Rare and Antique Tools, '06 Ford F250 & '05 Ford Gulf Stream Ultra Motorhome

March 24, 2021
32438 Downing Road Delmar, MD. 21875

Eastern Shore Auctions, Inc. is honored to have been selected to sell the Estate of Bradley Moore of Delmar, Maryland. Bradley was a collector of rare and antique tools and had amassed an outstanding collection.
Tools include those used by carpenters, ship builders, plumbers, loggers and others. Some of these tools date back to the mid 1800's.
Additional lots are still being added.
1 Ford Model T Center Bolt Bearing Wrench
2 Ford Model T petcock wrench
3 Connecting CRod bolt and nut wrench
4 Hubcab wrench with Ford script
5 Transmission Connecting Bolt & nut wrench
6 Ford script brass oil can - went to the Model T
7 Ford Model T tire pump with Ford script on each footpad
8 Ford Model T transmission gear puller
9 Ford Model T car jack - with Ford script
10 Valve Spring Lifter, Valve Spring Lifter for Model A, Universal Tongs for Ford and Bendix Shaft Head Puller
11 Ford Model T Fly Wheel Cap Screw Wrench 5-Z-210
12 Ford Model T Fly Wheel Cap Screw Wrench 5-Z-209
13 Ford Model T Large Gear Nut Wrench-Ford Script 5-Z-821
14 Ford Model T Large Open End Wrench - Ford Script
15 Ford Model T Large Open End Wrench and Exhaust Pack Nut Wrench
16 Ford Model T Service Tools including Block Double End Socket Wrench, L Type Wrench, Rear Axle Housing Bolt Wrench, Crank Shaft and more
17 Ford Model T Service Tools including Ford Double End Wrench, Ford Pliers, Double End Wratchet Wrench, Box End Wrench and more
18 Special Purpose Auto Wrenches including Herbrand, Reverse Gear Wrench and more
19 Stanley #113 circular plane
20 Stanley #71 router plane
21 Surveyor's 100' metal tape
22 Brass Face Try Square, Adjustable Hollow Auger, Sliding Bevel and Mahogany Mortise Gauge
23 Whiting Pattern Crosscut Saw, Crosscut and Circular Saw, Aiken's Pattern Saw, Square Reamer Bits, Finishing Wheel, Edge Tools and more
24 Bemis and Call Combination Wrench, Bicycle Wrench, Twin Alligator Wrench, Monkey Wrench, Huntington Pattern Grinding Wheel Dresser and more
25 Easy Hoof Trimmer, Standard Pruning Shears, Revolving Spring Punches, Perfect Handled Screwdriver, HandyBox Opener and Hammer and more
26 Vintage Wooden Cobbler's Shoe Forms and Cobbler Stand
27 Shoe Tools including Shoe Makers Hammer, Bottom Wheel, Handmade Fudge Wheel, Lasting Phinchers, Setting Tool, Sole Gauge, Rahn Break and more
28 Shoe Tools including Seam Fastener, Welt Knife with Stop Gauge, Shoe Stretcher, Double Punch, Tack Nippers and more
29 Shoe Tools Including Piercing Tool, Welt Trimmer, Rahn File, Handmade Burinsher, Shank Burinsher, Shaves, Long Stick and More
30 Shoe Tools including Lacing Awl, Shoe Stretcher, Shoulder Stick, Burnisher Tools, Tack Claw, Welt Cutter, Fudge Wheel, Little Giant Riveter and more
31 Shoe Tools Including Button Hole Cutter, Button Fasteners and Combination Shoe Tool
32 Saw Sets including Large Mill Saws, Revolving Saw Sets and more
33 Saw Sets Including Lever Style with Wood Handles, Gate Type, Hammer and Saw Set Combined and more
34 Saw Implements including Saw Jointers, Saw Punch, Set Gauge, Hand Foged Saw Sets and More
35 Antique Tools Including Speed Wrench, Triple Socket, Demountable Rim Wrench, Double Socket Offset Wrench and a Tee Handle Wrench
36 Walden-Worcester circ 1920s Tools including Box Type, Double End Offset and more
37 Automotive Tire Repair Tools including Demountable Rim Wrench, Tire Chain Tools, Dust Cap for Tire Valve Stem, Tire Pliers, Pressure Gauges and more
38 Circa 1920s Automobile Tools incuding Battery Tote Plier Style, Muffler Remover, Drain Plug Wrench, Battery Terminal Pliers, Windshield Cleaner and more
39 Walden & Worcester Tee Handle Wrench, Offset Handle & L Type Socket Wrenches, Speed Wrenches and more
40 Antique Tool Lot Including Hollow Augers and a Bit Brace Tool
41 Antique Wrenches including Reamer, Brace, Alligator and Crescent, Bicycle Spoke, and Tap and Reamer
42 Antique Wrenches Including Combination, Agricultural, Auto, Set Screw, Box End and Pipe Threading
43 Antique Perfect Handle Tools by HD Smith including Pipe Wrench, Adjustable Wrench, Valve Lifter, Tire Tool, Crescent Wrench and more
44 Antique Wrenches including Buggy, Axle, Screw, Snath, Brace Socket, Pocket, Pipe, S Wrench Machine Style and more
45 Antique Wrenches including Wrest, Basin, Spanner and Construction
46 Shipbuilders Caulking Tools including Hawsing Iron, Jerry Irons, Spike Iron, Caulking Irons, Bent Iron and more
47 Loggers Tools including Eberhard Faber Hexagon Lumber Crayon Box with Crayons, Log Drags, Timber Scribe and Ox Shoes
48 Oyster Tools including Hand Forged and Factory Made Oyster Knives and Culling Hammers
49 Outside Callipers including Bow and Spring
50 Lot of Antique Turnscrews
51 Hand Forged Tools Including Outside Caliper, Vise and More
52 Lot of Twist Handle Wrenches
53 Lot of Implement Wrenches including Iron Age, The Insurance, David Bradley Mfg Wks, Pitman, S & T Co and more
54 Lot of Wagon Wrenches including Sheldon Axle Co. and more (1 marked Patent April 14 1896)
55 Lot of Engraving Tools
56 Lot of Plumbers Tools including Pipe Test Plug, Plumb, Tubing Flaring Tool, Screwdriver, Burner Cleaner, Tap & Dye and more
57 Lot of Plumbers Tools including Pipe Plugs, Bobbin, Pieces used to Shape Lead Pipes and more
58 Automotive Tools including Battery Tools, Connecting Rod Screw and Nut, Knurling Tool, Grease Gun and more
59 Tools including Brace Style Washer Cutter and Trammels
60 Large Lot of Leather Punches
61 Spur Setting Grommet Die Tool Lot
62 Shelf Lot including Schul & Sons Leather Tool, Bed Bug Guns, Rieke Drum Wrench for Vise Grip Plugs, Shoemaker Burnisher Tools, Railroad Tallow Pot Oil Can, Blacksmith Swage and more
63 Shelf Lot of Hand Tools including Saw Set, Oil Can, Wrenches, Leather Tools, Pliers and more
64 Antique Tool Lot including Wrenches, Screwdriver, Snips, Brass Wrench and more
65 Shelf Lot of Approximately 50 Vintage Calipers including C A Miller, D Frederick, Stevens & Co and more
66 Lot including Esso Handy Oil Can, Tumbler Advertising Cans, Vision Goggles, Dash Trouble Light, Battery Tester and more
67 Lot of 5 Alligator Style Wrenches including No. 2, 3, 4, 4.5 and 5
68 Lot of 7 Open End Wrenches 1" - 2 1/2"
69 Lot of Approx 18 Vintage Speed Indicator Gauges including L. S. Starrett Co. and Tabor Mfg Co
70 3 Veeder Mfg Co Speed Indictors and more
71 2 Vintage AC Hand Held Tachometers with Can
72 Hasler Speed Indicator in Original Case
73 Stewart-Warner Portable Hand Tachometer Model 757W
74 Lot including Leather Rollers and Cutters, Wrench Sets including None Better, Hy-Power and more
75 Vintage No 8 Cast Iron Pulley
76 Vintage No 10 Cast Iron Pulley
77 Vintage Cast Iron Pulley
78 Vintage Cast Iron Pulley 11" Diameter
79 Vintage Cast Iron Pulley 12 1/2"Diameter
80 Vintage Cast Iron Pulley 15" Diameter
81 3 Barrel Truss Hoops
82 Lot of 3 Antique Ice Saws
83 Lowell Company 36" male/female type ratchet. Used in shipbuilding and was the largest male/female wrench made by Lowell No. 2 BB-H-1-36
84 Lowell Company 46" ratchet with socket. Used in shipbuilding and was the largest ratchet made by Lowell Co. No. 3 Steel
85 Large Farm Implement Socket
86 Vintage Chrome 'Old Snifter' Bottle Opener by Demley
87 2 Brass 'Old Snifter' Bottle Openers by Demley
88 Parrot Cast Iron Bottle Opener
89 Parrot Cast Iron Bottle Opener
90 Pelican Cast Iron Bottle Opener
91 Donkey Cast Iron Bottle Opener
92 Fish Cast Iron Bottle Opener
93 Horses Rear Cast Iron Bottle Opener
94 Donkey Cast Iron Bottle Opener
95 Duck Head Bottle Opener (similar to 'Ducky' Duck made in Paris France)
96 Billy Goat Cast Iron Bottle Opener
97 Cast Iron Washington DC Souvenir Ash Tray 'Drunk Man Leaning Against a Post' (marked 600 on bottom)
98 Scott Production Newark NJ Horse Head Bottle Opener
99 Sea Gull Cast Iron Bottle Opener
100 Cast Iron 'Today's Catch Fisherman' Bottle Opener
101 Cast Iron Rooster Bottle Opener
102 Cast Iron Billy Goat Bottle Opener
103 Elephant Cast Iron Bottle Opener
104 Cast Iron Elephant Ash Tray marked John Wright
105 Cast Iron Ash Tray 'Drunk Man Leaning Against a Post'
106 3 Souvenir Cast Iron 'Drunk Leaning Against a Post' Bottle Openers marked Pagoda Reading Pa, Gettsyburg PA and New Castle DE
107 Cast Iron Horse Bottle Opener and a Dog Head Bottle Opener
108 Wooden Clown Bottle Opener marked Handy Walden
109 Vintage Boot Cork Screw and Bottle Opener
110 Brass Porpoise Bottle Opener
111 Vintage Bullet Bottle Opener marked SL 43
112 2 Mid Century Danish Golf Tee Bottle Openers marked Denmark
113 1 Golf Club Bottle Opener and a Golf Club Pickle Fork
114 Brass Duck Bottle Opener and a Wooden Shark Bottle Opener
115 Parrot Cast Iron Bottle Opener
116 Vintage Parrot Eagle Chrome Bottle Opener with Hidden Cork Screw
117 Vintage Metal Pig Bottle Opener with Cork Screw
118 1 Cast Iron Parrot Bottle Opener and 1 Goose Bottle Opener marked Rubal (cracks in neck and head of goose)
119 1 Cast Iron Parrot Bottle Opener
120 Brunswick Bowling Ball Bottle Opener marked 137-321 Loyal Productions
121 Hopfheiser Beer Bell Bottle Opener and 2 Vintage Plastic Golf Clubs/Bag Swizzle Sticks Bottle Openers
122 U S Capital Washington DC Cast Iron Ash Tray 'Drunk Leaning Against a Post' made by John Wright
123 Cast Iron 'Drunk Leaning Against a Post' Ash Tray and A 'Woman Leaning Against a Post' Bottle Opener
124 Vintage Coca-Cola Star Bottle Opener Cap Catcher with Opener in Original Box
125 Trailer
126 Trailer
127 Zero Turn Mower
128 Tractor
129 Ford Pick Up
130 Ford Motorhome
131 Carpenters Tools including Drawing Knife, Spoke Shave, Keyhole Saw, Planes, Hatchet, Hammer and more
132 Carpenters Tools including Squares, Pocket Level, Two Foot Rule, Marking Gauge, Angle Divider and more
133 Carpenters Tools including Hand Drill, Auger Bits, Brace and more
134 Carpenters Tools including Screw Clamps, Pliers, Chisels, Screw Driver, Monkey Wrench, Saw Sets and more
135 Lot of Stone Cutter Tools
136 Lot of Line Reels
137 Lot of Agriculture and Animal Implements including Bleeder, Turkey Bell, Dibble, Wire Twister, Corn Husking Gloves, Tobacco Spike and more
138 Lot of Automotive Wrenches including Flywheel, Connecting Rod, Main Bearing, Demountable Rim, Triple Socket and more
139 Lot of Automotive Ignition Wrenches
140 Champion Blower and Forge Co Post Drill, circa Late 1800s
141 Sears Roebuck & Co Craftsman Saw Blade Shop Clock
142 Agriculture & Animal Implements including Bull Leaders, Cattle Trocar, Weaners and more
143 Agriculture & Animal Implements including Hog Tamers, Hog Scraper, Ear Marker, Hog Ringers (Single, Double, Triple), Hog Holder and more
144 Horse Implements including Horse Tooth Rasp, Nose Twister and Ball Gun
145 Lot of Allway Handy Saws
146 Shelf of Antique Tools including Iron Age Farm Implement, National Farm Implement, Brake Pliers, Thompson Terminal Pliers, Stix On Wrenches and more
147 Lot including Saw Sets, Hand Saws, Punches, Saw Vices, and more
148 Antique Wentworths No 3 Saw Vice Patd 1879 with Bucksaw JA Cobbs 1894 Patent
149 Military Farrer's Patent Folding Saw by Francis Wood
150 Trimont Mfg Co 36" Pipe Wrench
151 Trimont Mfg Co 48" Pipe Wrench
152 Moore Drop Forging Co 36" Pipe Wrench
153 Ridgid Blower Vac (Came on when tested)
154 2 Twisted Handle Adjustable Monkey Wrenches (1 marked R) and 3 Large Open End Wrenches and more
155 J H Williams Large Open End Engineers Wrench (marked 2 1/2 " USS)
156 Lot of 6 Monkey Wrenches
157 Bemis & Call Co Adjustable Wrench marked 52 and 4 Monkey Wrenches of varying sizes
158 Lot of Adjustable Wrenches and Monkey Wrenches
159 Antique Grinder Patented Nov 16, 1880
160 Chauncey Wings Sons Wing Mailer
161 Vintage Monarch Junior Label Maker with Dies Stamps
162 Schrader 8900 Vulcanizer Clamp made by Shaler
163 Vintage Bate Eyeleter Hand Press
164 New-Era Rope Machine Mfd by A D Long
165 American Shoe Machinery and Tool Co Skiving Shoe Making Machine
166 Paragon Shoe Making Machine
167 John Waldman USA Improved Wire Measuring Machine
168 The Perfect Ring Roller
169 Antique Collapsible Hand Crank
170 Antique 12 Hole Leather Rounder
171 T. Mills & Bros Antique Candy Press Mold Roller Machine
172 Large J.H. Williams Engineer's Wrench
173 Coes 38" Key Wrench
174 Hex Box End Wrench 38 1/2" long
175 J H Williams 37" Engineers Wrench marked 19B
176 J H Williams 32" Engineers Wrench
177 Acme Type S Strapping Tool, Ridgeway Crafts Rug Hooking Tool, Small Cutter No. 0 and a D. Saunders Sons Pipe Threader Patented April 25, 1876
178 Vintage Pool Stick Machine to Shape the end of a Pool Stick
179 Antique Shell Quimper for Paper Shot Gun Shells
180 Beraducci Bros Mfg Co Antique Pasta Maker Machine
181 Antique Lot including Keller Printing Co Small Press, J A Rose Mfg Tool and more
182 Antique Shoe Making Cobbler Tools
183 Shelf Lot including Axe Head, Monkey Wrench, Oil Can, Cap Screw Wrenches, Open End Wrenches and more (some tools marked Ford)
184 Shelf Lot including Nash Mold Trap, Mouse Traps, Monkey Wrenches, Smelting Pot and more
185 Brass Pepsi Cola Bottle Opener
186 Brass Fish Bottle Opener made in Italy
187 Vintage Donkey Bottle Opener
188 Lot of Bottle Openers including Camel, Sea Horse, Donkey, Whale, Alligator and more
189 Lot of Bottle Openers including Folk Art Black Americana, Tennis Racket, Hammer, Bowling Pin, and Cork Screws including Pen-mar Distilling Co. Norfolk Va
190 Lot of Bottle Openers including Retriever with Pheasant, Terriers, and Horses
191 7 Local Bottle Openers including Oliphant Chevrolet Salisbury, Midway Texaco Pittsville, John F Tilghman, Reese Carey and Oneal Bros Laurel DE, E.M. Jones Snow Hill
192 12 Bottle Openers including Little Brown Jug, Gordon's Gin, Hazel Wood Inn, Myers Nagel Coca Cola, Shamrock Café, Jim Kerrs ESSO and more
193 2 Beck's Beer Bottle Openers
194 Vintage Coca-Cola Hand Bottle Opener
195 Bottle Opener lot including Pepsi, Duqesne Beer, Richman Bros, Murphys, Phil's Tavern and more
196 5 Local Bottle Openers including Adkin's Bros Mardela, Herco Tires Laurel DE, Gordy's Shoe Store and Salisbury Brick Salisbury and Mt Vernon Inn Princess Anne
197 3 Have a Coke Metal Bottle Openers
198 Lot of Bottle Openers including Fehrs Beer, Simpson Spring Beverages, Evan's Paints, Stag Paints, Queen's City, Old German Beer, Ortliebs Beer and more
199 2 Drink Pepsi Cola Bottle Openers
200 2 Frostie Root Beer Metal Bottle Openers
201 Delmarva Beer Wilmington DE Bottle Opener and a King Syrup Bottle Opener
202 Lot of Bottle Openers including Schmidt's, Namar, Blatz, Guiness, Crown Cork, Perrier Water and more
203 Lot of Wrenches including Sheldon Axel Co Wrench, Auto, Angle Head, Alligator, Buggy, Bone, Bed Key and more
204 Lot of Wrenches including Barrel Tool, Brace, Basin, Crows Foot, Chain, Crescent and more
205 Lowentraut Wrench Brace
206 Lot including Crescent Double Jaw, Double Jaw, Cam Lever Double Pivot, Carriage Nut, Farmers Implements, Leg Screw and more
207 Lot of Wrenches including Monkey, Monkey Auto, Monkey Quick Adjust, Monkey Farm, Monkey Bike, Nipple, Pipe and Strap Wrenches and more
208 Lot of Wrenches including Rachet Handle, Spud, Spud Crescent, Sliding Wedge, Tractor Fordson, Twist Handle, S Adjustable Crescent and more
209 Lot of Various Turn Screws
210 Lot of Rifle and Pistol Ammo
211 Lot of Sport Hunting Items including Trap Setter, Fish Gig, Wooden Grips, and a Hide Stretching Board
212 Hunting Sporting Lot including Winchester & Diamond Flashlights, Stag Handle Knife, Game Calls and Target Throwers
213 Plummers Tool Lot including Metal Rule, Basin Wrench, Lead Dresser, 4 Way Pipe Wrench and more
214 Plummers Tool Lot including Seat Dresser, Gas Pliers, Hand Reamers and Shave Hooks
215 Plummers Tool Lot including Hacking Knife, Ladle, Lead Bar, Curved Irons, S Iron, Ceiling Iron and more
216 Plummers Wooden Tool Lot including Mallet, Lead Dresser, V Dresser and Round Dressers
217 Curved Open End B & W Railroad Wrench 26 1/2"
218 Armstrong Armallo No 8045 2" and 13/16 Wrench 25" long
219 Large Hex Wrench 30 1/4" long and a Billings Spud Wrench marked 2 and 912
220 Coes Wrench Co Monkey Wrench 20 3/4" and an H D Smith Perfect Handle Metal Monkey Wrench 20 1/4"
221 R F Peters Shoe Lasting Hammer Patent 1878
222 Marion Car Head Bolt Wrench
223 Crescent Tool Co 4-6" Double End Crescent Wrench
224 King Tool Co Ratchet
225 Overland Car Head Bolt Wrench
226 T Handle Wrench marked Ford and a Metal File Holder
227 Walden-Wooster Wire Loop Ratchet
228 2 Allis Chalmers Wrenches
229 Small Keyhole Saw Patent Aug 28 1877
230 H D Smith Perfect Handle Hatchet
231 H D Smith Perfect Handle Ball Peen Hammer
232 H D Smith Perfect Handle Ball Peen Hammer
233 H D Smith Perfect Handle Valve Spring Lifter with Hook (does not include pliers)
234 H D Smith Slip Joint Curved Pliers
235 2 H D Smith Perfect Handle Valve Spring Lifters
236 Early Tire/Rim Tool Hammer and an H D Smith Perfect Hand Screwdriver
237 Kento Quick Adjust Wrench
238 Vintage Tape Measure Clamp and a J C Penny Advertising Hammer/Pry Bar Tool
239 Wrench Marked Susquehanna Fertilizer
240 H D Smith 8" Crescent Wrench and an Antique Whitely Monkey Wrench
241 H D Smith Perfect Handle Screwdriver and a J T Haydens Pipe Wrench Patent 1885
242 8" Richards 'Shark' Quick Adjust Wrench
243 12" Craft Adjustable Alligator Wrench
244 Wright Monkey Wrench, Rabbit Saw and an Early Farrier S Hammer
245 Antique Cadillac Car Wrench
246 Red Viking Fencing Tool, Quick Change Screwdriver and a Steel City Electric Red Head Pipe Wrench
247 Early G. L. & Co Pipe Tong Wrench and a Hand Wrasp
248 Parmalee Girdle Pipe Wrench
249 Antique File Makers Hammer
250 Chicago Mfg & Distributors Speed Wrench and a Reid Brass Drill Patent 1882
251 2 Coopers Barrel Measures
252 Bead Saw, Case Implement Wrench marked 02 and a Stevens Co Air Pump Patent Jan 24, 1911
253 Small Advertising Screwdriver marked T M Miller
254 E E Josef Quick Adjustable Clamp Patent 1890
255 Antique Battery Carrier, Oil Can Punch Tool and Chevrolet Water Pump No 402 1932-1937
256 Buffum Tool Co Valve Scrapper Tool marked with a Swastika
257 Acme Twist Loop 5" Wrench marked Cestores Mfg Chicago
258 Brass Grease Gun, Old Car-Trouble Light, Swivel Head Ratchet and a Speed Wrench
259 A H Reid Brass Hand Drill, Mill Lane Cutting Hammer, Crescent Folding Screwdriver and a Cushman Scooter Wrench made by Craftsman Tools
260 8" Nut Gear Wrench, Early Simplicity Valve Grinder, Mitchell Swivel Speed Wrench
261 Bullard No. 1 Quick Adjustable Wrench
262 Lot of Gun Cleaning Tools Including Winchester Gun Oil Can
263 Lot of Hand Loading Tools for Shotguns including Small Extractor Ring and Plier Style Recappers and Decappers
264 Lot of Hand Loading Tools for Shotguns Shell Crimpers
265 Lot of Hand Loading Tools for Shotguns including Small Loading Block, 4 Piece Loading Set and Various Size Shotgun Shells
266 4 Various Size Pexto Monkey Wrenches 15", 12", 8" and 6 1/2"
267 4 Various Size Trimo Monkey Wrenches 14", 11", 9 1/2" and 8"
268 4 International Harvester Monkey Wrenches --2 Bale Handle, 2 Bar Handle
269 5 H D Smith Perfect Handle Pipe Wrenches, Largest is 24" Smallest is 7 1/2"
270 4 H D Smith Perfect Handle Monkey Wrenches, Largest is 15" Smallest is 8 1/4"
271 3 H D Smith Perfect Handle Open End Wrenches
272 Baxter Rare and Early 4" Adjustable Wrench
273 Early Baxter 12" Adjustable Wrench
274 10" Baxter Adjustable Wrench and a 6" Baxter Adjustable Wrench
275 10" Baxter Adjustable Wrench and a 6" Baxter Adjustable Wrench
276 Set of 4 Hoe Corp Self Adjusting Pipe Wrenches, circa 1922 18", 14", 10" and 8 "
277 2 Crescent Double End Wrenches Size 8-10"and Size 6-8"
278 Set of 4 Craft Roller Adjustable Wrenches (2) 6", (1) 8" and (1) 10"
279 Set of 4 Monkey Auto Wrenches including Billings & Spencer, Moore and Diamond Caulk & Horseshoe Co
280 6 Buffalo Offset Crescent Wrenches, circa 1900 Largest is 14" Smallest is 6" made by Keystone Mfg Co
281 J C Stillson 7" Pipe Wrench/Screwdriver Combination Patent 1869
282 Antique Multi Tool Including Hammer, Wrench and Chisel marked MG
283 Lot Including 14 Multi Use Tools including Black Hawk, Iron Age, Planet Junior, Universal and others
284 Clown Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Marked 495
285 Cast Iron 4 Eyed Woman Wall Mounted Bottle Opener and a Black Folk Art Wall Mount Bottle Opener Marked 16
286 4 Eyed Bald Man Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Marked 8
287 Cast Metal Boy Peeing Corkscrew Bottle Opener
288 Bumble Bee and Lobster Bottle Openers
289 2 Mini Skirt Lady Bottle Openers
290 Nude Lady Bottle Opener, Bowling Bottle Opener and Morning After Bottle Opener
291 2 Black Americana Bottle Openers
292 Tribal Corkscrew Bottle Opener, Drink Nehi Boot (no knife) Bottle Opener, Fly Bottle Opener, Girl Bottle Opener and A Man Wearing a Hat Bottle Opener (broken)
293 Brass Pepsi Cola Bottle Opener
294 Pezzillo Pump Co Bottle Opener
295 Kinsey Cast Iron Bottle Opener
296 Tonawanca Pig Iron American Standard Cast Iron Bottle Opener
297 Lot of Openers including Gallagher & Burton, Nifty, Dow Old Stock Ale, Palmer House, Guiness, Hamms and more (Some with Corkscrew)
298 Lot of Openers including Pabst Tapa Can, Budweiser, National Bohemian, Esslinger Beer, National Beer, and Gunthers
299 7 Up You Like It It Likes You Starr X Wall Mount Bottle Opener
300 Drink Mavis STARR N P T-News VA Patent Apr 21, 1925 Wall Mount Bottle Opener
301 Drink Royal Crown Cola STARR X Wall Mount Bottle Opener
302 Orange Crush STARR X Wall Mount Bottle Opener
303 STARR Brass Wall Mount Bottle Opener/Corkscrew Brown Mfg Co Newport News VA Patent 1925
304 Lot of Bottle Openers including Golden Glow Beer, Caton Ginger Ale, Schlitz, Valley Forge Special Beer and more
305 Lot of Bottle Openers including King Cola, Hanile Bros, Turtle, Ballantine's Beer, Ginger Mint Julep, Old Topper Beer, Calvert Gin, White Rock, Korea and more
306 Lot of Bottle Openers including Krueger Beer, National Brewing Co Baltimore, King Whiskey, Cloverdale Soft Drinks, Fidelio Beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schaefer Beer and more
307 2 Chicken Bottle Openers marked with The Best Broilers are Raised with SQ
308 Lot of Bottle Openers including Hanleys, Arrow Beer, Ruppert Beer, Old Dominion Tobacco Co, Schaefer, Krueger, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Hotel Green, National Premium and more
309 Harley Davidson Motorcycle and Bicycle Delaware Cycle Co Wilmington DE, circa 1917-1923 Bottle Opener/Screwdriver Combination
310 3 Bottle Openers including Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola and Podmore Bros Auctioneers Car Bottle Opener
311 2 Shelves including Master Quick Adjust Wrenches, Chicago Silo Ratchet, Cochran Speed Nut Wrench and Hand Riveters
312 Vintage Farm Lot including 2 Calf Weaners
313 Penens Corp 20" Adjustable Wrench and a Mok Open End Wrench marked 70
314 Little Giant Greenfield Mass 24" Offset Pipe Wrench
315 4 Vintage Blacksmith Adjustable Pipe Wrenches Largest is Approximately 39"
316 8 Various Sized Monkey Wrenches including Meadville Wrench Co, Bemis & Call, Trimo and others
317 Lot of 12 Adjustable Pipe and Monkey Wrenches including Ridgid and others
318 R D G Co Large Open End Wrench marked 1 on one end and 7/8 on the other end 42" and a Wagon Wheel Wrench ???
319 Shelf Lot of Tack Hammers including Stanley Job Master and Osborne, Rule, Small Pry Bars, Christensen Cobblers Pliers, Lathe Tool and more
320 Brass Capsule Multi Tool Kit Marked Germany and a Brass D. R. P. Ang. Prakticus Multi Tool Kit (Both have attachments)
321 Patent March 19, 1867 Multi Tool Kit with Attachments (No S Markings visible)
322 2 Multi Tool Kits with Attachments, (1) is Crown Cutlery Co
323 3 Multi Tool Kits with Attachments (1) is a Gibson Antique Oak Handle Multi Tool with Attachments
324 3 Wooden Handle Multi Tool Kits with Attachments
325 3 Multi Tool Kits with Attachments (2) marked L. E. B. Co
326 Antique Cummins No 16 Perforating Machine
327 Craftsmen Mfg Co Superior Slug Cutter
328 Antique Cast Iron Apothecary Cork Press Tool
329 Antique Cast Iron Press
330 Antique Handled Tool Marked No. 1
331 Antique Whitney Universal Chain Vise
332 Antique Cast Iron Tool marked No. 00-Canco YC 19
333 Acme No. 1 Cast Iron Stapler
334 Handee Ramrod Hand Crank and a Chas. A. Hones Buzzer Industrial Burner
335 Antique Cast Iron Book Press marked No. 4
336 Self-Locking Carton Co Model G 6383 Mechancial Egg Carton Making Machine
337 Antique Mixing Machine and a John Sander Press
338 Handler Little Giant Dental Flask Press
339 Tip Top Model A Toe Press Shoe Repair Specialty Corp
340 Defiance Button Machine Co No 1920 NY Button Machine
341 Ice Saw Approximately 68" long
342 Large Whip Saw Approximately 76" long
343 Large Whip Saw Approximately 73" long
344 Antique Multi Tool Kit with Attachments stored in Metal Case
345 Antique Carpenters Box with Contents including Small Tack Hammers, Chisels, Ball Peen Hammers and more
346 Lot of Antique Hand Saws including Disston, Craftsman, Warranted Superior and more
347 Antique Carpenters Box with Contents including Hand Planes, Wood Planes, Saws, Square, Stanley Levels, Hand Drill and more
348 Antique Cast Iron Book Press
349 Small Fairbanks Platform Balancing Scale with John T Harris Stickers
350 Shelf Lot including Slip Wrench, Westcott Adjustable S Wrench, Monkey Wrenches, Pipe Wrenches, Small Hex Head Wrenches and more
351 Royal Mfg Co Antique Practical Grinder
352 Antique Burpee Simplex Tin Can Sealer
353 Antique Landers Frary & Clark Universal Vegetable Slicer USA Patent 1900s
354 Superior Tile Cutter and a Table Top Handled Tool
355 Antique Goodell-Pratt Co Toolsmith Grinder/Sharpener Tool
356 Modern Grinder Mfg Co Model A Hand Grinder
357 Antique Old Metal Cast Iron Wesley Mfg Co 1897 Machine Check Punch Tool
358 Antique Waller Hinge Mortiser
359 Paxton Mitchell Co Safe N Ezy Belt Tool Series B
360 HF Osborne Spitlter's Patent Champion Lap Skiver & Splitting Machine
361 Parker Supply Co NY Metal Punch No. Xx, circa 1900
362 Star Window Shade Machine Cutter by the Star Shade Co
363 Band Saw Blade Setter, circa 1891
364 Tubular Rivet Mfg Co Cast Iron Rivet Setter Tool Patent June 11, 1878
365 Stanley No 77 Dowell & Rod Turning Machine
366 H C Marsh Mitre Machine Patent Jan 8 1907 and a Horizontal Drill
367 G W Todd Co Protecto Graph Model H

Rare and Antique Tools, '06 Ford F250 & '05 Ford Gulf Stream Ultra Motorhome Gallery