Beauchamp Estate Auction Jewelry & Collectibles

September 10, 2016
409 Myrtle Street Crisfield, MD. 21817

Eastern Shore Auctions is honored to have been chosen to sell the estate of Shirley Beauchamp of Crisfield, MD. The auction will take place on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at 10 AM, at 409 Myrtle Street in Crisfield, MD. 21817. Directions: From Salisbury - Take Rt 13 S to MD Rt 413 Crisfield Highway. Turn right. Follow to Crisfield. Turn L onto Potomac Street (Between PNC Bank & Shore Stop). Make R onto Myrtle Street. Sale on right. Signs posted. REAL ESTATE: (1:30) 768 +/- square foot dwelling situated on about .16 of an acre. The dwelling has two bedrooms, 1 full bath, a living room, dining area, kitchen, a mud room, a utility room with a toilet, and has a cellar. There is a detached garage on the rear of the property. The dwelling is in immaculate condition and has been very well maintained. FURNITURE: Bassett maple drop leaf table, china cabinet & chairs, Broyhill sofa, Cochrane oak table & chairs, Style Mark American five (5) piece bedroom suite, Carolina Furniture dressers, Mersman round table, Oriental mother of pearl cabinet, round marble top tables, Best Co. swivel chairs, White hope chest, wooden table with lyre base, pine stand, oak floor model jewelry cabinet, RCA AM/FM stereo cabinet, gold arm chair, green recliner, brass bed, curio cabinet, glass top coffee table and end tables, entertainment center, Oriental tree picture, marble base prism lamp & others, marble and brass floor lamp, Phillips TV, Crosley CD/radio, gold framed mirror & others, microwave stand, magazine stand and much, much more. GLASSWARE/COLLECTIBLES: Eighteen (18) Danbury Mint & other oriental glass figurines, Nippon hand painted tea pot, cranberry hobnail, pink Depression, crackle glass, Oriental pieces including large urns, vases, bowls & plates, glass artificial flowers, Lena Liu music boxes, Ruby decanter set, Italian tea pot set, Silesia bowls, Mexican pottery, Sterling bowl, Block Manchester gold china, Swedish paper weight, butterfly jewelry case, Elgin anniversary clock, mantle clock, candle holders, shadow box & other pictures, Leonard brass, Ceramic Ware canister set, Corningware, Carvel Hall flatware, old mixing bowls, oil paintings, afghans, vintage clutch purses, vanity set, TV trays, filing cabinet, yard tools, costume jewelry, Electrolux vacuum, small Kenmore chest freezer and much more. JEWELRY: (12:00)(The following jewelry was examined and appraised by Kuhn's Jewelers of Salisbury, MD.) DESCRIPTION OF ITEM(S): 1. 10K yellow gold synthetic, marquise sapphire and 2 round "Old Mine" diamond ring, 1.20 dwts. 2. 14K yellow gold, "Hugs & Kisses" bracelet. 3. 14K yellow gold "X " bracelet with rhodium plate "X", 4.1 dwts. 4. 14K yellow gold 4.7mm Herringbone bracelet, 3.8mm. 5. 10K yellow gold ,Black Onyx curved bar with gold accents, 7.98 dwts. 6. 14K yellow gold, 3.25mm Flat curb link chain, 4.69 dwts. 7. 14K yellow gold "Omega" bracelet, 7.67 dwts. 8. 10K yellow gold Hollow "Bizantine" bracelet, 5.54 dwts. 9. 14K yellow gold, ladies, "Michael Anthony" watch, 10.59 dwts. 10. 14K yellow gold, ladies, "Croton" watch with diamond bezel, 11.29 dwts. 11. Goldfilled, ladies "Gruen" watch 12. 14K yellow gold, Swiss Blue Topaz with diamond halo, 3.74 dwts. 13. 14K white gold Radiant cut and round CZ ring, 5.27 dwts. 14. 14K white gold, emerald cut Amethyst" and 12 round brilliant diamonds, 2.97 dwts. 15. 14K yellow gold, pearl and garnet ring, 5.74 dwts. 16. WITHDRAWN 17. 14K yellow gold, faceted emerald cut, synthetic ruby, 12 baguette and 10 round brilliant diamonds, 2.91 dwts. 18. 14K yellow gold, faceted marquise black Onyx and 20 round diamonds, 3.51 dwts. 19. 14K yellow gold ring, containing 19 approximate .025.03 carat round brilliant diamonds, in rhodium plated settings, 2.54 dwts. 20. 14K yellow gold, 9 round opal and 16 round sapphire cluster ring, 8.10 dwts. 21. 14K yellow gold and rhodium plated diamond cluster containing 19 round brilliant diamonds2.4mm to 2.8mm, 4.85 dwts 22. 10K yellow gold, 6 row pyramid style cluster containing 54 approxiamte .015 carat round brilliant diamonds, 4.18 dwts. 23. 14K yellow gold, oval sapphire, 10 round brilliant diamonds(.025.03) and 14 straight and tapered baguette diamonds, 3.52 dwts. 24. 14K yellow gold, marquise shaped cluster containing 45 round brilliant diamonds, .025 to .12 carats, 5.0 dwts. 25. 14K white gold, cast, round and baguette ring, 10 rounds (.03.015) 26 baguettes (.01.03), 3.88 dwts. 26. 14K white gold, cast, round, dark sapphire (25) and round diamond (22) cluster ring, 3.34 dwts. 27. Sterling silver, oval turquoise (18x13) ring, 3.34 dwts. 28.14K yellow gold cast ring, 8x6mm emerald cut Amethyst, six round .015 carat diamonds, and 6 Amethyst baguette stones, 2.47 dwts. 29. 10K yellow gold, cast, basket weave ring containing 99 round single cut diamonds, 3.73 dwts. 30. Sterling Silver, cast, black onyx and marcasite ring, 4.57 dwts. 31. 14K white gold, cast, diamond cluster ring containing 31 round diamonds (.40 (1), .03(10), .01(20)), 4.12 dwts 32. 14K yellow gold, cast diamond ring containing one approximate .92 carat marquise brilliant diamond (VS(1)VS(2), GHI) and 34 round .015 carat single cut diamonds (SI(1)SI(2), GHI), 4.2 dwts. 33. 14K yellow gold, cast, 7 diamond bar set band, .07 carats each (I(1), GHI), 2.68 dwts. 34. 10K yellow gold approximate 3.00 carat tennis bracelet consisting of 315 approximate .01 carat round diamonds (promotional quality), 8.95 dwts 35. 14K yellow gold charm bracelet containing 26 miscellaneous gold charms, 50.86 dwts. 36. 14K yellow gold graduated bead necklace having high polished and corrugulated hollow beads on a yellow gold chain, 3.36 dwts. 37. 14K yellow gold diamond cut 8.5mm bead earrings, with friction posts and backs, .53 dwts. 38. 10K white gold square, "link" style bracelet, 4.94 dwts. 39. 14K white gold twisted "Curb" chain, 2.72 dwts. 40. Sterling Silver, sapphire and diamond tennis bracelet containing (14) 6x4 sapphires and (3) approximate .01 carat promotional diamonds, 9.84 dwts. 41. 14K white gold, "San Marco" bracelet, 3.35 dwts 42. 10K white gold diamond tennis bracelet (20 approx. .015 carat promotional quality rounds), 3.80 dwts. 43. 10K white gold diamond cluster, "Hug's 'n Kisses" bracelet. Each of th14 cluster contains 5 approximate .0075.01 carats each, promotional quality, 3.16 dwts. 44. 10K white gold, seven stone, 29 cluster tennis bracelet containing 203 approximate .005 round promotional quality diamonds, 5.16 dwts. 45. Sterling silver bar set tennis bracelet containing 48 approximate 3.0mm round faceted cubic zirconia, 11.18 dwts. 46. WITHDRAWN. 47. 10K yellow gold, synthetic ruby ((14) 5x3mm oval faceted) and 28 approximate .005 carat round brilliant diamond (I(2), HIJ color) tennis bracelet, 4.78 dwt 48. 14K yellow gold, 8mm Heart Shape, facted synthetic ruby and 10 approximate .005 carat round brilliant diamonds(I(1)I(2), GH in color, 2.03 dwts 49. 14Kyellow gold, synthetic ruby and diamond earrings. Each ear contains one approximate 6x4mm emerald cut synthetic ruby and 16 approximate .0075 carat round diamonds (I(1)I(2), IJ color), 1.74 dwts. 50. 10K yellow gold, Pear shape faceted Swiss blue Topaz (9x6mm) and three approximate .015 carat round diamonds (I(1), HIJ color), 2.05 dwts. 51. 10K yellow gold oval faceted sapphire (7mm x 5mm), 14 approximate .015mm round brilliant diamonds (I(1), HIJ), and 8 approximate .01.015 baguette diamonds, 1.23 dwts. 52. 10K yellow gold oval faceted blue sapphire (6x4mm), 12 approximate .0075 carat round diamonds (I(1), Top light brown), and 6 approximate .0075.01 diamond baguettes. 1.74 dwts. 53. 10K yellow gold pendant containing one emerald cut Amethyst (10 x 8mm) and three approximate .03 carat round brilliant diamonds (SI(2)I(1), GH in color., 1.35mm dwts. 54. 10K yellow gold pair of earrings, each containing an emerald cut Amethyst (7x5mm) and three approximate .015 carat round brilliant diamonds. (SI(2)I(1), HI color), 1.20 dwts. 55. 10K yellow gold pair of diamond earrings, each containing 13 approximate .01 carat and 16 approximate .015 carat round single cut diamonds (promo quality), and 22 straight and tapered baguette diamonds (1.7 x 1mm) .01.015 carat baguette diamonds, 2.76 dwts. 56. 10K yellow gold pendant containing 35 approximate .01 carat round brilliant diamonds ((I(1)I(2), GH in color and 21 straight and tapered baguette diamonds (I(1)I(2), HIJ in color. 1.21 dwts. 1.21 dwts. 57. 14K yellow gold diamond stud earrings. The ear's, with an approximate .44 and .53 carat round brilliant diamond (graded I(2), JK color), are set in four prong "Tiffany" style settings with screw backs and posts. .85 dwts. 58. 14K yellow gold diamond earring jackets. Each jacket contains four round diamonds (.02 carats each, I(1), GHI in color) and 12 baguettes(four 3x1.25mm and eight 2x1.25mm SI(1)I(1), GHI in color), 2.11 dwts. 59. 14K yellow gold diamond necklace consisting of a flat serpentine chain, 4 round diamonds (two .06 carats and two .12 carats (SI(2), GHI in color)) and 35 baguettes (.01 to .03 carats each, SI(1)SI(2), GHI in color., 4.67 dwts. 60. 10K yellow gold diamond pendant containing 15 round brilliant diamonds (.015 to .03 carats, SI(2)I(1), JKL in color) and 19 approximate .02 carat baguette diamonds (SI(2)I(1), GHI in color), 1.75 dwts. 61. 10K yellow gold cluster earrings. Each ear contains 14 round brilliant diamonds (.015 carats (SI(2), JKL in color) and 17 baguette diamonds (.02 carats, SI(2)I(1), GHI in color, 2.83 dwts. 62. 10K white gold diamond necklace consisting of a 5mm bismark chain and 62 single cut diamonds at .01.015 carats each. Stones grade as SI(2)I(1), HIJ in color, 6.31 dwts 63. 10K yellow gold diamond cluster earrings with friction posts and backs. Each ear contains 26 .005 carat round single cut diamonds, I(2)I(3), JK in color, 1.86 dwts. 64. 14K yellow gold lariat necklace with 5 beads and 8 button pearls, 2 dwts. 65. Gold filled Mabe' pearl earrings, 2.62 dwts. 66. 14K white gold diamond pendant and chain consisting of a box chain (.68 dwts) and a 21 diamond, 3 cluster pendant containing round brilliant diamonds ranging in size from .02.04 carat stones (I(1)I(3), HIJ in color, 2.62 dwts. 67. 14K yellow gold diamond and ruby pendant containing one .03 carat round diamond (SI(2), GHI in color) and five 1.7mm round faceted rubies, 1.01 dwts. 68. 14K white gold diamond necklace consisting of an 18" "Replacement" chain and a 7 cluster "Journey" style pendant containing 49 round brilliant diamonds, .005 to .03 carats (I(1)I(2), HIJ in color, 1.72 dwts. 69. 10K white gold "Snowflake" diamond earrings. Each ear contains 11 round diamonds (.005.01, SI(2)I(1), GHI in color) and 10 approximate .0075 carat baguette diamonds (SI(2)I(1), GHI in color, 1.64 dwts. 70. Sterling Silver, 6mm Omega chain (9.89 dwts) and Sand dollar charm (2.30 dwts) necklace ensemble. 71. Sterling Silver, 6mm domed Omega bracelet, 7.29 dwts. 72. Sterling Silver, 3mm round link bracelet, 6.77 dwts. 73. Sterling Silver 9mm Herringbone chain, 16.61 dwts. TERMS: Real Estate $5,000 down in cash, cashiers check, or check approved by auctioneer on day of sale. 30 day settlement. 2% buyer's premium. Broker participation. Personal Property 10% buyer's premium for credit card usage. Food - DADS BBQ