receipt Holder 261 Fenton Clear Glass Bear 3 1/2" tall 262 3 Clear Glass Figurines- Owl, Rabbit and Snail 263 2 School Style Hand Bells 264 Lot including Salisbury Ice Co Ice Pick, Messick Ice Co Pocket Knife, E S Adkins 1965 Ash Tray, Hotel Del Monte Bottle Opener/Spoon, Whitehouse Vinegar Bottle & more 265 Echo 620 Whistle Nickel Plated Union HDW Co Torrington Conn 266 1952 Republican Pins- 2 Lg Elephants, 3 Small and an Ike/Nixon Pin 267 Enterprise 501 Table Mount Grinder, Railroad Spikes, Wrought Iron Ash Shovel and Wooden Wall Mounted Gun Holder 268 3 Gift World of Gorham Clown Music Boxes 269 3 Sad Irons- Enterprise Mfg Co, AC Williams Co and Cole Brookdale Iron Co and a Miniature Iron with Heart Design 270 Sunflower Decorated Platter, 2 Wooden Mashers, Wooden Handled Potato Masher, Hand Drill, Wooden Spoon, Eye Glasses, Seagrams Pendant and an Eisenhower Pendant 271 Gift World of Gorham Owl Music Box, Fred Roberts Co Music Box, Deville Music Box and a Ceramic Owl 272 4 Music Boxes- Moppets, MSR Imports, Price Products and Enesco 273 Bourne & Son Denby Pottery Viterous Stone Bottle (cracked) and 2 Snow Globes (1 Emmett Kelly, empty) 274 Republican and Democrat Jim Beam Decanters 275 Vintage Art Nouveau Gold Jewelry Box Lined in Pink, circa 1930s 276 Clear Glass-Cigarette Box (chips), Lidded Candy Dish, Large Creamer & Sugar (cracked), Footed Bowl, Pedestal Dish and a Large Clear Glass Bottle (possible crack on neck) 277 Yaps Circus Dancing Clown Jewelry/Music Box 278 Lot of Music Boxes including Wooden Pianos, Porcelain and others and 2 St Thomas Musical Key Chains 279 4 Music Boxes-Der Frohliche Wanderer Swiss Musical Movement, Yukelele and 2 Waco 280 Enesco Water Mill Bank Music Box 281 Gorham Music Box with Dancing Magnetic Figures 282 Yaps Floral Mirror Music Box with Magnetic Moving Butterfly 283 Pocahontas Coal Co Salisbury SN Holland WT Holland Jr Phone 345 Dust Pan 284 E. Ingraham Co Bristol Conn Mantle Clock 285 Wooden Bail Handled Keystone Mince Meat Bucket 286 2 Berman and Anderson Christmas Music Boxes One is Santa 287 Sankyo Japan Santa & Mrs. Claus Music Box 288 3 Music Boxes - Snowman by Mann Korea, Norcross Seymour Mann House with Boy in Chimney and a PWF Soldier 289 3 Music Boxes - Brinns Bear, Price Products Drummer and Another Drummer 290 Ginger Jar With Flying Mallards Marked GH on Bottom (small chip on lip), a Enoch Wedgwood Christmas Plate 1979, a Small Glass Christmas Tree and a Candleholder 291 Pirate Ship Made Out of Cow Horns and Hooves 292 Antique Wooden Pie Cabinet 11 1/4" X 12 1/4" X 21" 293 3 Ertl Collectible Truck Banks - HWI 1938 Panel Truck, Ace Hardware 1905 Ford Delivery Car and V & S Variety Stores 1918 Barrel Bank 294 2 Ertl Texaco Collectibles Including 1925 Kenworth Stake Truck 1992 and Horse and Tanker 1991 295 Bank of Delaware 1915 Roadster Bank and a Small Polly's Ice Cream Truck and a Wooden Truck 296 Quality Sun Brass Flying Duck Door Knocker 10 1/4" Long 297 Brass Lobster and Fish 298 Miss Baby Heirloom Dolls Barbara 210/250 and Jody 29/300 and a Doll Chair 299 Enterprise Mfg Co Sausage Stuffer Made into a Lamp 300 Wooden Fire Truck Music Box (Ladder raises and lowers when playing) 301 Glass Fish Decanter and Green Dishes Including Moon and Stars Lidded Candy Dish (small chip on side), Crackle Glass Pitcher, Small Hen on Nest and More 302 3 Decanters - Ezra Brooks Bear (chips), Beams Choice Discus Thrower and Beams Trophy Poodle 303 Santa's Workbench Collection Cape May Lighthouse 1999 304 Santa's Workbench Collection Highland Point Lighthouse 1999 305 2001 Limited Edition O'Well Lighted Lighthouse 306 Santa's Workbench Collection The Lobster Hut Resturant 1999 and a Lemax 1998 Lighthouse 307 Lot - Gallon Bottle, Federal Glass Pioneer Pattern Bowl (chipped), Pink Jardin Jar, Candleholders, Star Design Saucer & Bowl, Rabbit Lithograph, Wicomico Paved Road Map 1972 and More 308 Hopalong Cassidy Watch 309 1923 Blue Seal Large One Dollar Bill 310 1882 Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar Graded MS61 by NGC Numismatic Guaranty Corportion 311 1882 S Morgan Silver Dollar Graded MS65 by PCGS Professional Coin Grading Service 312 1882 $5 Dollar Liberty Head Gold Coin 313 1913 $2.5 Dollar Gold Indian Head Quarter Eagle Coin Graded MS63 by PCGS Professional Coin Grading Service 314 1894 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle Graded MS-62 by PCGS Professional Coin Grading Service 315 2015 $50 One Ounce Fine Gold American Gold Eagle Coin 316 1903-S $20 Dollar Liberty Gold Double Eagle Gold Coin Graded MS-62 by PCGS Professional Coin Grading Service 317 1881-S Morgan Silver Dollar Graded MS-64 by NGC Numismatic Guaranty Corportion 318 1886-S $10 Dollar Liberty Head Gold Coin 319 Pennsylvania Railroad Handlan Lantern With Red Globe 320 Pennsylvania Railroad Handlan Lantern With Clear Globe 321 Pennsylvania Railroad Adlake Kero Lantern With Turquoise Globe 322 Pennsylvania Railroad Adlake Kero Lantern With Red Globe 323 Pennsylvania Railroad Dressel Lantern With Clear Globe With P.R.R. on it 324 C. RR. Co of N.J. (Central Railroad) Adams and Westlake Adlake No 250 Lantern With Red Globe 325 Adlake Kero Railroad Lantern With Red Globe 326 Pennsylvania Railroad The Adams & Westlake Co Adlake Kero No. 145 Lantern With Blue Globe 327 Pennsylvania Railroad Dressel Lantern With Red Globe 328 Homestead Dairy Farm, Inc. Salisbury, MD. Half Pint Milk Bottle 329 Homestead Dairy Products Salisbury, MD. Pint Milk Bottle 330 Homestead Dairy Products Co. Salisbury, MD. Quart Milk Bottle 331 2 Holly Brook Quart Mik Bottles One Marked Laurel - Seaford - Delmar, Del and Other Marked Thank You For Returning Our Bottles Daily 332 Walnut Lane Dairy Salisbury, MD W.E. Johnson Quart Milk Bottle 333 2 Homestead Dairy Salisbury, MD Embossed Milk Bottles One Quart and One Pint and a Lewes Dairy Pint Milk Bottle 334 Lot of Laura Cooper Elm Digital Prints including Briar Rose Dragons, Green Gold Dragons, Dragon Eye, Sea Dragon and more 335 Beauty Cast Iron Horse Bank 336 2 Paintings by Claire Shotter, 1 is a Landscape and the other is Abstract Flowers 10" X 13 5/8" 337 Framed Abstract marked AP/1 by Rebecca Fiosa 11 1/2" X 14 3/8" 338 Laura Cooper Elm 1984 Picture 30" X 20" 339 Mid Century Modern Figural Metal Sculpture Candle Holder and a Vintage Art Deco Dancing Woman Frog (age cracks in porcelain) 340 Lot-Brass Viking Ship Wall Plaque, Oriental Bookends, Brass Measuring Spoon, Hanging Planter, Hour Glass, Squirrel, Carnival Footed Dish (Cracked), Candle Holders & more 341 2 Pictures by Lucy Valentino, Mountain Scene Picture(22" X 18") and Girl Walking The Beach (19" X 23") 342 3 Pictures on Canvas- 2 by Lucy Valentino of Mountains (20" X 16") and 1 Canal Scene (unknown artist) (19 1/2" X 23 1/2" 343 Framed Picture 'The Soul's Awakening' (25" X 30 1/2") and a Framed Picture of a Holland Girl (13 1/2" X 16") 344 5 Gal Brown and Tan Stoneware Pottery Jug 345 4 Gal Brown and Tan Stoneware Pottery Jug 346 3 Gal Brown and Tan Stoneware Pottery Jug 347 2 Gal Brown and Tan Stoneware Pottery Jug 348 1 Gal Brown and Tan Stoneware Pottery Jug 349 10 Gal Brown and Tan Crock marked U S Standard (has age cracks) 350 American Girl Pleasant Company Wicker Table and 2 Chairs 351 Doll China Tea Set with Napkins and Flatware (1 cup is chipped) 352 Mount Vernon Packing Co Mount Vernon Md Md 233 1/2 Gal Oyster Can 353 Metal Coca Cola 6 Bottle Carrier 354 2 Folk Art Black Memorabilia Dolls 355 Ivorex Wall Plaque 'Interior of an Irish Cottage" 356 Small Wire Egg Basket 6 1/2" Diameter 357 Penn's Spells Quality Tobacco Tin 358 2 Bags of Marbles 359 1 Bag of Marbles including 8 Shooters 360 2 Bags of Marbles including 2 Shooters and a Bag of Jacks 361 Small Wood Carrier 14 1/4" X 8" 362 Rayo Oil Lamp with Frosted Glass Floral Decorated Shade (not electrified) 363 Bag of Marbles with 2 Shooters 364 Toy Western Flyer Metal Model 1950s Bicycle with Display Case 12" long 365 Toy Schwinn Black Phantom Metal Model 1950s Bicycle with Display Case 12" Long 366 Wooden Yellow Coca Cola 24 Bottle Carrier made by Acme Box Co Baltimore Md 367 Wooden NEHI 12 Bottle Carrier Royal Crown Btlg Main Office Salisbury Md made by Acme Box Co Baltimore Md 368 Wooden Coca Cola Carrier and a Wooden Firkin with Bail Handle 369 Toy Jetliner 1952 Metal Model Bicycle with Display Case 12" 370 Toy Columbia RX-5 1952 Metal Model Bicycle with Display Case 12" 371 Toy Starliner 1950 Metal Model Bicycle with Display Case 12" 372 Feldman Bros Furniture Salisbury Md Carnival Glass Dish 373 Quimper France Soup Bowl (couple chips in enamel), Lunch Plate, Bread Plate and Cup 374 Fostoria Tri-Corner Bowl and a 11 1/2" Fruit Rolled Edge Bowl 375 Fostoria Punch Bowl with Ladle and 7 Cups 376 2 Fostoria Cigarette Boxes (1 has a small chip on lip) 377 Fostoria Large Bowl/Centerpiece and a Pair of Candleholders 378 2 Punch Bowl Bases/Centerpiece Bowls (1 has small chip on base) 379 Fostoria Lidded Butter Dish and a Large Creamer and Lidded Sugar Dish 380 Fostoria 13 Saucers and 12 Cups 381 Fostoria 11 Bread Plates and 12 Dessert Plates 382 Fostoria 9 Footed Juice Glasses 3 3/4" and 12 Footed Flare Rimmed Juice Tumblers 4 3/4" 383 Fostoria 8 Tall Champagne/Tall Sherbet Glasses and 12 Sherbet Glasses and 12 Champagne Glasses 384 Fostoria 2 Pedestal Candy Dishes with Lids 385 Fostoria 4 Various Size Top Hats 386 Fostoria Ice Bucket with Tongs and 4 Shot Glasses 387 Fostoria Candy Dish with Lid, Bud Vase and a Small Vase 5 1/8" Tall 388 Fostoria Pickle Jar (no lid) 4 1/2" tall (small chip on edge) 389 3 Fostoria Nappy Handled Bowls 390 Fostoria Cream and Sugar and Pedestal Candy Dish 391 Fostoria Tri- Corner Footed Dish, Canoe Dish, and Hat Shaped Candy Dish 392 Lot Including Fostoria Footed Dish, Bowls, Small Plate and Lidded Sugar Dish (chipped), John F. Kennedy Presidents Plate, Die Cast Bicycle 1:10 Scale, Salt & Pepper and More 393 Pepsi Plaque 7 3/4" X 5 1/4" 394 Cast Iron Pepsi Delivery Truck With Pepsi Cases 10 1/2" Long 395 Pepsi Say "Pepsi Please" Thermometer Manufactured By Permanent Sign and Display Co, Inc Thru Austin & Austin New York Representatives 8 7/8" X 8 7/8" 396 Pepsi Cola Nostalgic Pepsi Vending Machine Phone With Integrated Handset (NIB) 397 Pepsi Cola circa 1940's Unused Full Box of Straws, Cups and Napkins 398 Box of Small Old Pepsi Cups 399 2 Pepsi Shock Resistant Digital Watches One Green and One Yellow (NIB) 400 2 Pepsi Shock Resistant Digital Watches One Green and One White (NIB) 401 Victorinox Swiss Army Equipped Watch (NIB) 402 Dr Pepper Stop Watch 403 8 Safe Driver Pins From Pepsi Cola 5, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 404 Pepsi Cola Belt Buckle 405 Salisbury Pepsi Cola 80th Anniversary 1915 - 1995 Pewter Trinket Box 406 Set of 4 Pepsi Cola Bottle cap Coasters (NIB) and 4 Bottle Cap Magnets (NIB) 407 2 Sets of 4 Pepsi Bottle Cap Magnets (NIB) 408 Pepsi Cola Bottle Cap Metal Sign Stout Marketing St Louis Mo Made in USA 9306636 Approximately 3 1/2" Deep x 27" Diameter 409 1960s Drink Frostie Root Beer Bottle Cap Single-Sided Tin Reflector Sign by Stout Sign Co St Louis Mo 3 1/2" Deep X 38 7/8" Diameter 410 Pepsi Cola Santa Claus By Animal Fair Approximately 30" Tall 411 Rare Pepsi Cola 5 Cent Double Dot 10 Gallon Soda Syrup Can Bigger and Better A Nickel Drink - Worth a Dime Stamped on Bottom F-62 W&B 22 10:38 412 Vintage Pepsi 1970's Stretched Elongated 16oz. PEPSI-COLA Pepsi Glass Art Bottle 19 1/2" Tall With Sand 413 John Wayne The Later Years Collectible Knives (NIB) 414 Pepsi Cola 1999 Santa Claus Bottle Cap Tin Container 6.5" Wide With Santa On a Pepsi Bottle Ornament and Pepsi Cola Sunglasses 415 Pepsi Can Am/FM Radio 9 Volts Made in China (works) 416 Mini Pepsi Can Clock Paperweight 3 3/8" Tall 417 Vintage Pepsi Soda Pop Bottle Radio 9 1/4" Tall (not tested) Made in Hong Kong For Radio Shack 418 Pepsi 75th Anniversary Commemorative Musical Soda Can (no lift tab on top) 419 2 Pepsi Cola Collectible Christmas Ornaments, Mars Milky Way Dark Season's Greetings Tin, 3 Pepsi Winner Banks (new condition) and a Pepsi One T Shirt and 75c Prize (NIB) 420 Vintage Rare 1930s Double Dot Pepsi Cola Wood 6 Bottle Carrier Bigger Better With 6 Dr. Pepper Embossed 1970's Bottles 421 Pepsi Lot - Thermometer, Key Chains, Band Aid Kits, Letter Openers, Ruler, a Star Fish Ornament, NASCAR Magnets and More 422 Tonka Pepsi Cola Delivery Truck With 2 Bottle Racks 423 Buddy L Pepsi Cola Tractor Trailer 424 Hot Wheels 1969 Red Line Tri Baby and a Kyle Petty Citgo Ford Thunderbird Race Car 425 Tootsietoy Hard Body Die-Cast Metal Tough 4X4 Truck With race Car and Trailer 3230 (NIB) 426 2 Pair of Vintage Bottle Shaped Drink Pepsi Cola Salt and Pepper Shakers Glass and a Pair of Clearly Canadian Salt and Pepper Shakers Glass 427 2 Pair of Vintage Bottle Shaped Drink Pepsi Cola Salt and Pepper Shakers Glass and a Pair of Clearly Canadian Salt and Pepper Shakers Glass 428 2 Pair of Vintage Bottle Shaped Drink Pepsi Cola Salt and Pepper Shakers Glass and a Pair of Drink Pepsi Cola Ice Cold Salt and Pepper Shakers Glass With Stainless Steel Tops 429 Lot Including Pepsi Handled Glass, Beaky Blizzard Pepsi Glass, Homestead Dairy Half Pint Milk Bottle, 6 Generic Half Pint Milk Bottles,5 4 oz Glass Baby Bottles and More 430 Pepsi Plaque 7 3/4" X 5 1/4" and Picture Perfect Pepsi Collector's Edition Cans 431 Pepsi R2D2 Cardboard Special Edition The Star Wars Trilogy Join The Celebration! Back On The Big Screen 391003 432 Pepsi C3PO Cardboard Special Edition The Star Wars Trilogy Join The Celebration! Back On The Big Screen 391000 433 Pepsi Darth Vader Cardboard Special Edition The Star Wars Trilogy Join The Celebration! Back On The Big Screen 391001 434 Pepsi Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace Double Sided 3D Advertising Sign (couple tears on one side) 435 Pepsi Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace Double Sided 3D Advertising Sign With Hanging Hook 436 Pepsi Cola Merry Christmas Metal Santa Claus Sign Marked C-431-1 Stout Sign Co St Louis Mo 9512383 437 Mountain Dew Your Friendly Dodge Dealers Metal Replica Nascar Hood Redline Series 29" X 23" 438 Mountain Dew Dew Crew Metal Replica Nascar Hood Redline Series Ward Burton, Terry LaBonte, Casey Atwood and Chad Little 28 3/4" X 23" 439 Esso Salt & Pepper Shakers Salt Marked Sterling Tawes Esso Crisfield MD Phone 124 and Sam's Esso Station Rt 50 Berlin MD Stamp 440 Stillman'sFreckle Cream Jar With Original Box, Dr. Heinz Co Nu Way Feeds Washington Ohip Tape Maesure, and Jiffy Toothache Drop Bottle 441 3 1993 Dr Pepper Calendars, 3 Pepsi Cola Bottles Including 1776 - 1976 Eagle Bicentennial Bottle & First Stars & Stripes and Yorktown 1781 and a Bottle With Imperfection 442 6 Frostie Root Beer 12 oz Bottles With Carrier 443 2 Circa 1950's Snow Crest Beverages Glass Banks 444 Vintage Pepsi Battery Operated Coin Activated Can Shaped Change Sorter (new condition) 445 Pepsi Lot - Frosty Mug (NIB), Two 8 oz Glasses (NIB), Jeff Gordan Plastic Glasses, Cool Can Display, Pepsi Golf Balls Gift Set, Plastic Bags, Hat and All Sport Sweat & Head Bands 446 Set of 6 Vintage Pepsi-Cola Double Dot 10oz Glasses with Syrup Line 447 Diet Pepsi Plastic Lighted Half Can and Lighted Arrow 8 1/8" Long 448 Pepsi Plaque 7 3/4" X 5 1/4", 3 Club Pepper Plastic Mugs, Mountain Dew and Wild Cherry Pepsi Winner Bottles, Diet Pepsi Bandanna, Burger King Cal Ripken Jr Coloring Book and More 449 The United States Of America Pepsi 11" Serving Tray 1898-1976 Pepsi Cola and 2 80th Anniversary The Pepsi People Plus Bloopers VHS Tapes 450 Drink Pepsi Cola 5 Cents Delicious Healthful Double Dot 12 3/4" Metal Oval Serving Tray 451 Pepsi Cola Double Dot Bigger and Better Black Rectangle Advertising Tray 13 3/4" 452 1953 Pepsi Cola Drink Pepsi Bigger Better Double Dot Round Bottle Cap Tray Marked G-53 13 1/4" x 1 5/8" 453 1953 Pepsi Cola Drink Pepsi Bigger Better Double Dot Round Bottle Cap Tray Marked G-53 13 1/4" x 1 5/8" (little rust on edges) 454 3 Pepsi Pedal Power Die Cast Metal Toy Collectibles 1:10 Scale Including 2 Cars and 1 Airplane 455 Pepsi Cola Lot Including 100th Anniversary The Forties Ford Pickup Truck, 1912 Ford Collectors Series Coin Bank (NIB) and a Gear Box Model T 1912 Delivery Car 456 Dr Pepper Lot - Ertl 3rd In Series 1931 Hawkeye Bank Truck, Racing Champions 1:24 Scale NASCAR(NIB) and Two 1:64 Scale NASCAR 2000 Limited Edition (NIB) 457 Pepsi Cola Ertl 1940 Ford Pickup Truck and a Rare First Gear Pepsi Cola 1952 GMC Bottlers Truck 458 Rare Pepsi The Transformers Autobot Optimus Prime Toy Truck and Trailer 459 Toy Lot - Pepsi Coin Bank, Road Champs '87 Tractor Trailer and '93 Delivery Truck, Mountain Dew Maisto Tractor Trailer, Cheerios 74 Dodge Charger, Matchbox Volks Dragon and More 460 Pepsi Cola Bottling Co of Salisbury, MD 80th Anniversary 1915 - 1995 #36 of 500 Delivery Truck Bank 461 Pepsi Cola Double Dot Tap Rite Musical Fountain Dispenser 462 8 Vintage Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Free Fountain Pull Handles Tap 463 3 Vintage Pepsi and Teem A Lemon Lime Soda Stainless Steel Base Fountain Pull Handles Tap 464 Pepsi Cola 100 Years Book (Hardcover 1997) Bob Stoddard ISBN 1575440261 and Pepsi of Delmarva Cooks Book 465 1975 The American Freedom Train Official Commemorative Program, Banner and Pin and 5 Woodstock 94 Program Guides 466 Assortment of Pepsi Patches, Coasters, Metal Tin Containing Note Pad Sheets, Dr. Pepper Adhesive Emblems and a Diet 7UP Cardboard Bank 467 Cross Pen and Pencil With Pepsi Logo and a White Pepsi Pen 468 Wooden Pepsi Sign Made Out of a Drink Carrier 18 3/8" X 5 1/4" 469 Pepsi Cola 5c Good! Good! Good! Metal Sign 11 1/2" X 15 1/2" 470 Vintage Michael Jacksons World Tour 84 Pepsi Jacket With Tags Like New Condition With Glove (some yellowing on glove) and BAD Music CD 471 Vintage Michael Jacksons World Tour 84 Pepsi Jacket Like New Condition With 2 Gloves (some yellowing) 472 Lot - Mountain Dew Nylon Flag 73" X 48", 4 Pepsi Duralite 13 1/2" X 19 3/8", Pepsi EZ Pix Camera, 2 Franklin Mint Pepsi Christmas Plates, T Shirts, Tobaggon and More 473 Vintage Shawnee Pottery Farmer Pigs and Cats Salt Pepper Shakers 474 Mahogany Marble Top Stand With White Marble 21" X 16" 475 Walnut Marble Top Stand With Chocolate Marble 28" X 20 1/2" 476 Poplar Childs Roll Top Desk With Chair 477 Antique O. D. Case and Co Students Desk With Inkwell 478 Antique Sail Makers Bench 48" X 18" 479 Set of 4 Inlaid Stacking Nesting Tables 480 Dovetail Pine Dough Box With 25 1/2" X 54" Table Top Cover 481 Globe Wernicke 3 Section Barrister Bookcase 482 Small Handled Table With Inlaid Shell 23" X 15 1/2" 483 Signed Chippendale Style Mirror With Flying Phoenix Signed R. Dodd Fecit. Geo Twn Del May 63 VII 484 Antique Mantle Clock With Side Weights 485 6 Foot Wicker 3 Cushion Sofa 486 Jamestown China The Joy of Christmas Place Settings for 4 487 Jamestown China The Joy of Christmas Place Settings for 4 488 Jamestown China The Joy of Christmas including Dinner & Salad Plates, Saucers, Bowls, Cups, Cream & Sugar, 2 Canisters -Approximately 68 Pieces 489 2 Jamestown China Joy of Christmas Oval Platters and 4 Linen Napkins 490 Jamestown China Joy of Christmas 9" Bowl, 2 Tier Snack Server, Sugar & Creamer Set and 6 Mugs 491 12 Jamestown China Joy of Christmas Glasses 492 Snowman Decorative Boxes, a Victorian Style Santa Claus and a Box of Christmas Classic Glass Ornaments 493 2 Swirl Glass Pitchers 494 3 Ruby Sandwich Serving Bowls, Daisy Pattern (1 has chip on base) 495 White Sandwich Punch Bowl with 12 Cups, Daisy Pattern 496 6 Beehive Style Soup Bowls marked USA (1 has small chip) and a Spode England Christmas Tree Plate 497 2 Pink Depression Sandwich Bowls and 1 Clear Sandwich Bowl, Daisy Pattern 498 White Sandwich Punch Bowl with 12 Cups, Daisy Pattern 499 Beach's Garage Chevrolet Sales & Service Hebron Md 1966 A Perfectly Beautiful Year to Go Chevrolet Yard Stick 500 Beach's Garage Chevrolet Sales & Service Hebron Md '62 Chevrolets A New World of Worth Red Markings Yardstick 501 Buy Firestone Tires Speedway Proved for Turnpike Safety, Courtesy Chevrolet Salisbury and Fram Filters & Wiper Blades Yardsticks 502 1978 Bill Hall Ford Mercury Berlin Md Ford Better Idea Cars Yardstick 503 Rufe Chevrolet Carlisle PA '64 Chevrolet- Chevelle- Corvair- Chevy II- Corvette and Bingman's Texaco Lititz Yardsticks 504 Price Buick Pontiac, BF Goodrich, Buy Firestone Tires and Fram Filters & Wiper Blades Yardsticks 505 Oliphant Chevrolet Sales Inc Salisbury Md 1966 A Perfectly Beautiful Year to Go Chevrolet Phone Pioneer 9-6144 Yardstick 506 Oliphant Chevrolet Sales Inc Salisbury Md 1977 Chevys Measuring Stick and a Price Buick Pontiac Salisbury MD Yardstick 507 Oliphant Chevrolet Sales Inc Salisbury Md '64 Chevrolet-Chevelle-Corvair-Chevy II-Corvette Phone Pioneer 9-6144 Yardstick 508 Be Sure With Pure and an Exide Corporation Yardsticks 509 1 C & P Hardware, 1 Hubert R White Hardware and 1 H R White Hardware Yardsticks 510 Pennsylvania Railroad Keys, Log Sheet with Metal Cover, Time Tables, Regulation Book, Freight Slips and a "J" Tower and Friends Print by Xaras 511 2 Railroad Locks with Keys (1 Stamped PRR) 512 2 Pennsylvania Railroad Locks with 1 Key 513 Lot of Old Bottles including Coca Cola marked Salisbury MD and Exmore VA, Grapette, Tru Ade, Hires Rootbeer, Nehi, Dr. Pepper and Pepsi 514 15 Easy Play Speed Music Books including Golden Oldies, Best of Nashville, Happy Holidays, Musical Marmalade, Melancholy Moods and more 515 18 Easy Play Speed Music Books including Memories in Music, Country Gold, Beautiful Music, Hawaiian Flavor, Reflections, Christmas, Hymns and more 516 17 EZ Play Today Music Books including Love Songs, Hawaiian Songs, Recorded Hits, Amazing Grace, Big Band Favorites, Joyous Gospel and more 517 17 EZ Play Today Music Books including Gospel Favorites, Love Ballads, Jumbo Songbook, Favorite Hymns, Ballroom Favorites and more 518 T. V. Limoges A. L. Depose Scalloped Edge Wildfowl Plates 519 Savoy Press Mfg Co Phia PA Wine/Cider Press 36" 520 Santa Claus Carrying Christmas Tree with 2 Children Painted on Slate 14" 521 Santa Claus in Sled with Reindeer Painted on Slate 14" 522 Pepsi FritoLay Cardboard Santa Claus 2001 (slight separation in cardboard on hand) 523 Pepsi FritoLay Cardboard Frosty The Snowman 2001 (couple dings) 524 Milk Glass Hobnail Lamp with Grape Design Base and a Cranberry Etched Glass Lamp with Marble Base 525 Green Depression Style Lamp with White Base and a Green Floral Decorated Lamp 526 Antique Mason Mfg Co Sewing Machine 527 2 Blue Ruffled Top Lamp Globes 10" tall 528 Box Lot of Lamp Globes, 2 with Red Satin Finish (Burgundy and Yellow Globe Damaged) 529 Red Glass Base Oil Lamp with Cast Iron Bracket (Hole in Bottom of Base so may be electrified) 530 Vintage Alabaster Style Rotary Telephone (has damage) 531 4 Table Lamps including 1 Art Nouveau Style Lady Reading a Book 532 6 Panel Tan & Brown Slag Glass Lamp Shade 16" Diameter 533 8 Panel Green & Tan Slag Glass Lamp Shade 18" Diameter 534 Slag Glass Lamp with 8 Panels Caramel and Green Shade with Torch Design 535 Bigelow Kennard & Co Boston Slate Mantle Clock with Figures on Each Side 536 Pair of Neoclassical Alabaster/Marble Table Lamps and 2 Cupid Aluminum Lamp Bases 537 Flora and Fauna Faucets with Quail On/Off Handle 538 Antique Bicycle Reflector/Light 539 Plaster Lion (couple chips), Syroco Wood Eagle, Liberty Bell and a Geo. Bert. Cropper Ocean City MD Brass Stamp 540 Royal Copley Wall Pocket 541 Vintage Plaster Black Americana Folk Art Chef with Knife -Top marked 18, Bottom marked 19 (8 3/8" tall) 542 Adams and Westlake, Chicago Vintage Brass Railroad Wall Sconce Lamp - (possibly circa 1907) 543 1968 Earl G Young Official U S Tax Payer Plaque 544 Beam Sculpture of Ladys Face on Alabaster Base and an Metal Female Finial 545 2 Fishing Reels, Clock Weight, Small Iron Ball, a Small Cannon Ball and 2 Metal Toy Airplanes 546 Lot of 3 Yo-Yos including an O-Boy Duncan and an Iraqi Wacker 547 Green Alabaster Style Mantle Clock with Gilt Trim (Movement marked Made in France 4589) 548 Tilghman's Fertilizer Wm B Tilghman Co Thermometer Two Big Plants Located For Service Salisbury Pocomoke 14" Tall 549 3 Mantle Clocks including Green Alabaster with Gilt Trim (no internal parts, battery face), Seth Thomas Alarm Style Clock and a Black Slate Mantle Clock Case 550 1 Metal Lamp with Man Standing on Eagle (marked Germany, damaged Eagle Head), 2 Lamp Bases- 1 is Marble/Alabaster with Bulls & Figures & Claw Feet 551 Lady Holding Torch Figural Lamp Base made of Metal and a Figural Planter/Ashtray with Cherub Design 552 Tiger Salt & Pepper Shakers by Whirley Industries, circa 1974 553 1991 MR. PEANUT Rubber Bendy Planters Lifesavers Co. Bendable Figure, an Ocean City Anchor Thermometer and a Farm Credit Service Strainer 554 Frank Perdue & Delmarva ShoreBirds Bobble Head with Frank Perdue written on Bottom (cannot guarantee Authenticity) 555 Brass Sea Captain Bookends marked 603HC 556 Pair of Foo Dog Alabaster/Marble Bookends 557 Pair of Bird Bookends (beak broken on 1), Alabaster Parrot and a Marble Owl 558 Aluminum Marlin Tag Topper/Emblem 559 Brass Old Salty Figurine 560 John F Kennedy Bust, Kennedy Giant Redwood Plaque and a John F Kennedy Scrapbook 561 6 Panel Slag Glass Lamp Shade - Yellow, Blue & Pink (damaged), a Vanity Powder Jar & Decanter, Wooden Jewelry Box, Alabaster Wall Plaques and 2 Blue Planters 562 Pair of Anchor Clear Glass Bookends 563 Vintage Egyptian Serving Tray With Handles 14" X 7 1/2" 564 Metal Astronaut Statue With Copper Colored Finish 7 1/8" Tall 565 Lot - Coca Cola Thermometer, 6 Sundae Glasses and 2 Egg Plates 566 Kelly Springfield Tires Metal Single Sided Advertising Sign A.M. Inc Lynchburg, VA 8-67 Has Screw Holes Throughout 60" X 34" 567 Painting on Canvas Board of a House/Mill On A Stream Signed E. Cummins 568 Childs Painted Rocking Chair and Chair 569 Antique Childs Scooter 570 Circa 1960 Trottinette Radio Flyer Retro Red Scooter 571 Sears Craftsman 10" Radial Saw With Stand (No 20 amp plug so it was not tested) 572 Wardrobe Steamer Trunk With Initials MTM 573 Montgomery Wards Cast Iron Potbelly Stove 574 Wooden Saloon Style Doors 575 Yamaha EF1000 Generator Gas Tank Has a Leak (not tested) 576 Coleman Propane Lantern 577 Minnkota Weedless 65 Trolling Motor, Hydro Wonder Washer II and a Hirsh Router & Sabre Saw Table 578 Eagle Sea Charter 500CDF Fish Finder and GPS (not tested) 579 Amerex Corp Fire Extinguisher Needs Recharge 580 Schwinn Ranger Womens 26" Bicycle 581 Pair of Kirksaeter Monitor 50 Speakers 582 Onkyo TA R260 Stereo Cassette Tape Deck (came on when tested) 583 Onkyo TX84 Quartz Synthesized Tuner Amplifier (came on when tested) 584 Sony 5 Disc Automatic Disc Loading System (came on when tested) 585 Pair of Fisher STV-9338 Speakers and a Fisher WS-C9338 Speaker 586 Pair of Kenwood JL-770 Speakers 587 3 Used Pocketbooks Labeled Coach 588 Arai Helmet, Fish Pull Toy and an Eden Stuffed Bear 589 Bing Crosby Box Set Of 45's by Decca 590 Box Lot of Albums including Pete Kelly, Ernest Tubbs, Tchaikovsky, Marlene Dietrich, Nat King Cole, Hawaiian Paradise and more 591 Box Lot of Albums including Conni Francis, Andy Williams, Ray Charles Singers, Tony Bennett, JFK Memorial Album, Barbara Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald and more 592 Box Lot of Albums including Barbara Streisand, Paul Simon, Glenn Campbell, Beethoven, Roberta Flack, Hermans Hermit, Frank Sinatra, Saturday Night Fever and more 593 Box Lot of Albums including Barbara Streisand, Judy Garland, Andy Williams, Religious, Big Band, Tony Bennett and more 594 Box Lot of Albums including Some 33s-London Festival Orchestra, American Waltzes, Solid Gold Soul, The Drifters, Perry Como, All Time Favorites and more 595 Box Lot of Albums including Percy Faith, Al Hirt, Ray Conniff, Jackie Gleason, Johnny Mathis and more 596 Box Lot of Albums including Christmas Music, Pops Festival, Dionne Warwicke, Hello Dolly-Original Broadway Cast, 5th Dimension, Four Seasons, Tom Jones and more 597 Box Lot of Albums including Religious, Claudine, Beethoven, Wayne Newton, Ray Conniff, Stan Getz and more 598 Box Lot of Albums including Statler Bros, Brenda Lee, Hits of Broadway, Doris Day, Strauss, Beethoven, Jim Nabors and more 599 Box Lot of Albums including Barbara Streisand, Roger Williams, Jackie Gleason, Louis Armstrong, Ray Conniff, Percy Faith, Walt Disney and more 600 Box Lot of Albums including Diamond Jubliee Showcase, Ray Price, Tommy Roe, Mozart, Sound of Music, Other Classicals, Ray Charles Singers and more 601 Lot of Music CDs and 45s including Childrens Playtime and Golden Records, Barbara Streisand, Holiday Greetings, Leiff Garrett, Frankie Valley, Taco and more 602 Box Lot of Albums including Christmas Carols, Doris Day, Dukes of Dixie Land, Perry Como, Jonah Jones, Bennie Goodman and more 603 Box Lot of Albums including Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass, Motown Hits, Tchaikovsky, Herbie Man, Brook Benton, Andy Williams, The Lennon Sisters and more 604 Vintage Dr Pepper King of Beverages Vim, Vigor and Vitality Mirror 605 2 Double Sided IGA Hometown Proud Cardboard Advertising 606 Josta With Guarana' Ceiling Dangler Flashing Cat 607 Duck Wind Chime (NIB) and a Green Wing Teal Tapestry 608 Brass Duck Door Stop 609 Ducks of The American Wilderness Stein, Mallard Planter, Mallard Figurine and Small Mallard Duck Decoys 610 Green Depression Flying Bird Handles Candy Dish and 2 Acrylic Quail 611 Green Hand Blown Decanter w/3 Glasses (all have small chips), Seal & Cat Paperweights and a Green Canister Jar 612 Lot of 6 Cruets (couple stoppers are chipped) 613 Clear Glass Lot including Cut Glass Bowl (chipped), Two Handled Candy Dish, Pedestal Candy Dish, Toothpick Holder and Creamer 614 2 Sets of Old Jacks and 3 Boxes of Old Dominoes 615 Pair of Sterling Weighted Candleholders 616 Gorham Sterling Weighted Candleholder and a Duchin Creation Sterling Weighted Candleholder 617 Tea Strainer with Eagle marked BPOA and 4 Candle Inserts 618 Trinket Case Decorated with Roses marked B & W Patented 1904 and an Alabaster Incense Dish (small Chip on Lid) 619 Antique 1880's Pairpoint Mfg Co Quadruple Silver Plate Handled Brides Basket (small dent on one side) 620 Silverplate Lot - Candle Snuffer, Serving Utensils, Trays, Butter Dish, Gravy, JFK Spoon, Serving Trowel and More 621 Lane Salesmans Sample Cedar Chest Marked Nathans Furniture Store (slight separation in top) Containing Handkerchiefs 622 Capodimonte Flower Basket (chipped), Womans Face Wall Pocket, Donkey With Cart Pin Cushion, Angel, Bird and Bovano Floral Decoration 623 Blue Opalescent Ruffled Top Bowl 624 Purple Leaf Design Handled Basket 6" Tall 625 JPL France Jean Pouyat Limoges Handled Covered Vegetable and Condensed Milk Holder and a Theodore Haviland Floral Bowl 626 Moon and Stars Clear Glass Lidded Candy Dish and 3 Covered Butter Dishes (2 have chips) 627 White Vase With Pink Ruffled Top, Pink Dish With Gold Trim Marked 1288 Gemany and Austria Floral Decorated Canister/Jar 628 (9) antique Rogers Bros 1847 Silver Plated Nut Picks 629 La Francaise Flow Blue Lidded Sugar and Creamer, Small Pitcher and Gravy Dish and a Cherub Decorated Handled Cup 630 Hand Painted Nippon Duck With Creek Scene, M & Z Austria Grape Design Bowl, and R. C. Savoy Floral Bowl 631 7 Glass Shoes Including Hobnail and Daisey and Buttons, a Small Glass Shoe and a Small Bronze Shoe 632 White Ruffled Top Vase With Handle 633 Alice Bavaria Floral Decorated Vegetable Tray and an IPF Germany Asparagus Tray 634 SMF Germany Schramberg Germany Blue Daisy Pitcher 5" Tall anda Majolica Style Pitcher 635 Lot - Antique Nippon Hand Painted Divided Dish With Serving Handle, Bavaria Handled Plate, Notitake Handled Plate, Germany Fruit Handled Plate and Pheasant Plate (chipped) 636 Candleholders With Finger Holes Including 2 Hand Painted Nippon, L. Bernardaud and Others 637 Amber Glass Lot - Daisy & Buttons Cream & Sugar and Handled Basket, Moon & Stars Ashtray, Tall Creamer and Candleholders 638 Green Coin Glass Candy Jar & Lid Possibly Fostoria 639 Emerald Green Coin Glass Lidded Candy Dish Possibly Fostoria 640 Green Lot-Daisy & Button Hat, Fruit Bowl with Gold Trim and 2 Cruets 641 4 Carvel Hall by Briddell Fruit Knives 642 Carvel Hall by Briddell 10 Forks and 2 knives 643 Folding Fan, Baldwin Brass Candleholder, Finger Candleholder with Heart Design and a Brass Candleholder with Snuffer 644 Turquoise Leaf Pattern Planter (Possibly McCoy) 645 Lot of 3 Egg Plates 646 Carnival Glass Indian Toothpick Holder marked Pittsburg PA 1903 647 Small Tea Pots including Hand Painted Nippon and Noritake, Royal Tuscan England Cream & Sugar and more 648 2 Daisy and Button Blue Candy Dishes - 1 has a Lid, Clear Candy Dish and 4 Wooden Eggs 649 Lot including Small Handled Mug marked Souvenir Philadelphia PA , New York Worlds Fair 1940 Small Vase, Avon Blue Handled Pitcher, Plaster Lab and more 650 Lot including Crochet Easter Eggs, Lattice Style Bowl with Flower Decorations, Cake Plate, Lidded Canister, Bavaria Sugar Dish (chip on lid) and more 651 Mr. Peanut Glass Jar with Lid marked 1980 652 Tobacco Jar Humidor marked No 64 Factory District of NC (small chip on inside rim) 653 Lot including Longaberger Lidded Pumpkin Jar, Homco Teddy Bears, Pilgrim Candles, Tin Cat Candleholder, Wooden Cat and more 654 2 Cranberry Etched Glass Lamp/Candle Globes (1 has chip on bottom rim) 655 Cow Creamer made in West Germany, an Elephant Creamer marked USA and a Floral Decorated Gondola 656 Brass Lot including Duck Head Door Knocker and Hooks and a Trinket Box 657 Hand Painted Nippon Brush & Comb Holder 658 Daisy and Button Lot - Seven 7" Square Plates, Four Snack Tray Plates and a Fan Shaped Dish 659 Pedestal Centerpiece Bowl, 9 1/2" Diameter 660 Clear Glass Lot including Heisey Large & Small Bowl, Etched Glass Cake Plate & Pitcher, Candleholders, Candy Dishes, Hazel Atlas Creamers and more 661 Longaberger Roger & Ginger Pewter Ornaments 662 Longaberger Commemorative Christmas Collection Basket Ornaments - '85 Cookie, '86 Candy Cane, '87 Mistletoe and '88 Poinsettia 663 Longaberger Commemorative Christmas Collection Basket Ornaments - '93 Bayberry, '94 Jingle Bell, '95 Cranberry and '96 Holiday Cheer 664 Longaberger Commemorative Christmas Collection Basket Ornaments - '89 Holiday Memory, '90 Gingerbread, '91 Yuletide Traditions, '92 Seasons Greetings 665 Longaberger Commemorative Christmas Collection Basket Ornaments including The Candle, Sleigh, Bell and Holly 666 Longaberger Commemorative Christmas Collection Basket Ornaments including Father Christmas, Kriss Kringle, Santa Claus and St. Nick 667 Longaberger Angel Pewter Ornaments including Peace, Joy, Hope and Love 668 Longaberger Angel Pewter Ornaments including Kindness, Gratitude, Faith and Friendship 669 Molded Christmas Wreath with Singing Choir 670 Santa Claus Cast Iron Door Stop 5 1/8" tall 671 Gorham Full Lead Crystal Tree Top Ornament 672 Christmas Lot-Reed & Barton Bells '81, '79 and Caroler, Kirk Stieff Musical Bell '80, Homco Bears, 2 Glass Ornaments, Yankee Candle Illuma-Lid, Christmas The Bay Ornament & more 673 Wood Lot-Toy Wheel Barrow Built by Albert Disharoon Salisbury MD, Silhouettes, 2 Wooden Bowls (1 Clam Shaped) and a Souvenir Man in Barrow 674 American Sweetheart Plate, Westmoreland Candy Dish, 2 Avon Plates and a Sugar Shaker 675 Webster Halls Furnished by Albert Pick & Co Chicago 1926 China Black Knight Pattern including 2 Celery Dishes, Serving Bowl, Small Oval Plate (chip) and a Saucer Selb Bavaria 676 Miniature Brass Abacus on Alabaster/Marble Base with Case Paperweight 677 Lot-Nippon Handpainted Master Salt, Stangl Pottery Bowl, Victorian Celery Dish, Lidded Candy Dish, Ashtray, Fruit Bowl, Church w/Mice, Inkwell, Table Easels, Crumb Tray & more 678 Rayo Brass Lamp (electrified), Kerosene Lamp w/Green Shade (not electrified), Oil Lamp made in Austria and a Heron Lamp Base 679 Pair of Clear Glass Kerosene Lamps Converted to Electric 680 Lot of 5 Lamp Shades 681 Rayo Brass Lamp (damaged) with Cowboy Globe (electrifie) and 4 Clear Glass Oil Lamps (1 marked Giant) and 2 are electrified 682 Lot of 4 Glass Lamp Shades-Blue, Clear, Green and Red 683 Floral Decorated Lamp Shade, White Lamp Shade, 2 Amber Glass Lamp Shades, 2 Globes and a Frosted Glass Shade (chipped) 684 Pennsylvania Railroad Tool Quikwerk marked 426 and 1 3/8 (54" long) 685 3 Coleman Lanterns 686 Box Lot of Antique Pictures and Frames and an NCAA Division II Banner 120" X 36" 687 4 Box Lots including Tree Skirt, Ceramic TeaLight Village, Computer Bag, Childrens Books, Hand Painted Tray, Hot Plate and more 688 3 Boxes of Miscellaneous Jars with Lids and Bands 689 2 Box Lots-Jars with Glass Lid Bails including Ball Sure Seal, Atlas EZ Seal, 2 Royal Full Measure Qrt A G Smalley & Co (1 damaged), Ball Ideal, 1/4 pt Bottle and Peninsula Gen Hosp Mug 690 Box Lot of Aqua Jars with Zinc Lids including Ball, Whitney Mason, Mason Hero Cross, Boyds Mason, Atlas Strong Shoulder and more