James Phillips (Lavinia Epple Estate)

- Parkhurst Manor Dwelling
Salisbury, MD
Thanks to Willie, his wife, his mom and their crew for Saturday's auction! First Class Operation! 5 Stars!

Carroll & Linda Adams

- Outstanding Delaware Home & Contents
Laurel, DE
When we decided to sell our home and contents we weren't sure which way was the best way to go, that was the easiest for us and sell everything at one time. We first thought about getting a Real Estate agent, but we would still have had to get rid of all our contents. We had friends who decided to auction everything off with an Auctioneer. We contacted Eastern Shore Auctions, Mr. Willie Benton, and he came out to our home and talked about what he could do for us with our home and contents. We decided to go with an auction of the home and contents. He set an auction date and he took pictures of our home and posted it on his website and within a week we had an offer that met our expeditions. The buyers wanted to settle as soon as possible. Next thing we knew we had a settlement date of August 31st and here it was around the end of June. Mr. Benton came to us and said there are a couple of options, one being he could move everything out of our house and sell it at a live auction or we can do an on-line auction. We talked about it and decided let's go for it. Mr. Benton began the process of taking many pictures and he worked very hard in getting everything on-line by the date he thought would give us a good period of time for people to view everything. We ended up having 477 items listed on the website. Mr. Benton got everything on-line and he asked us to review the items and description of the items and he did an outstanding job listing everything. Mr. Benton and his wife Susan worked hard to make sure we were satisfied with everything they had done. Mr. Benton said he wanted to have a preview night for people to come and look at all the items he had listed on the on-line auction website. The on-line auction went very well and the only reason I think it went well was because of the huge effort that Mr. Benton put into listing the items. I would highly recommend Eastern Shore Auctions to anyone who wants a friendly person to work with and one who cares that you are satisfied. He and his whole team are to be commended for their caring way they satisfied their customers.
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