Toys, Local Advertising, Crocks and Collectibles Auction

May 8, 2019
28614 Ocean Gateway Salisbury, MD. 21801


INTERNET ONLY AUCTION - Auction runs from April 8, 2019 thru May 8, 2019. Bidding ends on May 8, 2019 starting at 5 PM. 

PREVIEW DATE AND TIME - Tuesday. April 30, 2019 from 5 to 7 PM.

CHECKOUT DATE AND TIME - Pick up date is Saturday, May 11, 2019 from 10 AM to 1 PM. No exceptions.

LOCATION - 28614 Ocean Gateway Salisbury, MD. 21801

This is another quality auction of antique toys and collectibles.

Additional information and lots are still being added.

1 Strauss Mechanical Jenny the Balking Mule with box circa 1920's (flaps off end of box but present)

2 Baldwin Manufacturing Co Little Red Hen tin toy with original box

3 Cragstan Crap Shooter battery operated toy made in Japan

4 Friction toy steam ship possibly Dayton 13" long has 3 of the 4 boat racks 

5 Rare Item No 404 of Nihonkogei Series Tin Golden Locomotive Toy Train made in Japan. (Worked when tested)

6 Marx key wind tin litho Construction reversing tractor truck w/driver and rubber tracks, 14 1/4" long (worked when tested. One track not complete) 

7 Arnold made in Western Germany wind up train with key (worked when tested) Approx 14 3/4" long

8 Ideal Plastic Mechanical Speed Boat with original box (worked when tested)

9 Wolverine tin wind up submarine 13" long

10 1950's Pooch the Pop Out Pup Tot Tested Toys and 1960's Japan tin litho dog eating out of bowl (worked when tested)

11 Vintage tin wind up squirrel 3 1/2" long  (worked when tested) (no key)

12 Antique wooden model boat with twin electric motors with tigers painted on the sides approx 18" long 

13 Pecking Pheasant wind up toy made in Germany by Kohler GNK  6 1/2" long

14 Vintage Turn Over Cat made in Japan with original box and key (worked when tested)

15 Antique tin walking camel wind up toy (worked when tested) 5" long

16 Marx 1962 Tin Dino the Dinosaur being ridden by Fred Flintstone 8 1/4" long (worked when tested)

17 Louis Marx Milton Berle Tin Toy Wind Up Crazy Car circa 1950"s (worked when tested)

18 Vintage Bing man on saw made in Germany steam engine accessory

19 Battery operated Universe Car made in China with original box 

20 G.I. Joe and his K-9 Pups Unique Art Manufacturing Co with original box (worked when tested)

21 Louis Marx and Co Range Rider Horseman Toy with box (worked with no weight on lifter)

22 Vintage Ohio Art Tin Childs Beach Bucket 210 Clowns Sandbox Toy 6 1/2" tall and a Pink Childs Beach Bucket with Sailor, Indian and Cowboy 7" tall

23 Wheeling Can Co Tin Childs Beach Bucket 9" tall

24 Vintage Ohio Art Tin Childs Beach Bucket 5/102 Children on a Farm 11" tall

25 J. Chein & Co Tin Childs Beach Bucket Pirate scene 8" tall

26 Ohio Art  109 Tin Watering Can with Indians and Ducks 9" tall

27 Vintage Tin Lithograph Toy Chicken Pulling an Egg Wagon 7 1/2" long

28 Vintage Modern Toys Tin Bubble Locomotive with original box C-162 battery operated

29 2 Vintage Add O Banks Self Registering Mechanical Coin Banks Home Protective Savings and Loan Association

30 Lot of 4 tin banks including two Rival Dog Food banks, T.V. Bank with Four Y's Tavern & Dining Room Corbin City, N.J. and an American Can Co. Bank

31 Lot of two 1930's banks by J. Chein & Co including Prosperity Bank and a metal Treasure Chest Bank

32 Ohio Art 1960's Mister Thrifty tin bank

33 Lot of two banks including Millvale Savings and Loan Association by Chicago Thrift Etching Corp and a Scotts Furniture Bridgeville Del phone 5761 plastic bank

34 Pair of Trade Mark Modern Toys Japan lever action toys (working condition)

35 Marx #5 Wind Up Tin Tractor (Worked when tested) 8" long

36 The Arithmetic Game by Buffalo Toy and Tool Works (worked when tested)

37 1950's Courtland a Walt Reach Toy Tin  Wind Up Train 9000 with two W.R.R. Lines train cars (worked when tested)

38 Wolverine Supply & Mfg Co No 40 Gee-Wiz Horse Racing Game with original box

39 1950's Battery Operated Milk Glass Easter Bunny Night Light Lantern by Amico Japan approx 5" tall

40 1950's Battery Operated Glass Owl Night Light made in Japan approx 5" tall

41 1950's Battery Operated Globe of the World Lantern Night Light with blue milk glass shade 5" tall with box (worked when batteries held in place)

42 1950's Battery Operated Lantern Night Light 6" tall stamped G W Japan on bottom

43 Trade Mark T.N. made in Japan Battery Operated Baby Carriage with original box 

44 Ford Model T Sunrise Brand Nihonkogei Multi Action Battery Operated Toy Tin Car with original box (Lights up but didn't move)

45 Vintage Ohio Arts The Giant Ride Tin Wind Up Ferris Wheel with original box (worked when tested)

46 Accordion Bear A Kraemer Toy made in Japan Battery Operated with original box (eyes lite when tested) Very good condition

47 Grandpa's Classic Car Battery Operated Toy by Showa (grill lite up when tested if batteries where held in place)

48 Trade Mark Modern Toys Bell Clanger Green Mountain Express Battery erated Train with original box 

49 Charley Weaver Bartender Battery Operated 1962 Roy Rogers Enterprises with original box

50 Vintage Rosko Battery Operated McGregor Cigar Smoking Toy (motor runs but no movement) and Chief Indian Joe 1960's Alps Toys 

51 Lot of three friction toys including Friction Sedan Voiture with original box, made in Japan roadster and made in Japan truck

52 Vintage 1940's the A.C. Gilbert Co. Boxed Problem Puzzles (5), Turnstile Puzzle and Rock and Roll Word Game

53 Vintage 1930's M. Hohner The Super Chromonica Chromatic Harmonica made in Germany

54 Vintage 1930's M. Hohner The Super Chromonica Chromatic Harmonica made in Germany

55 Lot of 16 mm tapes including Charlie Chaplin, Our Gang Comedy, Scrappy, The 3 Stooges, Krazy Kat and Barney Google

56 4 The Big Little Book including Billy the Kid, Junior G-Men, Little Orphan Annie and Jack Armstrong and the Ivory Treasure and Gang Busters in Action little book

57 Somersaulting Pup with Bark Battery Operated Remote Control toy made in Japan with original box (worked when tested)

58 Knitting Grandma with Lighted Eyes Battery Operated cat T.N. Japan 1950's with original box (lite up when tested)

59 1950's Beethoven the Piano Playing Dog Battery Operated Rosko Tested Japan with original box 

60 Alps Japan Hopping Pup with Cart Battery Operated Remote Controlled toy with original box (eyes lite when tested)

61 1950's Battery Operated Telephone Bear Winky Eyes Japan by Nomura with original box

62 1930's? Wind Up Donkey 6" long looks like wooden hooves (working condition)

63 Vintage 1940's Wolverine Jet Roller Coaster Lithograph Tin Wind Up toy

64 Rapid Fire Cannon Candy Container circa 1920 gunmetal gray and green top slide enclosure inscribed Geo Borgfeldt and Co New York NY  8' long

65 Rose Signal Lantern practical safe useful for hikers, scouts, campers, household emergency 5" tall (one bulb worked when tested)

66 Astro Mfg USA Berzac Creation RD 1957-A Rocket Space Ship Bank 11 1/2" tall coin launching mechanism appears to work fine

67 Marx Horse and Cart Wind Up Toy Early toy as horse still has trailing leg wheel (working condition)

68 Antique Big Trixo Climbing Monkey Tin Litho by Ferdinand Strauss Corp and Trade Mark Modern Toy Wind Up Seal (Seal worked when tested) 

69 Avion Aircraft Clockwork Mecanique Tin Wind Up Airplane with original box (working condition) and a Wind Up Bear MS 207 made in China (working condition)

70 Rare Asahi Toy Space Ship XZ-7 Tin Toy made in Japan (working condition) with original box

71 1955 Mechanical Happy the Violinst Clown Wind Up Toy (worked when tested) 9" tall

72 1950's TPS Japan Circus Bugler Clown Trombone Player Wind Up Toy (worked when tested) 9" tall

73 2 Vintage Handheld Casino Roulette Games both are metal/tin one marked made in Germany push button on side (worked when tested) 4 3/4" diameter 1 1/2" tall

74 Collectible Trans Continental Red Arrow Express Japan 3 Piece Tin Train Set Engine, Observation Car and Passenger Car with 6 pieces track

75 Lot of Three Metal Spinning Tops 1 is Ohio Art Co other 2 are made in USA

76 Schuco made in U.S. Zone Germany Wind Up Dancing Mouse with Baby Toy  4 1/2" tall  1930's (worked when tested)

77 Two Wind Up Toy Bears Brown one is Trade Mark Modern Toys Black on is similar (Both worked when tested)

78 Tom Corbett Space Cadet Watch portrait and rocketship background lightning bolt hands. Original leather straps with rocketship and planet designs in yellow.

79 Rare 1940's - 1950's Flash Gordon Wrist Watch Compass and a 1950's Astro Ray by The Ohio Art Co

80 Yonezawa Battery Operated Piggy Cook Tin Toy Item No 10621 with original box (lite up when tested)

81 Surrey Rider Battery Operated Toy with Original Box by ILLco Hong Kong

82 Vintage 1950's FEWO Fehn Wolf & Co Tightrope Unicycle Riding Clown made in West Germany with original box (has one of the end weights)

83 Lot including Haji Tin Chicken Wind Up Toy, Hatching Chic Wind Up Toy, Paer Mache' Bunny, Plastic Bunny and Plastic Bunny hatched out of egg 

84 Rare Roy Rogers Bobblehead Nodder made in Japan 1962 in original box (excellent condition) 

85 Dr Kildare White Round Base Bobble Head Metro Goldwin Mayer Productions Japan in original box (excellent condition)

86 Very Rare set of 5 Antique Penny Doll or Doughboy WWI soldier figures all porcelain bisque & hand painted with great detail circa 1920 - 1930 with original box all marked Japan

87 Rare Antique 1933 Arcade Cast Iron Greyhound Lines GMC bus (no power unit) 

88 Wyandotte Toys Spin "Em" Shooting Target with cork shooting gun (works)

89 Vintage Arabian Key Wind German Horse & Sulky Toy 6 1/4 inches long (worked when tested)

90 1960's Loop the Loop Wind Up Clown Toy with original box TN made in Japan 

91 Antique 1918 Schoenhut Toy Glockenspiel Metallophone Xylophone

92 Musical Clockwork Clown Playing Maracas Vintage Wind Up Toy, 1960s 7 3/4" tall  with original box (worked when tested)

93 Japan Alps Bimbo The Drumming Clown Tin Toy Battery Operated Cragston Co

94 Crank'n Go Car Series with Wind Up Friction Motor Stutz Bearcat with orignal box (worked when tested)

95 Battery Operated Bear Eating Out of Bowl Eyes Light Mouth and Right Arm Moves to Mouth after batteries were on for a little bit

96 Battery Operated Monkey Blowing Bubbles With Hat Toy Japan 1950's (Moved and lite up after batteries were in for a little bit) With brown bowl

97 Battery Operated Monkey Blowing Bubbles Toy Japan 1950's (Moved and lite up after battaeries were in for a little bit) With brown bowl

98 1950's Chinese Wind Up Toy "Single Bar Exercise" with original box (worked when tested)

99 Antique Germany Wind Up Toy Bear Wearing Lederhosen looks like paper mache' feet one damaged (worked when tested) marked Germany 6" tall

100 Batman Cowl Helmet 1966 Ideal Toy Corp. Played With Condition

101 Attachment for Tur-Boy Toys Electric Motor or Steam Engine Tur-Boy No 496 Grist Mill with original box and a 1950's tin windmill made in Western Germany

102 Antique Tin Wind Up Race Track With Car (worked when tested)

103 Vintage 1929 Tudor Home Budget Bank Metal Box w/ Key 

104 J Chein & Co World Home Bible League South Holland IL Small Globe Bank

105 Lot of Tin Toys including Wind Up Line Mar Mama Kangaroo, C.G. Patrol boat, No D Pop Pop boat and a Dog made in Germany

106 Tin Wind Up Rollover Cat (worked when tested) Possibly made in China

107 Made in Japan Yone Trademarked Toy Wind Up Train Forward & Reverse 7" long and a Tin Wind Up Train 3" long

108 Russ Yesterday's Favorites Wind Up Helicopter (worked when tested) with box, two tin cars one made in Germany and a Wd Up Tin Car

109 Vintage Tin Sand Shovel Ohio Art USA 12" Toot Toot 

110 Vintage 1939 Walt Disney Productions Pinocchio Geppetto Tin Litho tray 10", 3 cups, 3 saucers and 2 plates Ohio Art Co

111 Vintage Fairy Tale Wooden Lithograph Puzzle Blocks, 1907 Milton Bradley 'Magic Dots For Little Tots', Eight Mystic Card Tricks  Game and Magnetic Jack Straws

112 Flicker Top Pat April 27, 1920, Ring A Tail and 2 Japan Children's Puzzle Style game

113 Vintage 1956 Popeye Daily Dime Bank Tin Litho from 1956  King Features Syndicate

114 Lot of Banks including West End Trust Co Philadelphia, Wonder Bread, Candy Bank, Ohio Art Tin bank and a coin holder

115 1950's Captain Video An Exciting Space Game by Milton Bradley Vintage Captain Video Board Game (Game looks new and unused)

116 1930 Toy Soldiers With Shure - Shot Gun J. Pressman & Co New York, N.Y. (Game looks new and unused)

117 Vintage Fisher Price Lot including Mother Goose Cart 784, Katy Kackler The Red Hen 140 and Tiny Teddy 634

118 Lot including Adams' Sambo Puzzle, Rainbow Puzzle, Things To Do Series Magic Set and Adams Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle A Real Nutty Surprise

119 Rare Majolica Fish Vase Pottery Antique English 10" tall (Age cracks on stomach of fish)

120 Rare Majolica Fish Vase Pottery Antique English 11 1/4" tall 

121 Staffordshire Style Spaniel Pottery Dog 9 1/2" tall

122 Highly Embossed Majolica Pitcher With Fish and Shells Design 6" tall to top of spout

123 Highly Embossed Majolica Pitcher With Fish and Shells Design  6" tall to top of spout

124 Royal Bayreuth Porcelain Lobster and Lettuce Leaf Sauce Dish and Underplate 

125 Germany Divided Lobster Dish Bowl marked 6389

126 Victoria Austria Divided Lobster Dish marked 220

127 Victorian Majolica Fish Creamer 5" long 3 1/4" tall

128 Peninsula Bottling Works J.C.A. Parksley, VA Lavender Colored Soda Bottle

129 Snow Hill, MD P.D. Cottingham & Co. Druggist Bottle 5 3/4" tall and a P.D. Cottingham & Co Druggist Snow Hill, MD Bottle 3 1/2" tall

130 Salisbury, MD Coca Cola Bottle Aqua Color and a Snow Hill, MD Paul Jones, M.D. Druggist Bottle marked 311 4 1/2" tall

131 Local Advertising Esso Tri State Oil Co, Inc Snow Hill, Maryland Scrapper and a Tri State Oil Co Snow Hill, MD Leather Pouch

132 Local Advertising The First National Bank of Snow Hill Snow Hill, MD Bank

133 Local Advertising Lot of Snow Hill Advertising including S.E. Shockley & Son Poultry Feeds and Supplies Receipt Book, Snow Hill Grain, Inc Clip, Cody's Exxon & Tilghman Bulldozing

134 Local Advertising R.H. Lowe & Co Delmar, DE. Longman & Martinez Paint Makers notepad with note from 1919 and 2 Mumford Sheet Metal Works Selbyville, DE Clips

135 Local Advertising Hill's Amoco Station Dashiell & Hill Heating Oil Salisbury Ash Tray and a Ralph's Amoco Station Ralph Jenkins Mgr Pocket Screw Driver

136 Local Advertising Lot of Worcester Co pieces including Worcester Since 1913 Hourglass, Worcester's Correct Plant Food Fertilizers Pouch and a The Worcester Fertilizer Co Snow Hill, MD Leatherbound Notepad

137 Local Advertising Snow Hill Advertising including Farmers Supply Co Clippers, Central Implement CoPhone Number 418 and Perdue Ford Inc Needle Threader

138 Local Advertising The Adkins Company Berlin, MD Ice Scrapper and Turner's Market & Arco Service Berlin, MD Opener

139 Local Advertising Duncan Brothers Inc Pocomoke, MD Chevrolet Cadillac Oldsmobile GMC Trucks Ashtray

140 Local Advertising Miles Oil Co Amoco Gas Phone 584 Pocomoke City, MD Ashtray

141 Local Advertising Lot (2) H. Merrill Walters Insurance Pocomoke City, MD Ashtrays Phone 208 and a Pilchard Bros Pocomoke City, MD DeKalb Notebook

142 Local Advertising Lot Campbell Soup Salisbury Plany Ice Scrapper, Wm. B. Tilghman Company Letter Opener and a Trading Post Oscar L. Taylor Salisbury, MD Opener

143 The Washington Life Insurance Co of New York Cast Iron Stamp

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