William Billy Jones Estate Auction Powellville

September 19, 2020
35559 Mt. Hermon Road Powellville, MD. 21852


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AUCTION DATES/TIMES: Tuesday, August 18, 2020 thru Friday, September 18, 2020. Internet bidding closes on Friday, September 18 at 3 PM. Live auction will be Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 10 AM. 

PREVIEW DATE/TIME: Thursday, September 10, 2020 from 4 to 6 PM.

CHECKOUT DATE/TIME FOR INTERNET BIDDERS ONLY: By appointment on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 between 10 AM to 2 PM.

Eastern Shore Auctions, Inc. is honored to have been selected to sell the estate of William "Billy" Jones of Powellville, Maryland, with selected additions belonging to Reese Jones. Billy was an avid auction attendee and was known to auctioneer's all over the Eastern Shore. 

The first live auction is scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 10 AM at 35559 Mt. Hermon Road in Powellville, Maryland.

We will be selling a John Deere 5075E with cab, a collection of pedal tractors, local advertising and signs, BB guns, and much more. 

Additional information will be added soon as this auction was recently consigned. 

1 Pepsi "Say Pepsi Please Thermometer " 7 1/4 X 28"   dated 1967 with box

2 Pepsi-Cola "Hits the Spot" Chalkboard M194 Stout Sign Company 19 1/2" X  30"

3 Funk's Hybrid Sold Here embossed Metal Sign 5 of 62 

4 Pioneer Seed Corn embossed Metal Sign 

5 Dekalb Fiber Board Sign

6 McCormick Dearing Farmall 30 and Farmall Metal Signs one is  14' X 11" one is 13" x  10 1/4"

7 Pioneer Brand Fiber Board Corn Sign ( tape on one end of cobb)

8 Royster Field Tested Fertilizer Metal Sign 

9 Funk's Hybrid G-26 embossed Metal Sign

10 Funk's Hybrid G-4390 embossed Metal Sign printed in USA donsco

11 Western Union Porcelian Sign 2 sided ( Sign only does not include bracket)

12 This Farm Irrigated with Wade Rain Sprinkler Irrigation Central Implement Co., Snow Hill Metal Sign MD

13 Millard Lime and Limestone Products Dealer Sign Rotary Kiln Anniville, PA Metal Sign dated 5/41 

14 Allis-Chalmers Aluminium Tractor Hood Emblem

15 Pilchard Brothers Inc. Salisbury Allis -Chalmers Tractor Machinery Metal Sign

16 Valliant Main Office Wooden Sign

17 Jones & Nock Inc. Snow Hill Md Agri-Chemicals Produce ,Grain & Fertilizer Thermometer

18 Gene F James Seaford De Advertising Thermometer

19 V.V. Hughes & Sons Farm Supplies & Produce  John Deere Farm Machinery Clipboard 

20 Checkerboard Farms Parsonburg Md Thermometer

21 Worcester Fertilizer Company Snow Hill, MD Thermometer Phone 125

22 Phillips Oil Co Citgo Cambridge, Secretary & Grasonville Thermometer

23 Lloyd W Powell Pioneer Seed Corn Berlin Md (Libertytown)  and a Planters Corporation Receipt Clip

24 Robert Chamberlain Insurance & Mutual Funds Princess Anne, MD Thermometer

25 Chuck Fulton's Broiler Service Snow Hill, MD Thermometer

26 Dorman Products " The Redheads" Ready-Paks Metal Sign

27 Smokey Bear Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires Thermometer

28 Selbyville Ford Tractor New Holland Sales & Service plastic Thermometer &Willing Office Equipment Pencil Sharpner and plastic Champion Sparkplug Thermometer

29 Kerr McGee Chemical Corporation Fertilizer & Farm Chemicals Thermometer

30 Perdue Farm Inc. Salisbury, MD phone 742-7161 Thermometer

31 American Steel & Wire Companies Banner Steel Post Metal Advertising Sign

32 Purina Feed Saver & Cow Culler Feed Scale 

33 Purina" Weigh the Difference Purina Makes" 6 lb Scale

34 Save Feed The Purina " Weigh"  6 lb Scale

35 Mumford Sheet Metal Works Selbyville, DE 10 lb Scale and Perdue Farms Salisbury, MD Thermometer

36 Texaco Farm Implement Lubrication Guide marked F1, Esso Thumb Tacks and William's Exxon Servicenter Salisbury, MD

37 Wayne Air Compressors Authorized Sales & Service Lighted Sign with box (Works)

38 Adkins Co. Everything Needed for Building plastic Sign, Perdue Farms Salisbury, MD Thermometer and Darrell Waltrip Thermometer 1992

39 Cast Iron String Holder with bracket

40 Golden Pride Inc Berlin, MD plastic Thermometer

41 Selander-Wikholm Inc. Long Mont, Colorada phone 131 Thermometer and Lincoln Inc. "The Loader People" Lincoln, Iowa Thermometer

42 Walker Mufflers Available Here metal sign with Thermometer

43 Fall Out Shelter Metal Sign and Cobey Power Driven Spreader Tin Tag

44 Bethlehem Wire Nails Bethlehem Steel Co metal sign with writing on back

45 Avco New Idea Ag Equipment Emblem

46 Simpsons 80th 1903 - 1983 Dad's 50th Thermometer

47 Cadillac Authorized  Service Porcelain Reproduction Sign

48 Wards Riverside Truck & Farm Tires Thermometer

49 Callis -Thompson,Inc Harrington, DE Fuel Measuring Stick

50 Holly Farm Feed Service Brooder Thermometer

51 4-H Clubs "To Make The Best Better" Thermometer

52 USS American Quality Nails Advertising Sign made in 1960

53 Stihl Chain Saw Advertising Double Sided Lighted Sign( Bracket not included)

54 Keep America Green McCulloch Chain Saws Stout Sign Co. Metal Sign

55 USS Cyclone Fence Porcelain Sign Chattanooga

56 Longs Fence Co. 3751 D.U. 5856 

57 Dupont Remington Chain Saw Metal Flange Sign

58 Texaco Porcelain Lollipop 6 ft Double Sided Sign date code 3-42

59 Royster Field Tested Fertilizers Metal Sign made by A.M. Sign Co Lynchburg, VA  5/62

60 Interstate Batteries & NFL Winning Team Metal Sign

61 MobilGas Porcelain Reproduction sign by Ande Rooney

62 IH International Harvester 5-Star Reproduction Sign

63 Good Year Tires Porcelain Sign 5 1/2'

64 Firestone Farm Tires plastic Sign and Dolmar Chain Saw plastic Sign

65 Purina Chows Metal Sign made by Grace Sign & Manufacturing Co dated 1950

66 Pepsi Thermometer 1993

67 Pepsi Rectangle "Enjoy Pepsi Anytime" Outdoor Thermometer

68 Wooden International Harvester Sign used as a gate at a dealership

69 McNair Seed Metal Sign by Stout-Lite

70 Reproduction Sinclair Metal Sign

71 Cargill Hybrid Seeds Sales & Service Sign

72 True Temper Garden Tools Metal Sign (does not include Firestone sign)

73 Firestone Home Garden Tool Holder (does not include True Temper sign)

74 Southern States Metal Sign Date code 3/69

75 Valvoline 10 W-40 Metal Sign

76 Daisy Gun Center Store Display for Daisy BB Guns

77 Daisy Buck Jones Special Pump BB Gun with Compass in Stock 1934 number 107 

78 Daisy Red Ryder Carbine Lever Action BB Gun Model 40

79 Daisy Lever Action BB Gun 500 Shot Model B 

80 Upton Machine Company Michigan Model 50 500 Shot Lever Action BB Gun

81 Daisy Model 25 Pump BB Gun has plastic stock

82 Daisy Model 80 Hidden Lever Action BB Gun plastic shock & forearm

83 Daisy Red Ryder Carbine No 111 Model 40

84 Daisy Targeteer Caliber 118 chrome

85 Daisy Model No 21 Side by Side BB Gun with plastic stock Rogers, ARK 

86 Daisy 1000 Shot Red Ryder Carbine Collectible Toy Truck 

87 "Get a Daisy  & Get In on the Fun" Collectible Truck

88 Daisy Air Rifles Collectible Truck

89 Daisy Red Ryder Collectible Tractor Trailer

90 Remington Collectible Toy Truck and Remington Ertl Pick Up Truck Bank

91 Daisy First in Air Guns Red Ryder Collectible Tractor Trailer

92 Lowes 1957 Chevy Stake Truck with Case Butter Bean Knife paint spidering on roof

93 Ertl American La France 1848 Firetruck Salisbury, MD 

94 Dodge Power Wagon Brush Truck made for Maryland Forestry & Parks made by First Gear

95 Metal Junior Forest Ranger Badge with Smokey the Bear and Maryland Forestry & Parks Centenenial Baseball

96 Remington Soft Air BB Gun by Daisy Replica of Remington 870 Wing Master 

97 2016 John Deere 5075E 4WD tractor with H240 loader and a Global quick attach 51.4 hours has heat, air conditioning (does not include IH weights)

98 1977 International 674 tractor 1667 hours with 2640 QT Bush Hog loader good tread rear wheel weights

99 Bush Hog 6 Foot rotary cutter

100 International 4 bottom plow

101 International disc

102 Fergusion chisel plow 10 feet

103 Massey Fergusion Fold up cultivators 3 point hitch

104 Kruger HD above deck trailer 

105 International peddle tractor 66 series (has been restored)

106 International peddle tractor 86 series (has been restored)

107 Farmall 806 peddle tractor (has been restored)

108 International Farmall 856 peddle tractor (has been restored)

109 International Farmall 1026 Hydro peddle tractor (has been restored)

110 Tru metal push pull ride on tractor antique toy trac-tor

111 Case IH MX 285 Madnum series peddle tractor 

112 International Farmall 826 Hydro Demonstrator peddle tractor (original condition)

113 IH McCormick Farmall Super M peddle tractor dated 1999 signed by Joseph L. Ertl

114 IH McCormick Farmall M peddle tractor 

115 Eska Tractor Cycle IH McCormick Farmall 400 peddle tractor

116 Case IH Axial Flow 7088 peddle combine has been upgraded with bigger wider tires 

117 Smoke Piedmont "The Cigarette of Quality" porcelain backed folding chair circa 1900

118 Purina P-16G checkerboard galvanized steel chicken tube feeder 

119 Ralston Purina P-16 checkerboard galvanized steel chicken tube feeder 

120 Ralston Purina P-16 checkerboard galvanized steel starting tube feeder for chicks - turkeys - ducklings

121 Purina Dairy Spray Special ready to use oil base fly spray 5 gallon can

122 Wooden paint style barrel or grease barrel for wagon

123 Texaco Outboard Motor Oil quart can

124 Texaco Marfak Heavy Duty 2 Grease Can  5 lbs

125 Esso 1 lb Grease Can and Esso Quart Motor Oil Can Cardboard

126 Veedol Water Punt Grease Can 5 lbs

127 Wrenchol Loosens Frozen Parts When Wrenches Fail Pint Can with Nozzle 

128 Caterpillar Rust Inhibitor Quart Can

129 Sinclair Upper Lubricant circa 1950 4 fluid oz can and 2 Sinclair Motor Oil Cans one is metal and one is cardboard

130 Esso Extra Motor Oil  "Something Extra For Your Money" Oil Display Rack cicra 1950s Double Sided with Oil Spout Holder

131 Massey Fergusion M1103 All Season Transmission Oil 2 Gallon Can

132 IH International Harvester Company International Hy-Tran Fluid one gallon can

133 IH International Harvester Company International Hy-Tran Fluid one gallon can for All Weather Use

134 Atlantic Capitol Motor Oil Medium-Heavy SAE30 2 Gallon Can

135 Zon Scrawcrow Type M62 sold by New Idea Farm Equipment Thomas Best & Sons Nassau, Delaware

136 Anthes International Harvester Bulb & Fuse Case 

137 Small Anvil Marked H.J.S  12 " long

138 Small Black Anvil approximately 10 1/2" long

139 Small Black Anvil 8" long

140 Anvil 12 1/2" long

141 4 NOS handles for Planet Jr USA with original shipping tag to Baltimore, MD

142 W.E. Jones Seafood Chincoteague, VA Oyster Can VA  511

143 Shreves Bros. Chincoteague, VA Oyster Can VA 312

144 Harry C. Taylor Chincoteague, VA  Delicious Oyster Can  VA  487

145 Maryland House Oyster Can distributed by H.B. Kennerly & Son, Inc. Nanticoke, MD  VA 385

146 Trojan Powder Co Explosives & Chemicals Dovetail Wooden Box Allentown, PA 19 1/2" tall  X  10 1/4" wide

147 Remmington Arms Union Metallic Cartridges Co Small Arms Ammunition 12 Ga Nitro Club dove tailed box 14 3/4" X 9 1/2"

148 Remmington Express Extra Long Range 16 GA dovetailed wooden ammo box 14 3/4" X 8 3/4"

149 Dorsey Brothers Case Farm Machinery Wayne Feeds Princess Anne Phone 3071- 2F11 Westover, MD Feed Scoop

150 Miller Feed Co. Feed & Poultry Supplies Phone Willards 2129-Willards,MD Feed Scoop

151 Eastern Shore Poultry Growers Exchange Wooden Sign 24 3/4" X 20 1/4"

152 Lone Ranger Now On The Air for Bond Bread Metal Sign  8 1/2" x 8 1/2" copyright 1938

153 Sturgis Growers Service Agricultural Chemicals & Supplies phone 97 Snow Hill,MD 

154 Laws Food Market & Confectionery Metal Wax Paper Holder phone 5391 Salisbury, MD 13 1/2" long

155 Wolf's Head Motor Oil Roxana Service Center metal sign A-M 4-83

156 Pepsi Thermometer PM 1105 Dualite Inc 2-83

157 Pepsi Cola Have a Pepsi metal sign with chalkboard Stout Sign Co M167?

158 Central Implement Service Center wooden sign 48" X 48"

159 Southern Dairies Ice Cream porcelain sign 42" X 30"

160 Echo Chain Saws Sales and Service metal sign 36" X 36"

161 Plastic Sunoco lighted sign (works)

162 Pepsi Cola say "Pepsi Please" metal sign Stout Sign Co M-153 16 b1/2" X 46"

163 Jones Binghamton, N.Y. platform scale

164 Tree Farm American Tree Farm Syestm metal sign and a Wall Drug of South Dakota plastic sign (does not include Atlantic Imperial sign)

165 International Harvester Heavy Duty Tractor battery cables and Ground Straps metal sign

166 Public Hunting Area MD Dept of Game & Inland Fish metal sign and Posted Protected by Law No Shooting Wildlife Sanctuary Maryland Ornithological Society metal sign '71

167 Framed poster Hunters! Keep Out of Unharvested Corn Fields Pennsylvania Game Commission and plastic Wildlife Habitat Eastern Shore Chapter Quail Unlimted sign

168 US Forest Service Department of Agriculture metal sign and a National Forest Land Behind This Sign Property Boundary metal sign

169 Gates Manufacturing meatl sign 17 1/2" long

170 Guaranteed Universal Battery Cables metal display and a Wilkins Powell Everyready Mini-Max wooden

171 Embossed Beacon Feeds Caution Cattle Crossing metal sign 18" X 14"

172 Ful-O-Pep Free Service Books metal sign 27 1/2" X 8"

173 Embossed Woods Metal Advertising Sign 60" X 39"

174 Great Plains Metal Advertising sign 50" X 20"

175 Embossed Firestone Farm Tires Metal Advertising sign 48" X 12"

176 Kerr-McGee Corporation Hemphill Co. Texas 640 acres Porcelain Advertising sign 26" X 10"

177 Good Year Flexible Radiator Hose metal advertising sign 33 1/2" X 7"

178 Danger High Voltage Porcelain sign 10" X 7"

179 Embossed New VIM Feeds made by The Cambridge Manufacturing Company Cambridge, MD 13 1/2" X 9 1/2"

180 International Harvester planter stobs 

181 Metal #10 covered pulley

182 Plant Griffith Hybrids metal advertising sign 14" X 9 1/2"

183 Seaford The Nylon Capital of the World metal sign 10" X 5 1/2"

184 Porcelain Texaco Farm Lubricants Sold Here sign 10-5-56 from Bratten Bros Texaco Pittsville, MD 42" X 29 3/4"

185 Hoffman Seeds Delmar Grain, Inc.metal advertising sign 36" X 24"

186 Willmar Manufacturing Sales and Service metal advertising sign 48" X 16"

187 Porcelain Esso For Happy Motoring See Your Esso Dealer sign 18" X 11 1/4"

188 Avirex 20 Years Celebrating American Style oval metal sign 16 1/2" long

189 Marvin Williams Salisbury, MD 749-6355 former Massey Fergusion/Gleaner Dealer 36" X 8"

190 Lely Advertising metal sign with bracket 

191 R.D. Grier Machine Works Salisbury MD 1913 cast iron/steel sign 25 1/2" X 12 3/4" 

192 Agway Masonite sign 16" X 10" and a Allis Chalmers equipment badge 

193 Wicomico Soil Conservation District metal sign 22 1/2" X 7 1/2"

194 Purina Please Keep Out Help Us Avid Disease metal sign AD720A 1-54  10" X 9"

195 Surge Milker metal sign A.M.D. Co 18" X 12" 

196 Muncy Chief Hybrids Muncy, Pennsylvania metal sign 27 1/4" X 19 1/4" 

197 Swift AGRI Chemicals metal sign 35 1/2" X 35 1/2"

198 Embossed Metal Stop Sign Pre WWII 

199 Wayne Poultry and Livestock Feed Allied Mills Inc The Wayne Way sold by Hoosier Specialty & Novelty Co Fort Branch, Indiana (crack on cover)

200 Darnall RV Carriage Wagon and Wheel Works Builders Craven Bros Sheffield cast iron sign 10 3/4"

201 Kelly Springfield Tractor Tires A-M Sign Co Lynchburg, VA 7-60 oval sign 36" X 22"

202 Porcelain gas pump sign Contains Lead (Tetraethyl) For Use As A Motor Fuel Only 

203 V-C Harvest King Fertilizer A-M 4-62 metal sign 18" X 24"

204 Wooden Lawn and Garden sign approx 8' (No other signs included)

205 Plant Pioneer Hybrid metal advertising sign Stout Sign Co 47" X 23 1/2"

206 Embossed Good Year Farm Tire Service metal advertising sign Property of Good Year Tire and Rubber Co DAS 2 -57 45" X 11"

207 Edw. J. Funk & Sons Super Crost masonite sign 24" X 24" 

208 American Bi-Metal Thermometers distributed by The R.D. Grier & Sons Co Salisbury, MD Phone Pioneer 9-4131

209 Tramisol Worm 'n Germ for Extra Profits Thermometer 

210 Chore-Time Systems for Poultry & LivestockThermometer by Ohio Termometer Co (chip on bottom of cover)

211 Benedict the Florist Thermometer S. Salisbury Blvd. Salisbury, MD 742-2266

212 Townsend's Thermometer made by the Ohio Termometer Co

213 Tood Seeds Thermometer made by the Ohio Termometer Co

214 Frostie Root Beer Thermometer made in USA

215 Berlin Milling Co Amprol Plus Berlin, Maryland thermometer

216 Gates Belts For Home & Farm machines metal sign 24" X 16"

217 Southern States Cooperative Receiver Bring Eggs Here double sided metal sign A-M Sign Co 9-46 28" X 20"

218 Esso Oil Burners Authorized Dealer double sided metal sign 35" X 21"

219 International Harvester Pam Clock Co lighted wall clock (works)

220 Canada Dry A Flavor For Every Taste meat advertising sign with chalk board 9-65 

221 Maryland Chicken Processors Snow Hill Maryland Vinyl Reproduction sign Otis Esham

222 Gates Specially Engineered V-Belt 2800 plastic display with wooden V Belt length finder  

223 Texaco lighted sign by Collins Signs, Inc 34" diameter

224 Texaco Metal Sign 24" X 24"

225 Texaco Outboard Lubricants A-4-66 made in USA metal sign 16" X 9 1/4"

226 Texaco Fire Chief Gasoline made in USA 3-4-47 porcelain advertising sign 12" X 18"

227 Texaco Marine Lubricants porcelain advertising sign made in USA 3-3? Has been repaired due to crease in middle 30" X 15 1/2"

228 Texaco Round Gas Pump Metal Sign 15" diameter

229 Pure Pep Be Sure With Pure porcelain advertising sign 10" X 12"  I.R. 53

230 Wooden Perdue 1987 Outstanding Grower QSR double sided sign 24" X 16"

231 Wooden Cargill 1987 Outstanding Grower double sided wooden sign approx 24" X 17"

232 Morse Cutting Tools F.F. Despard Co metal sign16" X 22"

233 Early Craftsman tool cabinet 19" X 32"

234 Coca Cola Bottle shaped thermometer made in USA R-3-56  17" tall

235 Lubricate with Shell Motor Oil cast sign (reproduction) 11 3/4" X 4" and an Embossed Castle Quality Fence aluminum sign 6" X 5"

236 Benedict The Florist phone Pioneer 2-2266 Flowers For Every Occasion Salisbury, Maryland thermometer

237 Pender So-Rite Fertilizer & Lime Sowers Pay Less Get More Quality-Strength-Accuracy metal sign

238 Wilson Funeral Home 24 Hour Funeral Service Levin R. Wilson Princess Anne, MD Telephone 200 metal thermometer

239 Planet Jr. Planetized Heat Treated Steels There is No Substiture For Quality metal sign 18 1/2" X 13"

William Billy Jones Estate Auction Powellville Gallery