Dottie Livingston and Nancy Livingston

Settling an Estate is never an easy task, but once we decided to go with an auction, Willie and Susan Benton of Eastern Shore Auctions guided us through the process of auctioning our Mothers' home and personal property with 100% satisfaction. From beginning to end, Willie and his team of ESA were very professional, diligent, and sensitive to our wishes. The commitment to ensuring our complete satisfaction was their #1 focus. We highly recommend the Benton's and ESA.

Wayne Powell

Berlin, MD
When my Father died a few years ago, I had planned to put his home in Pocomoke City in the hands of our local realtors. However, Willie Benton suggested that I let him sell it at auction. I took him up on the offer. Willie and his team took care of all the advertising and on the day of the auction they took care of everything including moving the personal property out and maintaining a rigorous bookkeeping and collection system. All I had to do was sit on a couch (until Willie sold it). I was pleased with the value that I got for the house which was settled in a few weeks. I got a full accounting and payment for the personal property even sooner. I am particularly pleased that I used Willie's services...especially when I visit Pocomoke and see some of the "For Sale" signs that were in place they are still there today. I highly recommend Eastern Shore Auctions.

Wayne M. Davenport

Eastern Shore Auctions recently held a sale for my mothers' property in Mardela Springs, MD. We were very happy with the results. It was advertised widely and was well attended. The personal property and real estate property sold higher than expected. We feel that Mr. Willie Benton gave us 110%.

Eric & Sheri Starliper

Fruitland, MD
My wife and I would like to express our thanks to Willie Benton and his wife Susan of Eastern Shore Auctions, Inc. We contacted them to sell some personal items for us, they are honest, helpful, and professional and at the same time warm and friendly. If we needed an auctioneer in the future we would not hesitate to call them.

Faye Brittingham

I would like to express my appreciation to Willie Benton & his lovely wife Susan of Eastern Shore Auctions. I contacted them to sell some personal items in order to do some down sizing in my home. They were very comfortable to work with. They were very professional, but at the same time very enjoyable , friendly and honest people to work with. I would not hesitate to call upon them again.

The Welch and Simms' Families

We recently had the pleasure of working with Eastern Shore Auctions. Our parents have since passed away leaving my brother and I with a large house, numerous sheds, several barns, apartment, and garage filled with over 40 years of antique collecting. The above mentioned areas were filled to the top with numerous items. This enormous task was beyond my brother and I to take care of. Mr. Benton and his wonderful group of workers came in at a time when it was hard for us to accomplish this enormous task. They understood how hard it was for each of us as we saw our childhood and things that were important to our parents be boxed up for sale. They ended up having three auctions just to sell the enormous amount of antiques and collectables. They always kept my brother and I in mind as they were working on this enormous task. My brother and I couldn't have accomplished this task by ourselves. My brother and I were very pleased with how everything turned out. We would greatly recommend them to anyone who needs a caring and understanding group of people to handle a task such as a family auction.

Charles & Eileen Smullen

From the initial meeting to the ending settlement Eastern Shore Auctions handled everything with ease. What I thought was going to be a daunting task of selling my mother-in-law's house and personal property was handled with expertise by Willie and Susan Benton. They are full of good and honest character and quite frankly I have very seldom have seen two people work so hard. Eastern Shore Auctions took the whole process totally out of our hands yet kept us informed and included us in the decisions that had to be made. I would definitely work with Eastern Shore Auctions again and recommend them to everyone. Thanks Willie and Susan Benton!

Larry and Terri Johnson

Easton, MD
When the time arrived that we had to sell my parents' home and its contents, we contacted Willie and Susan Benton of Eastern Shore Auctions. They made the entire process so much easier for us. They advertised in the local publications, they put up signs, and they made the public aware of what would be offered. After we took the items that we wanted as keepsakes, Willie, Susan, and their team came in and sorted and boxed up all the rest of the contents. On the day of the sale, the team came in, set up, and the whole process ran smoothly and efficiently. It was obvious they knew exactly what they were doing. They were always very respectful of our feelings, because they knew it was not easy to let go of so many memories. All in all, we could not have asked for a better group of individuals to work with. I would highly recommend Willie and Susan Benton, and the Eastern Shore Auction team!

Charlie and Judy Stark

Hebron, MD. & Florence S.C.
I appreciate everything you and your company did to make my mother's estate auction such a success. It was amazing how much there was to sell and how easy you made it look in getting it all out of the house and organized. That was a lot of hard work. We are still amazed every day at how well the auction went and the price we were able to get for the house and van. Initially, I was unsure I wanted to take the avenue of having an auction, I can't say enough about how I knew after meeting you and Susan and talking with you about how you handle auctions, how sensitive you were about our feelings, that you two were the only ones I wanted to handle it. I am glad we decided to have the auction, and I wasn't disappointed. It was very exciting! Thank you!

Michael Kenlon

Snow Hill, MD
I wanted to thank you and your staff at Eastern Shore Auctions for the wonderful job done in auctioning my mother's house and personal property. From the initial interview thru contract signing on auction day and beyond, everything progressed in a timely and friendly manner. You were always available to answer any questions or concerns that I might have. The auction drew a good crowd and resulted in prices for the house and personal property that were much more than even I had hoped for. You have my deepest thanks. Eastern Shore Auctions did a great job and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is thinking about auctioning real estate or personal property.
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