Outstanding Salisbury Estate Auction

November 16, 2022
28620 Ocean Gateway Salisbury, MD. 21801

ON-LINE ONLY AUCTION***ON-LINE ONLY AUCTION***ON-LINE ONLY AUCTION*** INTERNET ONLY AUCTION: OCTOBER 24, 2022 through November 16, 2022. Bidding ends on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 starting at 5 PM. PREVIEW DATE AND TIME: Wednesday, November 9, 2022 from 4 to 6 PM. CHECKOUT DATE AND TIME: Saturday, November 19, 2022 from 9 AM to 12 PM. No exceptions. LOCATION:28620 Ocean Gateway Salisbury, MD. 21801 Eastern Shore Auctions, Inc. will be conducting an outstanding estate auction featuring decoys from two local collectors, antique gunning lights, a large collection of old Christmas collectibles including 1930's ornaments, Roseville and Weller Pottery, walnut dresser, cherry dining room suit, oak roll top desk and washstands, marble top stands, Waterford crystal, Orrefors and Czechoslovakian glass, Steuben glass, antique inkwells, Dugan vase, old handmade quilts, Nanticoke Point cobalt blue gray stoneware crock and others, local books, old marbles and much, much more. This will be a large auction of quality items! Additional lots still being added. 1 Antique Wooden Telephone With Inside Components 2 Orrefors Sweden Cobalt Blue and Clear Handled Dish Signed Johansen 3 Czechoslovakian Art Glass Candy Basket Early 1900's Marked on Bottom 4 Camark Deluxe Artware Pottery Cornucopia Wall Pockets 5 Victorian Biscuit Style Jar (old repair to lip) 6 Antique Cobalt Bohemia Glass Blue Vase with Gold Trim 9.25" Tall 7 Lalique Crystal Frosted Leaping Koi Fish Paperweight Figurine Signed on Base (possible damage on tail) and a Preening Goose Paperweight 8 Turquoise and Gold Bohemian Glass Bud Vases Souvenir Vases Marked Hall 9 Steuben? Art Glass Black Threaded Bowl 5.5" Diameter 10 Steuben? Art Glass Black Threaded Handled Basket (mold mark on bottom) 11 Geo Z Lefton Wall Plaque Man with Pipe Marked XU541 12 Circa 1920s "The Thinker" Metal Bookends 13 Cambridge Art Pottery Oakwood #228 Brown Drip Vase 7" Tall 14 Antique Pottery Planter (chip been painted on lip) 15 Roseville Pottery Apple Blossom Console Bowl 331 - 12" (small chip on lip) 16 Vintage Mid-Century Desert Sands Art Pottery Vase- Has Evans Stamp on Bottom 4.75" Tall 17 Hull Pottery Console Dish Circa 1950's 18 Old Framed Sampler 13.75" X 10.75" 19 Pottery Green/Brown Handled Sugar Dish 20 Weller Louwelsa Hand Painted Pottery Planter With Pansy Flower 3.25" Tall (very small chip on lip) 21 Raku? Pottery Planter 3.25" Tall 22 Large Amber Glass Cowboy Hat 23 Circa 1920's Handmade Paper & Ribbon Doll Framed 24 Circa 1920's Handmade Paper & Ribbon Doll Framed 25 Wallendorf Porcelain Vessel With Lion Handle (wear on nose) Possibly 1770 - 1820 26 W.J. Gordy Georgia Art Pottery Vase Mission Swirl Ivory and Tan 8.75" Tall 27 Rockwood Pottery Banded Scene Vellum Vase 9.75" Tall 28 Handblown Smoke Bubble Style Vase 5.25" Tall 29 Ironstone Staffordshire England Pitcher 30 Mid Century Modern Blue Vase 7" Tall 31 Handblown Pitcher With Purple Interior 32 Dugan Blue and Gold Stripe Spatter Art Glass Pinch Vase 6.25" Tall 33 Iridescent Vase 5.5" Tall (very small chip inside of lip) 34 Circa 1920's Handmade Paper & Ribbon Doll in Oval Frame 35 Handblown Blue Decanter/Vase with Black on the Lip 8.5" Tall 36 Handblown Blue Two Handled Vase 37 Art Nouveau Mint Green Pottery Vase With Woman Figure Marked H25 7.125" Tall 38 Antique Stoneware Crock Inkwell Circa Mid to Late 1800"s 39 Antique Stoneware Crock Inkwell Circa Mid to Late 1800"s 40 Antique Detrick Tippecanoe City Ohio Mini Crock Jug With Blue Lettering 3.25" Tall 41 Roseville Futura Vase 8.125" Tall 42 Antique Ice Bucket With Frosted Rough Glass Finish With Brass Handle 43 Ceramic Braided Fruit Basket 44 Etched Glass Cornucopia With Sterling Weighted Base 45 Waterford Crystal Vase 10" Tall 46 Art Nouveau Similar to Van Briggle Damsel of Damascus Teal and Blue Lamp 47 Antique Sampler Signed Frances Sarah Jones 1836 17.25" X 17.25" 48 2 Silhouettes With Rounded Glass 6.25" X 8" (one has crack in bottom) 49 Milkglass Lot - 4 Goblets, 2 Creamers and 1 Sugar, Rose Bowl and and Hat 50 1960's Hagen Renaker Crusader Horse Figurine 6.5" Tall 51 1960's Hagen Renaker Comanche Horse Figurine 6" Tall 52 1960's Hagen Renaker Laying Foal Horse Figurine 5" Long 53 Beswick Figure of a White Horse "Sunlight" Mounted on Hardwood Stand and an Ucagco Japan Horse Figurine 54 Beswick Porcelain Deer Figurine #721 Made in England 55 5 Miniature Creamers - 1 is Ceramic Arts Studio Madison Wisconsin 56 1960"s Possibly Maurice Heaton Mid Century Decorative Art Bowl With Initials on Bottom 57 Redware Pottery Creamer/Small Pitcher 4.5" Tall 58 Edwin D. Walter Signed Mid Century Modern Fused Glass Dish 59 J. B. Cole Pottery Brown Glazed Planter With 3 Handles Stamped on Bottom 60 1936 J. B. Stephen Pottery Vase Tourquise Raised Stamp on Bottom 5.5" Tall (chip on bottom glaze) 61 Antique Brown Nailsea Loop Glass Pitcher by Gus Hofbauer 6.5" Tall 62 Metlox Poppy Trail Coffee Server/Carafe With Wooden Handle (small chip on inside of lid) 63 Vintage Black-Ware Pottery Santa Clara Pueblo Wedding Vase 7" Tall 64 2 Pieces of Vintage Native American Black-Ware Pottery Possibly Santa Clara Pueblo 1 is a Vessel (age cracks in glaze) and a Small Bowl 65 Black-Ware Pottery Vessel Possibly Santa Clara Pueblo Signed Marie & Santana (Maria Martinez and Daughter in Law) 66 Native American Glazed Redware Pottery Small Pitcher Signed Eva 3.75" Tall 67 Native American Pottery Vessel Signed 1965 with $ Sign 4.25" Tall 68 Native American Glazed Redware Pottery Bowl Signed Santana (possibly Maria Martinez's daughter in law) 3" Tall 69 Native American Glazed Redware Pottery Small Pitcher Signed Julia 3.5" Tall 70 Sioux Dakota Native American Pottery Decorated With Hand Painted Chiefs and Horses Signed Joseph T Cook Dated May 15, 1879 (has been repaired) 6" Tall 71 Farber Bros Amber Glass Cruet (no stopper) and a Farber Bros Cambridge Amethyst Glass Purple Cruet (no stopper) 72 Antique Sampler Signed Carrie Rodgers Aged 8 Possibly Dated 1866 13.75" X 17.75" 73 Morton Pottery Stoneware Circa 1940's Elmer Army Soldier Head Planter 74 Venetian Glass Clown Ashtray 5.5" Tall 75 Early Van Briggle Colorado Springs Two Handled Vessel 8" Tall 76 Vintage Cast Iron Japanese Samurai Helmet 77 Antique Eastern Shore Split Oak Basket 78 Ottman Bros & Co. Fort Edward, N.Y. 2 Gal Stoneware Crock With Cobalt Blue Bird Decoration and Has Lid 79 Sho' Is Fine Fine Oysters Folk Art Sign 14" X 11" 80 L. F. Grammes Sons' Brook Trout Hatchery Wooden Box (box made prior to 1945) 12.25" X 10" 81 3 W. Oler Wooden Corn Cob Decoy Ears of Corn 82 Antique Wood and Old Glass Candle Lantern 83 Antique Wooden Quilt Rack With Andiron Design On Ends 84 Antique Open Washstand With Spindle Decorated Towel Bars 29" X 16" X 31.25" 85 Mahogany Wooden Interior Boat Ladder/Steps 20" X 7.5" X 55" 86 National Biscuit Company Antique Wooden Oak Shelving Unit Patented July 25, 1922 24.75" X 10" X 68" 87 Antique Wooden Shoe Factory Rack On Orignal Casters 34.5" X 13.5" X 55.25" 88 Poplar One Drawer Stand 21.25" X 15" X 34.5" 89 Antique Wooden Bench With Initals Carved in the Wood 31" X 17.5" X 16.25" 90 Public Hunting Area Delaware Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Metal Sign by McGhee Displays, Inc. 10" X 8" 91 Spampys Bait and Tackle Embossed Metal Sign 23.75" X 11.75" 92 Ohio Department of Natural Resources Metal Sign 26 Hunting Ducks, Geese, Coot, Snipe, Woodcock, Gallinules, and Rails Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat During The Waterfowl Season 14" X 11" 93 Waterfowl Protection Area U. S. Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service Metal Sign 11" X 14" 94 Maryland Acres For Wildlife This Area Is Being Managed By the Landowner For The Benefit of Wildlife Maryland Wildlife Administration Metal Sign 11" X 15" 95 Posted Wildlife Refuge No Dogs or Firearms Allowed Violators Will Be Prosecuted Dept Of Fish and Wildlife Resources Heavy Metal Sign A-M Sign Co Lynchburg, VA 4-53 16" X 9" 96 Non-Tidal Waters Persons Over 14 Years Fishing These Waters Must Have An Anglers License Maryland Game and Inland Fish Commission Heavy Metal Sign 15.75" X 10.25" 97 Rare Golden Rod Bright Chewing Tobacco Tin With an Ashtray Style Lid 98 Club Chewing Tobacco Tin With Partial Tobacco Stamp on Lid 99 Vintage Wooden Divided Utensil Carrying Tray with Cut-Out Handle 100 Handmade Wooden Turned Bottle Signed GWL 1-26-18 7.75" Tall 101 Peters High Velocity 410 Ga. Shotgun Shell Box Full (wrapped in plastic so it was opened) 102 Antique Heddon Fishing Reel 3-24 by James Heddon's Sons Dowagiac Mich and Japan Silk No 83 Fishing Line in a Plastic Display Case 103 Antique Fishing Reel Marked 60 in Plastic Display Case 104 Sport King Model 65 Fishing Reel 105 Antique Wooden Stool 106 Cobalt Blue/Gray Stoneware Pottery Crock W. R. Gillis Dealer in Dry Goods Groceries Horsey Mills MD (has cracks) 107 Don Willey Handmade Wooden Ducking Skiff With Punt Gun Made in 1982 108 Vintage Penn Greenie Spinfisher 711 Fishing Reel 109 Vintage Penn 716 Ultra Light Spinning Reel 110 Vintage Penn Ultra Sport 714 Spinning Reel 111 Vintage Penn Ultra Sport 714 Spinning Reel 112 Antique Ruby Red Souvenir Cup From Allentown, PA. 113 Hand Painted Striped Bass On a Gourd by M.N.H. 114 Pair of Wooden Canoe Bookends 115 Barlow Nantucket Basket Purse Decorated With Flying Mallards 116 Wooden Boat Trinkit Box 117 Wood Duck Decoy Carved by R. Corlis Painted by Joyce Bungeroth 118 Red Head Drake Decoy 119 Pair of Ruddy Duck Decoys by Herby Watson Dated Oct 10, 1981 (damage to drakes tail) 120 Cork Black Duck by E. F. Taylor Dated 1967 121 Bufflehead Drake With Sinker as Weight Has Initials on Bottom 122 Cork Mallard Drake by Josiah Travers Vienna MD Dated 1940 123 Cork Green-Wing Teal Drake Decoy With an A Painted on the Bottom 124 Robbins Decoys Cork Hen Mallard Decoy Made by Pete Robbins Cambridge MD 125 Cavasback Drake Decoy by Rhodes Dated 2004 With Red Knot Shorebird Information 126 Black Duck Decoy With a Z Cut in the Bottom 127 Pair of R. Madison Mitchell Goldeneyes Signed with Electric Pen and Dated 1980 128 Upper Bay Bluebill Drake Decoy Branded HELEN on Bottom Circa 1890 129 Joe Paul Manahawkin, NJ Bluebill Drake Decoy Circa 1940 130 Pair of Grayson Chesser Jenkins Bridge, VA. Cork Bluebills Signed and Dated 1979 From the Rig of M. Keyes 131 Shorebird Decoy by H. Monk 132 Miniature Canada Goose by Beverly Lynch Newark, MD 1985 133 Miniature Canvas Canada Goose by Wallace O'Neal IV Dated 3-86 134 Pair of 1/3 Size Shovelers by Kinley Bradshaw Belle Haven, VA 135 Dove Carving on Wood 136 Feeding Brant Decoy by Darin Midgette Folson, NJ 2009 137 Miniature Pintail Hen Carving by Ben Annis Dated 1972 138 Pair 1/4 Size Mallards Houma Indians Louisiana 139 1/2 Size Hooded Merganser Drake by Herb Daisey Jr Chincoteague, VA. 140 Ship Wreck Pottery Greenville, N.C. Jug Poplar Branch North Carolina With a Fish on the Front 141 Wildfowler Bufflehead Drake Decoy Charlie Birdsall Written on Bottom 142 Boyd Martin Crow Call With Original Tube 143 Oscar Quam Duck Call Minneapolis 6" Minnesota 144 Chas. H. Perdew Henry, ILL. Call Pat. Nov 2, 1909 145 Chas. H. Perdew Henry, ILL. Call Pat. Nov 2, 1909 146 Chas. H. Perdew Henry, ILL. Call Pat. Nov 2, 1909 147 Vintage Animal Trap Co Victor Cro Tone Crow Call 148 Vintage DuPont Crow Call 149 Vintage Wooden Crow Call Made by Hiester 150 Antique C.H. Ditto Crow Call Circa 1920's Keithsburg, ILL. 151 Antique C. H. Ditto Duck Call Keithsburg, ILL. 152 Antique F. A. Allen Monmouth, ILL. Crow Call 153 Antique Basket Possibly Eastern Shore 154 Antique Hunting Gunning Light in Excellent Condition 155 Old Handmade Quilt 84" X 83" (some staining) 156 Old Handmade Quilt 86" X 97" (couple patches and some staining) 157 Old Handmade Wedding Ring Quilt 91" X 77" (couple small stains) 158 American Art Deco Kal Klock Mechanical Combination Alarm Clock, Calendar and Tel Tru Thermometer 159 Hand Painted Nippon Double Handled Vase 8" Tall 160 Vintage Green Art Glass Vase With Double Lion Head Sides 7.125" Tall 161 Antique Lamp With Hand Painted Scenes of Sailing Ships and Airplanes on Glass Inserts 162 Antique Lamp With Hand Painted Scenes of Sailing Ships and Airplanes on Glass Inserts (matches previous lot) 163 Goebel White/Gray Floral Whiskey Barrel Decanter Crown Mark KL 903 164 Hand Painted Japan Maruhon Ware Woman on a Shell Planter 165 Old Christmas Lights Including Noma Some Date to 1939 4 Boxes 166 Antique Christmas Ornament Mid Century Mercury Glass Hand Painted Ice Cream Cone Tree Ornament 167 Antique Christmas Ornament Germany Mercury Glass Reindeer 168 7 Early 1900's Antique Christmas Ornaments Clear Glass Fish, Pine Cone and Acorns on Tree or Leaf 169 3 Boxes Antique Christmas Ornaments Some Similar to European 1930-40's (some may be damged) 170 3 Antique Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Toppers and 2 Boxes of Antique Christmas Ornaments 171 4 Antique Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Toppers, 2 Boxes of Antique Christmas Ornaments Including Bells (some damaged) and a 1976 and 1978 Ornament 172 2 Boxes Antique Christmas Ornaments Some Similar to Hand Painted 1930's Poland and Italy 173 3 Boxes Antique Christmas Ornaments 174 3 Boxes Antique Christmas Ornaments Some Similar to 1930's Japanese Miniatures 175 5 Antique Clip On Bird Christmas Ornaments Some Circa 1930's 176 5 Antique Clip On Bird Christmas Ornaments Some Circa 1930's 177 2 Old Elf on the Shelf Christmas Decorations 178 3 Old Elf on the Shelf Christmas Decorations 179 11 Circa 1920 - 30's Milk Glass Figural Christmas Light Bulbs - Zeppelin, Santa, Bird, Bell, Oriental Lantern and More 180 11 Circa 1920 - 30's Milk Glass Figural Christmas Light Bulbs - Santas, Snow Man, Birds, Bell, Oriental Lantern and More 181 3 Boxes Antique Christmas Ornaments 182 1960's - 70's Rosenthal Ceramic Glazed Large Decorative Blue Center Bowl by Bjorn Wiinblad 183 Pair of Royal Dux Czechloslavakia Hawk/Eagle Figurines Marked XI 7" Tall 184 Enameled Bronze Vase 9.25" Tall 185 Steuben Glass Figural Angel Fish 186 Circa 1890 Landing of Columbus Bronze Tray 187 Large Waterford Crystal Knife Rest 3.125" Long 188 Kosta Heart Shaped Dish Sweden 5.75" 189 Trent Tile Co Stove Tile Circa 1888 190 Jon Anton Bone China Fowers Merrie England (may have couple chips) and Royal Albert Bone China Flowers Sweet Pea 191 Wedgwood Toby Jug of Ye Old Town Hall Night Watchman 4.25" Tall 192 2 Lancaster Sandland Toby Jugs "Raleigh" and "Weller" and a Chipped Wedgwood Ye Old Town Hall Town Clerk 193 2 Royal Doulton Toby Jugs "Honest Measure Drink at Leisure" and "Beef Eater" (chipped) and a Larger Unknown Toby With Cobalt Blue Similar to one made by Staffordshire (crack) 194 Toby Jug of Mephistopheles Devil 195 Floral Decorated Creamer With Fence Style Handle Marked on Botton with an R 49 and Initials 4.25" Tall 196 Mexican Folk Art Pottery Candlestick Holder With Birds and Flowers A "Tree of Life" Piece 197 Mexican Folk Art Pottery Candlestick Holder With Birds and Flowers A "Tree of Life" Piece 198 2 Antique Perfume Bottles One is Pressed Glass Rope and Flower Design (small chip on bottom of stopper) and Other an Early 1900's Amber 199 Art Deco Perfume Bottle With Black Feather Stopper 200 Antique Cut Glass Perfume Bottle With Stopper 201 Caron Paris Eau De Toilette Perfume Bottle With White Stopper 202 Antique Krackle Glass Perfume Atomizer Circa Mid 1900 203 MFA Pairpoint Ruby Glass Perfume Bottle and an Early Milkglass Perfume Bottle 204 Souvenir Glass Pipe Match Holder Atlantic City NJ, Victorian Match Holder Hand Holding Fan (small chip) and a Niagara Falls Souvenir Vase 205 Antique Sampler Early American 10.75" X 12.75" 206 Sampler Queen Elizabeth II Coronation June 2nd 1953 Signed on Back Leah Sayer at the Age of 69 Dated 1954 14.5" X 17.5" 207 Framed Single 19th Century Antique American Isaac Broome-Designed Deeply Embossed Figural Fireplace Trent Majolica Tile of Man 208 Framed Single 19th Century Antique American Isaac Broome-Designed Deeply Embossed Figural Fireplace Trent Majolica Tile of Woman (factory glaze flaw on face) 209 Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Overlay Glass Perfume Bottle (monogrammed and probably not original stopper) Marked 268 on Bottom 210 Blue Pressed Pattern Glass Perfume Bottle With Stopper (small chip on bottom of stopper) 211 Delaware Glass Bud Vase, Green Floral Decorated Bud Vase and a Vintage Silver Tone Clear Glass Filigree Perfume or Apothecary Style Bottle (not original stopper) 212 Antique Poplar 4 Drawer Dresser 39" X 17.5" X 36" 213 Antique Quuen Cut Pine Early 1800's 7 Drawer Dresser 48.5" X 21.5" X 48.25" 214 Marble Top Mahogany Burl Front 4 Drawer Dresser 44.25" X 20" X 37.25" 215 Oak 4 Drawer Dresser with Mirror 40" X 19" X 71" 216 Italian Marble Top Half Moon Floral Carved Console Table With Swan Supports 36" X 18" X 28.50 217 Twin Over Full Red Metal Bunk Bed With Ladder and a Desk 218 Antique 4 Drawer Cabinet 32.75" X 11.5" X 9" 219 Primitive Early American Blanket Chest With Dove Tailed Corners 49" X 17.5" X 16.5 220 Wooden Trunk/Blanket Chest 38.5" X 20.5" X 24.5 221 Antique Oak Ladies Writing Desk 29.5" X 16" X 50.5" 222 Wooden Bench With Octagon Shaped Legs 51" X 11" X 17" 223 Wooden Barstool With Painted Crane Seat 224 Single Quilt Rack 225 Pennsylvania Classics Inc Solid Cherry Illuminated China Cabinet With Beveled Glass and Glass Shelves 63" X 19" X 91" 226 Pennsylvania Classics Inc Solid Cherry Dining Table, 6 Chairs (2 are arm chairs), 3 Leaves and Pads 68.5" X 44" with no leaves 227 Store Display Animated Christmas Doll (works) 35" Tall 228 Slate Table on Wooden Base With Blueprints for Grand Banks Fisherman Isiah L. Jefferson Sailing Ship 28" X 20" X 16" 229 Oak Podium 22" X 14.25" X 41.75" 230 King Size Brown Cherry Finish Pineapple Decorated Bed Frame With Bamboo Accents 82" Wide X 74" Tall 231 Brown Cherry Finish Triple Dresser With Bamboo Accents 12 Drawers and a 2 Doors With Mirror 64.25" X 20" X 40.5" 232 7 Drawer Brown Cherry Finish Chest With Bamboo Accents 40" X 20" X 56" 233 2 Brown Cherry Finish Nightstands With Bamboo Accents 31.25 X 18.75" X 28.25" 234 Old Handmade Patchwork Quilt Some Tears 88" X 78" 235 Old Handmade Dresden Design Quilt 84" X 75" 236 Old Handmade Dresden Design Quilt (some staining) 77" X 80" 237 Bench Craft Rattan and Wicker Glass Top Table 41 .75" X 41.75" With 4 Chairs and Cushions (glass chipped in one spot) 238 Bench Craft Rattan and Wicker Glass Top Table With Magazine Rack 23" X 23.5" 239 Bench Craft Rattan 3 Cushion Sofa With Pillows 240 Bench Craft Rattan Chair With Foot Stool 241 Antique Childs Rocking Horse 242 Round Dinette Table With 4 Ladderback Chairs and 1 Leaf 48" Diameter 243 Antique Kellogg Oak Encased Telephone With Inside Components 244 Antique Pennsylvania Blacket Chest With Name Margreda 1839 Carved on Front 34.75" X 16.5" X 18.5 245 Italian Marble Top Stand With Lyre Base and Floral Handle 18" X 14" X 28.5" 246 2 Rush Bottom Bar Stools 247 Antique Oak Roll Top Desk 48" X 30" X 49.5" 248 Antique Carpenters Chest With Iron Handles 27.25" X 16.5" X 12.25" 249 Bristol Brass 13.75" Planter and a Old Shoe Shine Kit 250 Hand Painted Floral Decorated 2 Step Stool 251 Stool with Needlepoint Top 252 Corrugated Steel Coal Scuttle 253 Flying Sea Gull Weather Vane Mounted on Wood 19.5" Long 254 Oak Washstand With Wheat Pattern Design on Drawer and Side Panels 3 Drawers and 1 Door 31" X 16" X 29" 255 Drop Leaf Table With Scallop Edge Has Spindle Legs and Hidden Drawer 36" X 22.75" when closed 256 Italian Marble Top Stand With Lyre Base and Floral Handle 18" X 14" X 28.5" 257 Antique Flat Top Steamers Trunk With Key 34" X 20" 258 Antique Oak Bed Frame 259 Lifetime Round Table 59" Diameter 260 Oak 3 Drawer Dresser 39.5" X 17.25" X 30" 261 The Hoosier Manufacturing Co. Oak Hoosier Cabinet 40" X 28" X 69" 262 LG 50" Plasma Television with Remote and Stand 54.5" X 22.25" 263 Antique Oak Music Stand 16" X 13" X 33" 264 Wooden Advertising Sign for Hildegard's Antique and Unique Lamps 33.25" X 18.5" 265 Home Elements Brown Floral Wingback Chair with Pillow 266 Blue Wing Chair With Shell or Channel Back Design 267 Oak Rocking Chair 268 Oak Clover Leaf Parlour Table Lamp Stand With Ball and Claw Feet 269 Fan Back Windsor Style Chair and Brass Floor Lamp With Shade (dent on bottom) 270 Wooden Stand Stamped Bell System Silver Spring 17" X 13" X 22" 271 Oak Entertainment Center/Storage Cabinet 42.5" X 23" X 69.75" 272 Blue Knee Hole Desk with Chair 40.25" X 18" X 31" 273 Oak Washstand with Carved Wheat Design 3 Drawers 1 Door 31" X 15.5" X 29" 274 Pair of Table Lamps 275 2 Cherry Night Stands/Commodes 19" X 15" X 26.5" 276 Cherry Triple Dresser with Mirror 60" X 18.25" X 66" 277 Cherry 7 Drawer Chest 35.5" X 17" X 51" 278 Pair of Table Lamps Gray with Gold 279 Vintage Wooden Ships Wheel 36" Diameter Marked JR in Middle (needs gluing) 280 Antique Crop Gathering Box With Metal Bands 35" X 25.5" X 9.5" 281 Walnut Box With Dovetail Edges Marked The Bar Association of Baltimore City 30" X 19.75" X 10" 282 Wooden Outdoor Sign With a Cardinal Marked Lennox 30" X 18" 283 Office Chair and a Childs Rocking Chair (needs repair) 284 2 Silhouettes One of a Boy and Other of a Girl 11.75" X 14.75" 285 R. S. Germany Hair Receiver and a Paragon Bone China Pedestal Dish Canada Souvenir 286 Art Deco Powder Jar/Box Decorated With Flowers Has Knob on Lid Circa Early 1900's and a Wedgwood Anniversary Josiah Wedgwood Saucer 287 Czechoslovakia Irridescent Luster Vase with Black Trim, England Pitcher Marked 44D/3 and a 4 Piece White Corn Condiment Set Japan (chip inside edge of marmalade) 288 Antique Atlantic Hotel Ocean City, MD Cobalt Blue Creamer Made in Germany 289 EAPG Lot - Bellaire Goblet Girl With Fan 5.87" Tall, Centennial Drape 1876 Goblet Philadelphia Exposition, Snow Drops Pattern Goblet Circa 1890 and Actress Pattern Spooner 290 Lace Making Bobbin With Glass Beads 291 Antique 1904 St Louis Worlds Fair Plate, Pressed Pattern Glass Rose Bowl and a Crystal Ring Holder 292 EAPG Syrup Dispenser 293 Antique Victorian Pickle Castor 294 Art Deco Nude Figural Boudoir Frosted Glass Nude Woman Lamp Depicting Recumbent Female Nude with Harp (came on when tested) (chip on shade) 295 Carnival Glass Nuggate Pattern Creamer Blue and Gold With Applied Handle 296 Carnival Glass Nuggate Pattern Creamer Blue and Gold 297 Carnival Glass Nuggate Pattern Creamer Blue and Gold 298 Carnival Glass Creamer Blue and Gold 299 2 Vintage Drambuie Liquor Bottles Brown Amber Glass Chubby Old Bottle Made in United Kingdom 40's 50's 300 GDA France Limoges Fifth Avenue Hotel Souvenir Creamer and a Rose Decorated Tooth Pick Hlder Early 1900's 301 Moss Rose Small Pitcher Late 1800's and a Bronze Colored Porcelain Bud Vase 302 Ruby Glass Cut to Clear Vase 6" Tall 303 Nippon Floral Porcelain Hat Pin Holder Early 1900's and a Small Art Glass Vase 304 E. S. Germany Prov Sxe Woman with Dove Luster Finish Vase 5" Tall (small imperfection in finish) and a Cranberry Creamer 305 L'atelier Quebec Brown Glazed Pottery Figurine 7.5" Tall 306 Royal Haeger Tall Vase Pitcher Ewer Blue Green Drip Marked R 1619 S on Bottom 15.75" Tall 307 Glasss Flower Lot - Staffordshire Floral Bone China, Denton Best Bone China Flowers and Sandford Bone China (couple chips on end) 308 Antique Blue and White Vase Marked 2514 10" Tall 309 French Man and Woman Busts 6.25" Tall 310 W. Germany Pottery Vase Marked 553, Roseville Pottery Brown Glazed Vase (cracked), Swirl Design Vase and a Far Eastern Man Figurine 311 Antique MR Martial & Redon Limoges Double Handled and Footed Floral Decorated Porcelain Vase 312 Vintage Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Sculpture Bust Made of Metal/Bronze on Wooden Base 7.5" Tall 313 Caithness Scotland Jester Paperweight 255/1000 314 4 Silhouettes 315 2 Playboy Club Mugs Femlin Logo, circa 1950 316 Kosta Signed Paper Weight 317 Bayel France Frosted Glass Poodle Paperweight Signed 318 Baccarat France Harry Truman Paperweight 319 Art Glass Egg Shaped Paperweight 320 4 Cloisonne Oriental Dishes - 3 are marked China 321 4 Cloisonne Oriental Dishes - 1 is marked China 322 Egyptian Souvenir Sandstone Scarab/Beetle with 4 Lines of Inscribed Hieroglyphs 323 Inuit Soapstone Frog Sculpture 324 Inca Style Warrior With Bowl on Lap Possibe Incense Burner 325 Signed Penguin Clear Glass Paperweight 6" Tall 326 Clear Glass Elephant and Polar Bear Paperweights 327 Clear Glass Angel and Bird Paperweights 328 Set of 5 Victorian Figurines -3 Marked Coventry, Tallest is 8.25" 329 Carnival Glass Golden Blue Creamer 330 Carnival Glass Golden Blue Vase 331 Handblown Iridescent Vase with Purple Interior 4.25" tall 332 Mid Century Vase with Vertical Black & Gray Lines, Small Pottery Vase, Clear Glass Vase Wrapped in Linen and a Beer Stein 333 Cloisonne Salt & Pepper 334 Carnival Glass Hanging Planter 335 Pyrex Cinderella Woodland Pattern Bowl and a Pyrex 1.50 Pint Bowl 336 Pyrex 2.50 Quart Green Bowl and a Pyrex 1.50 Pint Blue Bowl 337 2 Pyrex 2.50 Quart Bowls - 1 Green, 1 Yellow 338 1960's Hagen Renaker Shamrock Horse Figurine 5" Tall (small chip on ear) 339 1960's Hagen Renaker Lipizzan Horse Figurine 6" Tall 340 Lot of 5 Horse Figurines - 1 Bluegrass Champions, 1 Designers Workshop Scamper (repaired leg) and 1 Pinto (repaired leg) 341 Porcelain Horse Figurine 6.25" Tall 342 8 Circa 1920 - 30's Milk Glass Figural Christmas Light Bulbs - Santas and Snow Men 343 10 Circa 1920 - 30's Glass Figural Christmas Light Bulbs 344 Old Christmas Lot - Ornaments, Santa Tree Topper, Plastic Icicles, Mercury Glass Candles and Musical Angel 345 Old Christmas Lot - Ornaments (some may be damaged), Christmas Ball Hanging Loops, Old Light Bulbs, Bells and more 346 Christmas Lot - 4 Boxes of Old Christmas Ornaments including West Germany and European (possibly 1940s) 347 Christmas Lot - 3 Boxes of Old Christmas Ornaments - Similar to Japanese Miniatures and Possibly 1940s European 348 Christmas Lot - 7 Boxes of Old Christmas Ornaments - Similar to 1940s European and Japan 349 1 Box of Antique Christmas Ornaments including Some Mercury Glass - Trumpets, Santas and more, circa 1930s 350 1 Box of Antique Christmas Ornaments Poland & European Style 1930-1940s 351 3 Boxes of Antique Christmas Ornaments Poland and other European Style 1930-1940s 352 3 Boxes of Antique Christmas Ornaments Some Marked Poland 1930-40s (1 is damaged on the top) 353 3 Boxes of Antique Christmas Ornaments - Poland and Other European Style Some Japanese Miniatures 354 3 Boxes of Antique Christmas Ornaments - European and USA 355 6 Antique Clip On Bird Christmas Ornaments Some Circa 1930's 356 7 Antique Clip On Christmas Ornaments Including 5 Birds, 1 Santa and a Parrot, Circa 1930's 357 Old Handmade Star Design Quilt (some stains) 77.50" X 77.50" 358 Handmade Patchwork Quilt (some stains and tears) 70" X 67" 359 Old Handmade Dresden Design Quilt 70" X 75.50" 360 Stoneware Pottery Crock 7" tall 361 Inscribed Suitland MD Little Brown Jug 'The Whiskey In This Little Brown Jug Was Made in 1869' 7.50" tall 362 Small Whiskey Jug Decorated with a Bird and the Number 6 (5.75" tall) 363 Pride of The Sea Quality Fillets Packed by S. A. Smith & Co Fulton Market NY Round Tin 364 Hutchins Goose Decoy Carved by R Madison Mitchell Dated 1983 365 Curlew Shorebird Decoy by Dan Midgette Foulson NJ 366 Natural Finish Shorebird Decoy by Dan Midgette Foulson NJ (Stand is Signed Mark McNair) 367 Unknown Pair of Yellow Legs Purchased Near Cushing Maine Square Nail Bills, Tack Eyes, Carved Wings circa 1900s NE or NJ 368 Wooden Sign Iven's & Hudson Oysters Rock Hall MD 16" X 13.50" 369 Wooden Sign Guide Service Ducks Geese & Rail Birds 30" X 12" 370 Double Sided Wooden Sign Shorebird Decoys/Decoys 29" X 11" 371 Herters Full Size Tundra Swan Decoy circa 1960's with Removable Head 372 Frank Adams West Tisbury Mass (Martha's Vineyard) 1871-1944 Weather Vane 373 2 Antique Framed Wooden Fishing Bobbers/Floaters 12.25" X 7" & 6.25" X 8.25" 374 Antique Pine Framed Mirror 32.25" X 22.25" 375 1933 Hunt Club Photograph of Duck and Rabbit Hunters From the Collection of William H Warren Milford DE 376 Tucked Head Canvas Goose Decoy With Wooden Head 377 R. Madison Mitchell Hen Baldpate Decoy Signed and Dated 1975 (stand not included) 378 R. Madison Mitchell Drake Baldpate Decoy Signed and Dated 1981 (stand not included) 379 Lot of 3 Miniature Carvings - Green-wing Teal Drake, Mallard Hen and Pintail Drake 380 Full Size Swan Decoy Dorchester County Branded on Tail Possibly Joe Travers Vienna, MD. 1930-40 381 3 Decoy Weights - 2 Acme Foundry Co Minneapolis and 1 Fisherman's Boat Anchor South Bend 382 2 Decoy Weights - 1 is Branded Cigar on Bottom 383 3 Decoy Weights - 1 is Marked Decoys Unlimited Erie PA 384 A. F. Meisselbach Fishing Reel 385 2 Fishing Reels - 1 Shakespeare Criterion Model 26 and 1 Unknown Marked USA 40 386 Langley Lakecast Model 350 Fishing Reel 387 2 Fishing Reels - 1 Pennell Trademark Marked 60 on Bottom and 1 Marked Hendryx 60 388 Pottery Jug with Man's Face with Beard Marked on Bottom KOW? 99 389 Primitive Wooden Jug 15.50" tall 390 2 Antique Hand Fishing Lines 391 Heddon Zigwag James Heddon Sons Collectible Truck Bank 392 South Bend Quality Tackle Bait Co Truck 1959 International Replica 393 Circa WWII Lady Liberty/Columbia Poster With American Flag and Eagle Titled "Progress" 18.50 X 23.50 394 3 Brass Winchester Shotgun Shell Cases No. 10, 12 & 16 395 U M C Co Bridgeport Conn No 2 Paper Shotgun Shell 1885-1910 396 Lot of Paper Shotgun Shells Including No. 8, 10, 12, 16 and 28 397 My Maryland Extra Pounds Wooden Tobacco Box Registered December 12, 1876 398 Wooden Acme Folding Decoy Box St Louis MO Brass Mfg Co with Original Instructions Under Lid, Includes 3 Mallard Decoys 399 Walking Stick with Brant Head 400 Walking Stick with Mallard Head Signed Nikson 401 Natural Finish Walking Stick with Duck Head and a WM B Tilghman Co Inc Fertilizers Lime Agricultural Chemicals Square Yard Stick 1863-1963 100 Years of Service 402 Classic Commander Patented Phil Robertson Duck Call 403 Teal Whistle Duck Call and a Train Whistle 404 Framed Always Fresh Chesapeake Oysters Cambridge Md Black Americana 405 Cobalt Blue/Gray Stoneware Pottery Spittoon 406 Antique Chesapeake Bay Gunning Light 407 Rare Ludwig & Ludwig Chicago Jazzoflute/Slide Flute or Whistle 408 Clear Apple Pie Ridge Pure Apple Cider Vinegar Bottle 409 Dr Pepper 10 2 4 Green Glass Bottle Salisbury Md Marked on Bottom 3 53 Duraglas Salisbury MD 410 Coca Cola Bottling Co Soda Water Bottle Patent Nov 20, 1923 Dover Delaware Marked G763 14 66 on Bottom 411 Aqua Pepsi Cola Soda Bottle Exmore VA 412 Pair of Wooden Carved Dove Decoys 413 Shorebird Decoy by D. Midgette 2015 414 Nanticoke Point Md 5 Gallon Cobalt Blue/Gray Stoneware Crock with Ears J F Jester Dealer In Dry Goods Drugs Groceries 415 3 Old Decoy Weights - 1 is Branded Cigar on Bottom 416 3 Old Decoy Weights - 1 marked Hemo Thompson's Double Malted Milk, 1 marked Decoys Unlimited Erie PA 417 4 Old Decoy Weights 418 Karl Ens Porcelain Bird Figurine with Ens Logo 419 Pair of Porcelain Pheasant Bird Figurines Marked With 6 on Bottom 420 Rosenthal Germany White Deer Figurine Signed on Base by Maker W Munchkhe 421 Antique Aqua Hand Blown Bottle Marked with Three Dots on Bottom 14.25" Tall 422 Pair of Pyrex by Corning Clear Glass Flasks with Etched Initials on Front (cannot remove stopper out of one) 423 Pair of Incolay Plates Titled 'A Thing of Beauty' and 'She Walks In Beauty' Signed by Gayle Bright Appleby 424 French Line Cruise Ship Cie Gle Transatlantique Advertising Ashtray by Opalex 425 Playboy Bunny Logo Ashtray 426 Carnival Glass Lot - Joe St. Claire Bicentennial Bell, Banded Dugan Cup, Blue Punch Cup (small chip on seam) and a Blue Egg Cup 427 Waterford Wine Coaster 428 Buffalo China The New England Steamship Co Small Platter and The Solderless Standing Seam Conductor Pipe Advertising Paperweight/Trinket Dish 429 French Line Campagnio Generale Transatlantique Ashtray (small chips) and a Baltimore Md Last Chance Bar Advertising Ashtray 430 Blue Spongeware Soap Dish 431 New Martinsville Mama Pig Clear Crystal Art Glass Animal Figurine Pre 1953 Design Number 762 432 2 Greek Busts on Metal Base -Apollo and Artemis Diana 433 Aladdin Lamp Glass Finial 434 Avalon Faience Balt. Majolica Platter 435 Minton's China Works Stoke on Trent Tile and Kewpie Blue Planter 436 Bird Lot - White Owl Paperweight Figurine with Blue/Gold/Red, Erphila Germany Pigeon, Hummingbird and Godinger Finch Figurines 437 2 Antique Silhouettes 6.75" X 8.75" 438 3 Antique Silhouettes (Smallest 6" X 8") 439 5 Antique Silhouettes (Smallest 4" X 5") 440 Pan Am Airlines International Silver Co 3 Piece Flatware -Knife, Fork and Spoon and a Swan Paperweight 441 Autographed and Personalized Copy Book - At The Crossroads The Architectural History of Wicomico County Maryland by Paul Baker Touart 442 Book - This Was Potomac River by Tilp 443 Book - Somerset An Architectural History by Paul Baker Touart (New Unopened Copy) 444 Book - Along The Seaboard Side The Architectural History of Worcester County Maryland by Paul Baker Touart (New Unopened Copy) 445 Book - Revival's Children A Religious History of Virginia's Eastern Shore by Mariner Limited Edition of 1500 446 Book - "Men of Color, To Arms!" Manumitted Slaves and Freed Blacks From the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland Who Served in the Civil War by Small & Briddell 447 Book - At The Head of The Bay A Cultural and Architectural History of Cecil County Maryland by Blumgart, Touart and Walston 448 Book - Autographed Copy Elliott's Island The Land That Time Forgot by Foley and Waller 449 Book - The Lighthouses of The Chesapeake by De Gast 450 Book - Somerset County: A Pictorial History by Stump 451 Book - Building The Backcountry by Paul Baker Touart 452 Books - John Smith's Chesapeake Voyages 1607-1609, Chesapeake Circle & Autographed & Personalized An Island Out of Time A Memoir of Smith Island 453 Book - Land Records Of Wicomico County Maryland 1666-1810 by Dryden 454 Book - Autographed Copy Images of America Dorchester County by Foley & Mansfield 455 Books - Images of America Dorchester County by Foley & Mansfield and Soil Survey Dorchester County Maryland 456 Books - Chesapeake Bay of Yore by Tilp and An Eyewitness History The Early National Period by Purcell 457 Books - The Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia Volumes I and II by Clark 458 Book - Buildings of Delaware by Maynard 459 North America Hunt Club Cookbooks Various Years (7) and Ducks Unlimited After the Hunt Cookbook 460 Antique Western Cartridge Co Wooden Ammo Box Made Into a Gunning Box 14.50" X 6.25" X 6.25" 461 Antique Stool 12" X 7.50" 462 Stoneware Pottery Oyster Crock (has Cracks) and a Stoneware Pottery Canning Jar Crock 463 2 Stoneware Canning Jar Crocks, 1 by Josh Schramm Patented 1909 464 Kosmos Brenner Copper Oil Lamp 465 Collectible Lot - 1946 Carry-Lite Duck Hunters Handbook, 1956 Fish Laws of Maryland, Pennsylvania Railroad Trip Pass, Fidelity Yeast Powder and R O Taylor & Co 466 S O Socony Rayo Lamp with Shade (small chip on top of Globe), Brass Rayo Lamp, Finger Lamp and a P & A Mfg Co Brass Lamp 467 Miniature Shorebird by Herb Watson, Bird Carving by Del Herbert and 2 Miniature Molds by Jett Brunet 468 Miniature Pintail by O W Quillen Chincoteague Va 1968, Miniature Black Swan by Art Boxleitnera and a Wooden Pintail Drake 469 1931 New Jersey Resident Hunting & Fishing License 470 Little Squirt Small Toy Doll in Original Box and 2 Coca Cola Soda Fountain Glasses with Star Logo on Bottom 4.75" 471 E. Norton & Co Bennington Vermont 2 Gallon Cobalt Blue and Tan Stoneware Pottery Crock with Ears and Decorated Lid 472 Ruby Red Jar Designed Candle Holder and Brookfield Baby Top Milk Bottle 473 Advertising Lot - Indian Pride Popcorn Bowl, Tetley Tea Bag Tin Box, Elk Tobacco, Doe-Rize Baking Powder, McCormicks Tea, DWD Clothespins & School Crayons Chalk 474 2 Fly Fishing Leader Boxes, Shurkatch Sinker Tin, Ideal Split Shot Tin and a Chesapeake Typewriter Ribbon Tin 475 Dietz Acme Inspector Lamp 476 Gray Stoneware Pottery Oyster Crock 7.50" tall 477 2 Flower Frogs 1 is Weller Pottery, 1 Made in Japan 478 2 Flower Frogs, 1 is Weller Pottery 479 Otto Eisenlohr & Bros Cinco Londress Tin Cigar Box and a Blue Goose Corona Wooden Cigar Box 480 LL Beam Fishing Net and a Box of Zimmer No 1 Floats/Bobber (12) 481 Vintage Split Oak Basket 482 Searchlight Matches Wooden Shipping Crate 23.25" X 15.25" X 11.75" 483 2 Cream of Wheat Advertising - 1922 'An Old Friend' and 'The Best Dish In The Cookbook' 484 Oil Painting on Canvas of Boy Fishing by C Manuel 12" X 16" 485 Small Antique Lift Top Chest with 3 Drawers and Metal Handles 18" X 8.5" X 9.25" 486 Original Box of 12 Ideal Snap Cap Plastic Floats and Original Box Doozee Does It Fishing Bobber 487 Vintage Chapman Float Fishing Bobber in Original Box 488 2 Vintage Bait Life Fishing Lures in Original Box and 2 Pico Langs Fishing Lures 489 2 Vintage Bait Life Fishing Lures in Original Box and 3 Pico Langs Fishing Lures 490 Western Cartridge Co Air Rifle Shot Wooden Box 9" X 6.25" X 4.25" 491 Sure-Set Bobber in Plastic Case, Circa Late 40's Fish Fyter and a Nungesser Troller Bait 492 Bonson Navy Ship Whistle in Wooden Box 493 Pair of Ladybug/Beetle Fresh Water Lures in a Small Wooden Box 494 Hand Painted Crabs on a Gourd by M. N. Hooks 495 Doctor Fischs Bitters Purple Fish Shaped Bottle 5" Tall 496 Vintage Vetreria Etrusca VE Green Glass Fish Shaped Bottle 13" tall 497 Vintage Vetreria Etrusca VE Light Sage Glass Fish Shaped Bottle 13" tall 498 Turquoise Fish Shaped Bottle/Decanter 9" tall 499 Amber Fish Shaped Bottle Similar to Eli Lilly 10" tall (small chip on lip) 500 Small Amber Fish Shaped Bottle Marked F2 on Bottom 6.25" tall 501 Amber Glass Medical Bottle with Fisherman Carrying Huge Fish 7.50" tall 502 Apple Decorated Basket Containing Vintage Masher, Grater & Baking Mold and 2 Longaberger Baskets (1 is damaged) 503 Vintage Jaquette Bros. Hand Mixer No. 3 504 Antique Wooden Stool Painted Yellow 505 Wooden Barrel Keg 17.50" Long 506 3 Flower Frogs, 1 Star Shaped 507 3 Flower Frogs 508 4 Flower Frogs, 1 Turtle 509 Small Agate Coffee Pot 510 Danforth 2.5 S Anchor 511 Old Wooden Stool 512 Sony Smart Zoom DSC-V3 Digital Camera (not tested), Vivitar 77mm Lens, Nikon Chargers, Camera Bag and an Ambico Tripod 513 Pair of Small Oak Shaker Style Tables/Plant Stands 16" X 10" X 15.50" 514 Split Oak Top Stool 515 Small Wooden Stool 516 Oak 2 Drawer Spool Style Cabinet 20" X 15" X 8" 517 Lot of 5 Glass Fishing Floats and a Handled Basket

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